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[Christopher Paul Curtis] ¶ Elijah of Buxton (Scholastic Gold) [science fiction jeune adulte PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ý This is a book everyone should read Normally I don t enjoy books that other people say, You should read I did learn a lot from this book, but I also enjoyed it immensely I think it would be very difficult NOT to like Elijah He is a very complex young man, living what seems to be a very simple life The dialect is sometimes a bit difficult to understand I think I would have enjoyed it evenif I had listened to someone read the first few chapters, but eventually I was able to hear the dialect in my head School, riding an old mule vs horse, fishing, parents it all seems normal until suddenly it doesn t The normal to oh can happen in a paragraph, sometimes in a single sentence It s a book that kept me doing some mental gymnastics It didn t just hold my interest it kept Elijah Of Buxton, Recipient Of The Newbery Honor And Winner Of The Coretta Scott King Award, Joins TheGold Line, Which Features Award Winning And Beloved Novels This Edition Includes Exclusive Bonus Content Eleven Year Old Elijah Lives In Buxton, Canada, A Settlement Of Runaway Slaves Near The American Border Elijah S The First Child In Town To Be Born Free, And He Ought To Be Famous Just For That Not To Mention For Being The Best At Chunking Rocks And Catching Fish Unfortunately, All That Most People See Is A Fra Gile Boy Who S Scared Of Snakes And Tends To Talk Too Much But Everything Changes When A Former Slave Steals Money From Elijah S Friend, Who Has Been Saving To Buy His Family Out Of Captivity In The South Now It S Up To Elijah To Track Down The Thief And His Dangerous Journey Just Might Make A Hero Out Of Him, If Only He Can Find The Courage To Get Back Home Joyful and tragic Spirit soaring and gut wrenching Laughter and tears Such is the story of Elijah of Buxton Only Christopher Paul Curtis can take me to the lowest depths of man s inhumanity and then bring me back on the path of hope and resilience As always, his ability to capture the child s voice and experience is superior Curtis will have you feeling you are that young boy growing up as the town s first child born in freedom A must read for children and adults, for schools and for homes.
Don t tell the kids that Elijah of Buxton is an historical fiction, or they will refuse to read it Tell them it is about an eleven year old boy who runs away from home and sneaks into another country to right a wrong he feels is his fault Christopher Paul Curtis has once again created a young male character with brains, honor, and the innocence of youth Elijah is the first native born child in the town of Buxton, a highly successful Canadian community of ex slaves from the states Through Elijah s eyes we see how the physically and emotionally beaten down adults create a strong vibrant free world for their children We also see through Elijah s eyes, when he runs off to the USA, the terror slaves lived with every day, and the faith that a

This has been a staple in my 5 th grade classroom Mostly the boys tend to gravitate toward the novel One my focus reading group selected it as their novel choice Although the dialect was is a little tough Group meetings help to clarify any misinterpretations My other groups kept asking what s so funny as there were many outburst of laughter I love love this book I included the audio with the group so they could hear the dialect from a different person I have also done this as a whole class book and that went well Some of my other colleagues borrowed my class set and their students enjoyed this book as well.
Elijah of Buxton was a wonderful book It was full of information about slavery, those who escaped from slavery, and the new settlement in Canada One thing that struck me was that some of the anecdotes about particular people were a little bit heavy and could be difficult to read, particularly for children But, there was also so much humor in the book, as well One theme is that Elijah is referred to as a fragile child But, by the end of the story, you see that he has accomplished things that many adults would not have been able to accomplish Parts of the story were sad, such as when Mr Leroy basically dies of a broken heart.
I knew that slaves had escaped into Canada, but I never knew anything about Buxt

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[Christopher Paul Curtis] ¶ Elijah of Buxton (Scholastic Gold) [science fiction jeune adulte PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ý pamyatnik.pro En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Elijah of Buxton (Scholastic Gold) , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Christopher Paul Curtis auteurs dans le monde.