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[Jenny Twist] ê Domingo's Angel [paranormal-urban-fantasy PDF] Read Online Ë Jenny Twist is a wonderfully talented storyteller and Domingo s Angel weaves a spell of enchantment around the reader from start to finish Although set in the 1950s when the English woman, Angela, first arrives in the remote mountain village of Amendillas , there is nonetheless a timeless quality to the story Through seamless flashbacks, the narrative takes us through the dreadful days of the Spanish Civil War and Franco s despotic rule, then forwards into a happier, hopeful future The small, self sufficient community seems untouched by the outside world and, on the surface looks like paradise However, every character has been affected and deeply scarred by past tragedies and each nurses his or her own secret pain Widows, who have long ago stopped weeping and have put away their smiles seemingly forever, are the backbone of this comm I thoroughly enjoyed this absorbing story set in a small mountain village in Spain The characters are wonderfully real, not just Domingo and his angel English girl Angela, who hides her own guilty secret , but many of the villagers, notably Rosalba, the village matriarch, who has suffered heartbreak which she eventually shares with Angela I confess to tears in my eyes when Angela read her a letter that Rosalba had been unable to read and Guillermo, the self important village mayor, is revealed to have struggled above his impoverished childhood, but still carries a heavy burden of guilt Even the minor characters like the old priest and the young one come over as very real people.
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As a history buff and teacher, I really enjoy fiction with a historical bent We learn so much from stories of the past, especially when told by someone with such skill and talent as Jenny Twist Domingo s Angel is many things enchanting, engrossing, poignant It is the story of the human heart, in war and peace how complicated, and how simple, our choices in life can be I loved all the characters It reminded me of the film Chocolat , and of Under the Tuscan Sun We are so far removed, now, from the relative simplicity of village life, that we tend to forget about the complexities of hierarchy and relationships too, living in a relatively peaceful country, we forget so easily how difficult survival can become Twist reminds us of all of these things I see in her writing a plea to stay true to the essence of This is a beautiful book It tells the story of an English girl, Angela, who comes to live in a remote Spanish village some years after the war But it is not just her story, it is the story of the village itself, and all the people in it Angela comes from a cold English city where she knows almost no one here, in the heat of the Spanish countryside, she comes to know everyone Each person in the village has a story some funny, many moving, some shockingly tragic As she learnsabout the people around her, she gradually becomes part of the village herself.
The book is written in a clear, simple, delightful style It is wonderfully easy to read many times, in the first half, I found myself smiling with simple pleasure There is a lot of comic fun in the cultural misunderstandings betwe Is Angela an angel or not Perhaps not but after reading Domingo s Angel you have to wonder She wanders into a small, Spanish town and the people of this village are slowly transformed by her presence She wins over the town s matriarch, Rosalba, and begins to learn the secrets of what happened there during the Spanish Civil War The story is rich in history and descriptions of the Spanish countryside Immerse yourself is this wonderful tale of love, forgiveness and salvation I highly recommend it.
Jenny Twist s Domingo s Angel is a remarkable tale on all accounts She has a talent for narrating a story within a story with so much ease Her characters are so depthful and vivid that while reading I felt like I was living in Amendillas as one of their neighbors Don t be fooled by the rosy narrative found at the beginning, for each character has a dark past they must come in terms with The book is culturally enriching in an interesting fashion and the switching perspectives between characters allow the reader a chance to sympathize with all of them Hope and dreams are deeply imbedded in this story amongst the detrimental living conditions the characters had to live through due to Dictator Franco s war The unbreakable bond the strong community has also shines through, paving the way for the realistic h I think Jenny Twist is on another winner here Her uncluttered style sits perfectly with this unlikely love story between an expat and a local goatherd, set in a Spanish village where the horrific memories of Franco s dictatorship become slowly manifest, as she becomes accepted into the community.
As posted on my blog It s been a while since a book pulled at heart strings I didn t even know were there Jenny Twist has delivered a tale that delves so deep, it will leave a lasting impression in anyone lucky enough to read it.
The story begins in a tiny mountain village in post WWII Spain A pale skinned, red haired woman who barks like a dog and carries some sort of witch s book has bought a house there and has the whole place in an uproar A lowly goat herder by the name of Domingo is the first one to approach her She could be either witch or an angel for all he knows But whatever the case, he is instantly enchanted by her sweet charm.
Angela, who is actually just an English woman looking for a fresh start, becomes known as Domingo s Angel The two of them are inseparable, and their romance forms a warm undercurrent throughout the book However, what I found mo When Angela Turns Up In A Remote Spanish Mountain Village, She Is So Tall And So Thin And So Pale That Everyone Thinks She Is A Ghost Or A Fairy Or The Dreadful Mantequero That Comes In The Night And Sucks The Fat From Your Bones But Domingo Knows Better Soy Angela, She Said To Him When They Met I Am An Angel Only Later Did He Realise That She Was Telling Him Her Name And By Then It Was Too Late And Everyone Knew Her As Domingo S Angel This Is The Story Of Their Love Affair But It Is Also The Story Of The People Of The Tiny Mountain Village The Indomitable Rosalba Shopkeeper, Doctor, Midwife And Wise Woman, Who Makes It Her Business To Know Everything That Goes On In The Village Guillermo, The Mayor, Whose Delusions Of Grandeur Are Rooted In His Impoverished Childhood And Salva The Baker, Who Risked His Life And Liberty To Give Bread To The Starving ChildrenThe Events In This Story Are Based On The Real Experiences Of The People Of The White Villages In Southern Spain And Their Struggle To Keep Their Communities Alive Through The Years Of War And The Oppression Of Franco S Rule In Domingo s Angel by Jenny Twist, the past and present collide in a remote Spanish mountain village when Angela, a mysterious woman thought to be an angel, arrives to make quite an impression on Domingo Angela s unusual looks hair the color of oranges dried on the tree, eyes that are the colors of the sea moving in sunlight, and skin so white it appears blue further add to the mystique of this beautiful woman who unknowingly helps to ease the pain and torment suffered by the village people during Franco s rule The blossoming romance between Domingo and Angela is a wonderful part of Domingo s Angel, and I love how well suited they become for each other, but I especially fell for the way Angela affects Rosalba, the village wise woman, healer, midwife, shopkeeper, and truly an asset to her community even thou

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[Jenny Twist] ê Domingo's Angel [paranormal-urban-fantasy PDF] Read Online Ë pamyatnik.pro Jenny Twist was born in York and brought up in the West Yorkshire mill town of Heckmondwike, the eldest grandchild of a huge extended family.She left school at fifteen and went to work in an asbestos factory After working in various jobs, including bacon packer and escapologist s assistant she was The Lovely Tanya , she returned to full time education and did a BA in history, at Manchester and p