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é The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 è Download by ↠´ Lawrence Wright Wherever you are, death will find you, even in the looming tower The Qu ran, Sura 4 78 Hiraba , the Arabic word for terror, piracy, or unlawful warfare To be punished with the strictest penalties SEE the young men in their white tunics go out, and charge from the trenches against Soviet tanks, and the suited FBI and CIA men squabble on matters of jurisdiction and sensitive information , and self appointed holy men and saviors meditate in caves on how to save the words of prophets, and their followers drink in action movies and dream of being holy Rambos and warrior priests.
Lawrence Wright has done the Western World a great service, stringing together this narrative from bloody sinews of history He retells the history a Wherever you are, death will find you, even if you are in looming towersQur an 4 78A great narrative history of the rise of al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden Wright s journalism takes the reader from Sayyid Qutb s youth to the destruction of the twin towers and includes most of the major characters both in al Qaeda, and Zawahiri s al Jihad to Saudi Arabia to the FBI, CIA, and NSA The focus of the book, however, is obviously Bin Laden and O Neill who both seem iconic symbols of radicalized Islam and the US The research and narrative of the book is impressive and even though many of these stories and ideas have been floating for years some of what I seem to have known is probably due to Wright s groundbreaking reporting in this book It was originally published in 2006 The narrative is complex and jumps back and A Sweeping Narrative History Of The Events Leading To, A Groundbreaking Look At The People And Ideas, The Terrorist Plans And The Western Intelligence Failures That Culminated In The Assault On America Lawrence Wright S Remarkable Book Is Based On Five Years Of Research And Hundreds Of Interviews That He Conducted In Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, England, France, Germany, Spain, And The United States The Looming Tower Achieves An Unprecedented Level Of Intimacy And Insight By Telling The Story Through The Interweaving Lives Of Four Men The Two Leaders Of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden And Ayman Al Zawahiri The FBI S Counterterrorism Chief, John O Neill And The Former Head Of Saudi Intelligence, Prince Turki Al FaisalAs These Lives Unfold, We See Revealed The Crosscurrents Of Modern Islam That Helped To Radicalize Zawahiri And Bin Laden The Birth Of Al Qaeda And Its Unsteady Development Into An Organization Capable Of The American Embassy Bombings In Kenya And Tanzania And The Attack On The USSCole O Neill S Heroic Efforts To Track Al Qaeda Before, And His Tragic Death In The World Trade Towers Prince Turki S Transformation From Bin Laden S Ally To His Enemy The Failures Of The FBI, CIA, And NSA To Share Intelligence That Might Have Prevented The Attacks The Looming Tower Broadens And Deepens Our Knowledge Of These Signal Events By Taking Us Behind The Scenes Here Is Sayyid Qutb, Founder Of The Modern Islamist Movement, Lonely And Despairing As He Meets Western Culture Up Close In S America The Privileged Childhoods Of Bin Laden And Zawahiri Family Life In The Al Qaeda Compounds Of Sudan And Afghanistan O Neill S High Wire Act In Balancing His All Consuming Career With His Equally Entangling Personal Life He Was Living With Three Women, Each Of Them Unaware Of The Others Existence And The Nitty Gritty Of Turf Battles Among US Intelligence AgenciesBrilliantly Conceived And Written, The Looming Tower Draws All Elements Of The Story Into A Galvanizing Narrative That Adds Immeasurably To Our Understanding Of How We Arrived At September ,The Richness Of Its New Information, And The Depth Of Its Perceptions, Can Help Us Deal Wisely And Effectively With The Continuing Terrorist Threat there are the books that make our heads explode, that make every minute of the day a chinese water torture of waiting for the chance to get the hell home and read some , the books that live inside us all through the day, the books that make us excited to take a crap just so we can shut the door behind us or not and sneak in a few pages, the books which cause horn honking at red lights from drivers irritated we re reading at the fucking wheel the looming tower is one of em as riveting and compelling as any novel i ve read only on page 230 and stamping with a fiver fucking fantastic.
2007 11 60011.
Well, I finally found my notes and got this review finished long overdue.
For all the energy, lives and treasure we have devoted to Iraq and Afghanistan, it s important to remember that they had nothing to do with 9 11 which became the excuse for our actions rather than the proximate rationale We are now in a war that would appear to have literally no end, this war of terror, one that any sane person who recently traveled on an airplane can see the terrorists have won as we meekly surrender our civil rights to government agencies who now can tap phones, examine library records, collect data, cavity search, etc.
, in the name of some illusionary sense of safety, a theater of the absurd In addition they convinced us , this tiny group of delusionary men no women , to send thousands of troops to a hostile land and environment where they c You can be nerdy and geeky and boring about all manner of things, railway timetables, cricket, fine wine, Marvel comics, Beatles flipsides, the confectionary you used to scoff when you were little ah the nostalgic sweetmeats of childhood, how much of a lump in your throat were they then and still are now , campy 70s sitcoms, Jean Marie Straub movies, the best places to go backpacking in Andalucia, bootlegs of the Velvet Underground, and so on boringly and tediously.
Turns out you can be geeky and tedious about 9 11 too But perhaps not too surprising, as 90% of this book is about that shadowy alphabet world of espionage, counter espionage, counter counter espionage and lots of sweaty men trying to pluck th People who want to be politicians are out of their goddamned minds Attempting to clean up this mess alone even just describing it as a single mess being, of course, a gross oversimplification is a task of such a Sisyphean order, I have serious doubts that even a titan could manage it, let alone some dipshit human s I would writeabout this, but this situation is way beyond my level of even abstract problem solving, and probably everyone s levels of abstract problem solving Combined.
As you may have noticed, this book is so frustrating and overwhelming and anxiety inducing and depressing, depressing, depressing that it has left me totally scooped out and somber Fifty gallons of bleach couldn t cleanse my brain of some of the imagery in this thing, and I m not just talking about the actions of al Qaeda One of the most scandalizing things in the book for me was, actually, c

