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[Charles Justiz] ¾ Specific Impulse [yuri PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ This is an odd combination of hard SF and action thriller, kind of like the Bourne books but with SF elements The plotting and telling of the story are actually first rate, as are some of the characters One of the villains is brilliantly creepy, and the FBI agents are not just cliches The basic story is fairly original, involving what are probably at least two factions of intelligent alien life that are mucking about with the future of humanity One of them sends down a small biological device which mutates a number of people, mostly with fatal results The aliens were only expecting one survivor, but to their surprise got two.
The two central characters are just a bit too perfect, outstanding in multiple areas of expertise even before the aliens heighten their abilities Also, the subplots involving the super com This is an action, suspense thriller with a taste of SCI FI With all of those elements, I should love this book However, I did not The two main characters in this book, Jake and Carin, become an unlikely pair after their abilities and bodies are altered during a crater explosion In the race to find out what happened to them, the cross paths with the FBI and gangsters from Vegas The main characters were likable and had interesting backstories There is a lot of science in this book that may help explain everything and make it believable however, since I am not a science person, that part was uninteresting to me and left me bored at times I did not need as much science detail to just accept what was happening for the purposes of the book.
I felt like I too often had to listen to parts of this story twice While one side lived it, the other s Roller coaster Yes, that would describe it Jake, a charismatic former sub commander, is tracking clues from the tragic deaths of his ex wife and children Dr Carin Gonzalez, a former Airforce officer, is on sabbatical from her job as a space scientist Their paths are unknown to each other until both are led to a meteor crater in Arizona and they become witness to a perplexing and unnatural explosion They both start experiencing an unusual heightened awareness that enhances not only their perceptions, but also their ability to sense danger They soon discover they were infected, as were all the others present that day in the crater and all the others have died Along with a machine based intelligence brought to life by Carin, F.
D Friggin Ridiculous Economic Disaster , they must find a cure while being hunted by a psychotic assassin Are they looking for an answer t I am an avid reader but fiction is not normally my genre Real life fascinates me and there have been enough great non fiction works written to fill my dance card That being said, I have to commend the sensational new sci fi thriller, Specific Impulse by author, Doctor Charles Justiz Full disclosure I knew the author as a friend and classmate at the Air Force Academy 30 years ago I remember him as a brilliant Cadet with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge He wanted to know everything about everything His passionate pursuits led him to a Doctorate and a stellar career as an Air Force test pilot, then a NASA scientist pilot and instructor of Astronauts The author s commitment to acquiring knowledge, is manifested in his first novel, Specific Impulse That knowledge gained as a seasoned NASA scientist and pilot is poured into this pag This is a self published book by Charles Justiz, a former NASA pilot Considering that this is his first book, it isn t bad at all He has some interesting ideas and he has created some memorable characters He is obviously very knowledgeable in his field There are a few places where the book drags a bit, and a few of the characters may be a bit stereotypical most notably the FBI agents , but for the most part it moved along nicely and had enough plot twists to keep it interesting He makes you care about the two protagonists, and I thought that the character of Fred, the artificial super intelligence that looks like an outdated computer was very clever All in all, I would say that Justiz shows great promise as an author, and that Specific Impulse This is one of the most exciting novels I ve read in a while As one of the cover blurbs says, it s a gripping sci fi thriller It s definitely science fiction, as it involves extraterrestrial life forms It s also a very exciting thriller involving gangsters, government agents, and a mysterious man It starts when scientist Carin Gonzales and former submarine commander Jake Sabio both find themselves at the Barringer Meteor Crater after an explosion there Everyone there is rounded up except those two The others all die, but Carin and Jake survive for some reason and develop superhuman abilities Jake is trying to solve the killing of his children Somehow the threads connecting the meteor and the killing seem to cross and lead them to contract killer Antonio Crubari It turns out he also has superhuman capabilities, so it s an uphill battle The FBI also want Carin an Specific Impulse Received The Coveted Clarion Five Star Review Great Energy A Fun And Engaging read DR BONNIE DUNBAR, FORMER NASA ASTRONAUT AND CEO OF SEATTLE MUSEUM OF FLIGHTSpace Scientist Carin Gonzales And Former Submarine Commander Jake Sabio Are Two Strangers Drifting Separately Through Life When A Thunderous Explosion Above The Giant Barringer Meteor Crater Inexplicably Brings Them Together, Transforming Both In Unpredictable WaysNow Able To See And Smell Precisely And Move In Ways That Are Clearly Impossible, Gonzales And Sabio Soon Realize That These Kinds Of Life Changing Alterations Do Not Come Without A Price Worse Yet, They Soon Notice That Others Who Witnessed The Explosion Are Now Dead From A Seemingly Incurable Infection The CDC Wants Nothing Than To Lock Them Up In A Lab For Study Special Agent Will Greenfield Wants Them For Questioning Contract Killer Antonio Crubari Would Be Happy If They Would Just Hurry Up And Die, But He Is Willing To Speed Up The Process If Need BeTime Is Running Out For Gonzales And Sabio But Even As They Struggle To Survive And Find A Cure For The Deadly Infection, They Uncover A Secret Of Monumental Proportions That Changes Everything Including The Future I became Facebook friends with Charles Justiz s wife when she was the keeynote speaker at MLT University a few years back I shot photos of her performing on stage and sent them to her for her use Well a few months later her husband released a book, and it sounded interesting so i bought it and read it It s worth the read Good clean science fiction fantasy written by an actual astronaut can t get much better than that.
I loved this book I m not really a huge fan of Sci Fi books, but this book immediately captured my interest and held it to the very end This book is well written and full of intrigue, the characters are well written and the storyline is very interesting I love conspiracy theory books and this certainly fit the bill This book is a first for Mr Justiz, who is also an astronaut and a former officer of the United States Air Force.
Great book If you like a book that is fast paced, and intellectually stimulating this is the one This book actually got me researching about artificial intelligence and just what the possibilities might be in the not so distant future The characters are believable, the plot stimulating, and the action makes you not want to put the book down

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[Charles Justiz] ¾ Specific Impulse [yuri PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Charles Justiz is a pilot, corporate aviation safety consultant and the author of Specific Impulse A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and a former officer of the United States Air Force, Justiz spent tours of duty as an instructor pilot at Webb Air Force Base as well as doing flight test at Eglin Air Force Base Retired from NASA as of June 1, 2010, he was rated as both an instruct