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¶ Photographs ☆ Download by ß Douglas Coupland The fact that Fred Herzog is taking pictures of Vancouver is just a bonus for me I love his style and colour he embodies the type of photography I adore His Photographs show what is there, they are not stylized or modified, they embrace all the ugliness that is a large city and they capture the variety of people that make it what it is This album is filled with Photographs of Vancouver in the 1950 s and 1960 s For anyone who knows Vancouver as it is now, it is a fabulous trip into history and for anyone who loves Vancouver like me, it s a treasure trove.
The Definitive Book About The Stunning Oeuvre Of A Pioneer Of Colour Photography Vancouver S Fred HerzogFor Than Five Decades, Fred Herzog Has Focused His Lens On Street Life, And His Striking Colour Photographs Of Vacant Lots, Second Hand Shops, Neon Signs And Working Class People Evoke Nostalgia In An Older Generation And Inspire Wide Eyed Revelation In A Younger OneThe Images That We Now Consider Iconic Once Relegated Herzog To The Margins His Bold Use Of Colour Was Unusual In The S And S, A Time When Art Photography Was Almost Exclusively Associated With Black And White Imagery Fred Herzog Has Worked With Kodachrome Slide Film For OverYears, But Only In The Past Few Years Has Technology Allowed Him To Make Archival Pigment Photographic Prints Of Exceptional Colour And Intensity Fred Herzog Photographs Showcases This Innovative Artist S Impressive Collection In A Beautifully Crafted Volume Providing Authoritative Texts Are Four Titans Of The Art Community Claudia Gochmann S Introduction Anchors Fred Herzog S Place In The History Of Photography, Sarah Milroy Shares A Conversation With Herzog, Douglas Coupland Comments On What Herzog S Colour Photos Reveal About Vancouver And Jeff Wall Focuses His Photographer S Eye On A Single Fred Herzog Image This time around Fred Herzog is getting a beautifully printed collection of his colour Photographs and let me tell you, Herzog is a master Not only does he know how to take a photograph that no words can properly describe, but when you look at these snap shots you are transported to a place both back in time and in the most unusual, yet common of places A few of the Photographs featured here are ones I already recognized from Fred Herzog Vancouver Photographs and to understand the complete scope of my love for these Photographs I simply direct your attention to my review of that collection The essay and preface here were short and sweet, and the commentary on the transition from black and white to colour was something that as a casual photography lover I found incredibly fascinating To see something new of Herzog Thoroughly enjoyed this volume of plates Herzog s street photography from Vancouver s working class neighbourhoods in the late 1950s early 60s is some of the earliest in colour breaking the ridiculous bar against colour photos I went through the entire volume carefully twice There are four essays on Herzog to start of which I read two How is he not better known One of my new favorite photographers, Fred was one of the earliest adopters of utilizing color film in street photography Considering this, I am amazed at the intricacy with which he wielded it From observing repeating color patterns in everyday scenics to calling out a striking lone color swatch in an otherwise drab scene, he was masterful at combining both subject interest street scenes with thematic interest color And often, the color was both Fascinating work If you re interested in early color street photography, this is a must see Herzog photographed Vancouver with Kodachrome 1 ISO 10 starting in the early 50 s The color palette esp reds is insane A few of the images really knocked my socks off This is quiet work Shop windows Businesses Back alleys Text is dual German English.

Vibrant colors special mention to the red and green tones.
But it s not all about the colors it is about the people, from all ethnic backgrounds, from all colors Pictures so rich you can almost hear them.
Fascinating, disturbing and appealing in equal parts Fascinating to see a bygone Vancouver and marvel at how drastically it has changed Lovely vignettes of people being people Disturbing how grungy the 50s and 6ps really were I dont5think I d he e liked Vancouver back then And in between some photos that are simply artistically appealing Abstract but eye catching.
All in all, a pleasant coffee table book but I m glad I got it from the library The words of introduction wore me out and I ended up skipping them to get to the images.
A masterpiece.

Douglas Coupland

¶ Photographs ☆ Download by ß Douglas Coupland Generation X, was published in March of 1991 Since then he has published nine novels and several non fiction books in 35 languages and most countries on earth He has written and performed for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, England, and in 2001 resumed his practice as a visual artist, with exhibitions in spaces in North America, Europe and Asia 2006 marks the premiere of the feature film Everything s Gone Green, his first story written specifically for the screen and not adapted from any previous work A TV series 13 one hour episodes based on his novel,