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ì Hearts Aflame Þ Download by Î Johanna Lindsey I read this book long, long ago and then downloaded it again for my Kindle I d forgotten every bit of the story in the years in between, but I still loved it when I read it again In some ways it s old school romance, in others especially the sensuality level I think Ms Lindsey was ahead of her time as she was in writing futuristic romance She was a treasured author for me for a long time and now I remember why.
Let s break this viking down, shall we I m hiding most of this review because I rant and spoil a lot or a little, depending on who you are and how you interpret what I write read this book It s worth a lesson in how far we have come we being the romance community and women view spoiler a her bff s crush tries to rape her and she meaning Kristen, our fair heroine doesn t tell What shit is that Oh yea, it s the 80 s where that kind of lack of solidarity and your posse has your back just wasn t cool How could I have forgotten how far we have come Which by the by, we have come far and this really is a great indicator of that b a viking we will go Awesome Adventure And off we go to rob a monastery One that s been worked over previously by the Danes Oopsie Talk about karma, right c I absolut Kristen Haardrad Menjadi Tahanan Royce Of Wyndhurst Ketika Pasukan Viking Gagal Menyerang Desa Pria Itu Tapi Kristen Tak Pernah Menganggap Dirinya Sebagai Budak Bangsa Saxon Selama Menjadi Tahanan, Betapapun Ia Berusaha Membenci Royce, Hatinya Berkata Lain Ada Kerinduan Tak Terbendung Dalam Diri Kristen Untuk Dimiliki Pria Itu Di RanjangnyaRoyce, Sang Lord Saxon, Menemukan Tandingannya Dalam Diri Gadis Viking Yang Cantik Itu Kebenciannya Terhadap Orang Viking Tak Mampu Menahan Royce Untuk Tidak Jatuh Cinta Pada Kristen, Satu Satunya Wanita Yang Bisa MengimbanginyaKeduanya Memiliki Harga Diri Yang Tinggi, Kuat, Dan Saling Memendam Gairah Yang Tak Ada Habisnya Sampai, Dalam Kepasrahan Tanpa Kata, Mereka Menyingkirkan Belenggu Keraguan Dan Kecurigaan Untuk Bersatu Selamanya Dalam Keteguhan Janji Cinta Yang Membara 4 stars for lovers of historical romance Smart strong heroine Great relationship development It was fun.
STORY BRIEF In 873 Vikings travel to England to raid a monastery They are ambushed and kept as slaves by the Saxon lord Royce Norwegian woman Kristen is among them Royce cannot resist her And she wants him too.
OPINION Kristen s intelligence, attitude, and fighting abilities might be stretching believability as to typical women in those days, but it made a good story There s good plot and no stupidity I really enjoyed this.
Some readers did not like Royce because he kept Kristen in chains and bedded her every night while he was engaged to another I didn t mind that He had good reasons It was obvious he was falling in love with her and didn t want her hurt.
There is one attempted rape A guy not Royce grabs Kristen and kisses her, but she fights and gets away before anything el My favorite Viking romance, Hearts Aflame has two of the most hard headed Heroes and heroines since well since the heroine s parents story Kristen Haardred the beloved daughter of a Viking lord and a fierce celtic mother, knew she would marry for nothing less than true love Almost forced into marriage by a determined suitor and facing an arranged marriage, she sneaks onto her brother s ship headed east for trade Only they weren t headed for trade they were going a viking Unfortunately rather than gold and glory on the voyage, they encounter an unexpected force and one that quickly routes them Now, a prisoner and her beloved brother thought dead at the Saxons hands, she burns for revenge.
Lord Royce Wynhurst has hated the Vikings from the sea these last five years, having lost his father and brother and his wife raped in f Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsey is the story of Kristen and Royce and it was phenomenal.
Unlike its predecessor book which was a bodice ripper but I still liked it This one had A strong heroine who wasn t childish and insubordinate and who could kick ass literally A hero who wasn t abusive or into making love against will The heroine knew she wanted the hero and to marry him and tells him when she feels it so no hiding a denying feelings A hero who literally couldn t stay without the heroine for a day and keeps seducing her because he can t be without herOne of the rare books where the heroine saves the heroes life this struck all the right cords when it comes to characterization of strong leads.
It was passionate, sweet, having its angsty moments and the best part was she was Brenna and Garrick s child JL books usually follow a p I was on the Smart Bitches, Trashy books website a few days ago reading the Johanna Lindsay discussion Many waxed sweetly about this book Hearts Aflame how it was both rape y and feminist all at the same time It s hard to think of a smutty romances as that paradoxical but the 80s were the golden age of bodice rippers when tempestuous and fiery women could only be subdued by alpha males with giant members and big muscles That s just how it was It would get, wellrape y Anywho, imagine my surprise when browsing through a used bookstore yesterday, I stumbled upon the very book under discussion Two whole dollars and three hours later and it was exactly as described But I miss that, yanno All these marriagable misses and the ton are boring It s equally boring when the author tries to modernize the heroine equalize her as some sort of blue stocking,

Buddy read complete Thank you Ally Georgie for reading this with me I was not sure what to expect from this book and it was nice to have someone along for the ride.
Now, I know a 3 star review implies that this was a so so read, but in this case it is serving as an average of my 5 star feelings and my 1 star feelings I think this may be one of the oldest romances I have ever read In fact, it is just a tiny bit older than me It is shocking how much has changed in the romance genre in the past 30 years.
Aside from Josie Litton s Viking series, this is the only other Viking book that I can recall reading And boy does Lindsey capture the barbaric nature of the society early The book opens with our heroine being pursued by a man who has no qualms about attempting to rape her Lindsey reveals to us the strength of our heroine, Krist I don t seem to enjoy a lot of the books that were written in the 80 s and very early 90 s There s too much violence and raping and abuse in some of them It seems like a crap shoot any time I pick one up This book was one that I read years ago in the early days of my romance reading I started when I was about 12 I had so much fun reading it that I have kept it all these years and have reread it multiple times I get a kick out of it each time I read it.
Kristen stowed away on her brother s ship for some adventure and to avoid an irritating situation Things go badly for the Vikings and they get captured by the Saxons Fearing rape, the Vikings disguise Kristen as a boy, but their protective nature soon leads totrouble for her It s soon discovered that Kristen is a female and she s taken into the house to be a slave their and to act as a hostage to keep the Vikings 4 This book may have been written 20 years ago, but it is a timeless classic It s a well written fantasy Viking romance meant for pure enjoyment, and enjoy it I did It has plenty of sizzle and adventure, a great hero heroine, and a flirty sense of humor that I just love Very high on the angst scale The heroine becomes a prisoner to our hero, but soon it is he who is the one being held captive for her This was great romance candy, IMO.

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ì Hearts Aflame Þ Download by Î Johanna Lindsey Johanna Helen Howard was born on March 10, 1952 in Germany, where her father, Edwin Dennis Howard, a soldier in the U.S Army was stationed The family moved about a great deal when she was young Her father always dreamed of retiring to Hawaii, and after he passed away in 1964 Johanna and her mother settled there to honor him.In 1970, when she was still in school, she married Ralph Lindsey,