Lawrence Wright is one of those guys who could easily put novelists out of business, and this book made me question why I read fiction at all The locations, characters, and events in The Looming Tower are so muchfascinating than anything an author could invent, and the fact that they re real makes them seem important in a way fiction almost never does I loved this book, and my picayune quibbles a few recurring awkward sentence constructions, inexplicably referring to domestic terrorists who bomb clinics and murder doctors as protesters just need to be dispatched with here so people know I actually read this book, and am not just brainlessly screaming about how good it is because someone s slipped me a Samsonite suitcase stuffed with cash.
I never would ve read this, actually, if it hadn t been assigned for school, because I purposely What a great surprise this book was I first read about The Looming Tower the title comes from the Koranic verse Osama bin Laden used as a coded message to the 9 11 hijackers in a number of political op ed columns Finally, though, it was conservative writer Jonah Goldberg s heavy reliance on The Looming Tower for an L.
A Times column that sent me looking for the book.
Lawrence Wright s treatment of the jihadist movement is thorough to the point of being almost sympathetic It goes deeply into what Egyptian interrogation methods created so many Ayman al Zawahiris It explores the history of oil wealth in Saudi Arabia and an immigrant construction entrepreneur named Mohammed bin Laden whose seventeenth child, of fifty four, would grow up to become the world s most ambitious terrorist.
It also walks readers through the tangled relationship between the United States and Afghanistan and the

Lawrence Wright

é The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 è Download by ↠´ Lawrence Wright There is than one author with this nameLawrence Wright is a Pulitzer Prize winning American author, screenwriter, staff writer for The New Yorker magazine, and fellow at the Center for Law and Security at the New York University School of Law He is a graduate of Tulane University, and for two years taught at the American University in Cairo in Egypt.Wright graduated from Woodrow Wilson High