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ì Fūtō à Download by ↠´ Yasushi Inoue It Is The Th Century In The Kingdom Of Koryo Now Korea Mongol Armies Intent On Conquest Have Invaded The Land Its Population Decimated, Its Fields Laid Bare, Koryo Has No Choice But To Submit To The Mongol Plan To Launch An Invasion Of Japan From Its Shores Wind And Waves Tells The Dramatic Story Of The Great Events That Shaped The History Of East Asia During The Middle Decades Of The Th Century In This Artful Narrative, Yasushi Inoue, The Internationally Renowned Japanese Novelist, Brilliantly Recreates The Atmosphere Of Futility And Despair That Prevailed In Koryo During The Decades Of Mongol Occupation All The Events Lead Inevitably To The Invasion Of Japan In , And To The Second Invasion Of While The Narrative Focuses On The Kings, Ministers, And People Of Koryo, Wind And Waves Is As Much A Study Of The Fascinating But Enigmatic Kubilai Khan, Emperor Of China, Who Combines Diplomatic Finesse With An Unswerving Will In His Enlistment Of Koryo As A Participant In The InvasionsOn Of The Distinctive Achievements Of This Prize Winning Novel Is The Author S Ability To Maintain The Viewpoint Of The People Of Koryo Equally Remarkable Is His Adherence To Historical Fact, Readily Acknowledged By Korean Intellectuals Wind And Waves Reads Like A Th Century Chronicle Brought To Life Through Spare Narration, A Minimum Of Dialogue, And Subtle Characterization The Contemplative Mood Of The Story Will Haunt The Reader Long After Its Last Page Is Past

Certainly not for everyone, but for readers of Asian history and those interested in tales of human perseverance and diplomacy, it s wonderful A very interesting and subtle homage to the understated heroes of Korea during this time period.

Yasushi Inoue

ì Fūtō à Download by ↠´ Yasushi Inoue Yasushi Inoue was a Japanese writer whose range of genres included poetry, essays, short fiction, and novels Inoue is famous for his serious historical fiction of ancient Japan and the Asian continent, including Wind and Waves, Tun huang, and Confucius, but his work also included semi autobiographical novels and short fiction of great humor, pathos, and wisdom like Shirobamba and Asunaro Mo