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Download Epub Format · Dead Is the New Black PDF by æ Christine DeMaio-Rice Before I launch into this review I want to share a little anecdote I had just finished reading The Green Shore by Natalie Bakopoulous who emailed me just the other day and was looking for something a little lighter I try to alternate my literary fiction with some chick lit or easy reads, just to give my brain a break I had stock piled many books downloaded on my Kindle for free and was excited to dive into the selection I started and stopped FIVE DIFFERENT books before stumbling upon Dead Is the New Black The other five books, of which I won t name, were so terrible I couldn t readthan one chapter The ending was obvious, the writing was poor, and the cliche s were endless I wanted some light reading, not bad writing Anyway, when I started Dead Is the New Black, my Overall Feedback The author of this book contacted me on Facebook to see if I would be interested in reviewing it She did caution me that I hope it is not too girly for you Understandable seeing that my favorite author is Stephen King and well I am a guy last I checked Well first and foremost Christine, it was not too girly and thank you for the gift of a well woven tale of mystery in the fashion world I was entertained and I learned something to boot This one will have the reader thinking they have the whodoneit but missing the mark The descriptions of the fashion scene may not appeal to the average reader but for those of us that like detail in our story this will rock your world Christine obviously knows the inner workings of the fashion scene and she flaunts it for our entertainment You will learn to love to hate the main character but in the grand scheme of the fashion world, does A RED ADEPT SELECT FOR OUTSTANDING BOOK IN ITS GENRE Laura Carnegie Gave Up On The Man Of Her Dreams A Long Time Ago He S Fashion Designer Jeremy St James, And Not Only Is He Her Boss, Everyone Knows He S Gay When He S Arrested For Murder, Secrets Come To Light And Nothing Is What It Seems If Laura Can Just Solve This Crime, Keep The Cops Off Her Tail, Break Up A Counterfeiting Ring, And Get The Show On The Runway By Friday, She Might Stop Being Seventh Avenue S Perpetual Loser Edited By Lynn O Dell Of Red Adept If you love sewing, The Devil Wears Prada or just want to know how clothes are made from the ground up and I really mean from the ground up then this may be your book If you want to know what a pattern maker does, then you will most likely enjoy this book BUT if you are looking for a mystery that makes sense, then you may want to take a pass.
The mystery in this book takes second stage to all the folderol that goes on behind the scenes of a fashion show It can be interesting to read what goes into the making of an outfit, but when I had to look up too may unknown words and phrases to follow along with the story for instance, I needed to look up just what does a rabbit have to do with pattern making I just stared getting bored.
The time line behind this book makes no sense, the characters are annoying, dis likable, biased and prejudiced The mystery is mysterious only in 3.
5 4.
0 If Devil Wears Prada gave you the inside feel of what goes on in fashion mag biz, this will do the same but in the fashion industry itself I happen to love fashion so I really enjoyed all the details that CDR wrote in this one I even pictured Laura, the h, and her sis like the Mulleavy sisters of the Rodarte label And yes, this is fiction but the whole time I was reading it, l was wondering who the characters can be IRL.
Anyhoot, enough of that rambling I thought the story itself moved a bit slow and didn t really pick up til midway thru However, if you love details, it ll make up for the pace You ll get a good understanding of what goes on inside a fashion house The mystery aspect kept me guessing the whole time, maybe it was just me The characters were well developed I m not necessarily Laura s biggest fan but I understood some of her insecurities at least I didn t q I feel bad for giving it a terrible review, especially since it looks like most peope loved it I absolutely hated this book, almost didn t finish, but I try not to start something I don t finish.
The main character is so unlikeable, it is difficult to care what she has to say, and boy, does she have a lot to say I like fashion as much as the next person, but the detailed descriptions on EVERYTHING almost put me to sleep My lil sister is a fashion designer, and even she couldn t finish the book I find Laura very stuck up, a bit racist Her fantasy about Jeremy and the way she keeps Stu around as the second best as she describes it makes it even harder to like her and makes Stu look like a stupid guy pining for someone out of her league, which she thinks she is Her relationship with her sister is superficial, I wonder why they even l This book is beautifully baffling It is filled with rich, and sometimes confusing details about the fashion industry But rather than giving for dummies explanations of everything, the author just throws them at you figuring you ll get it eventually It works I felt like an observer to something I wasn t fully a party to.
It reminded me of the best Agatha Christie books, and maybe just a little of Alfred Hitchcock It definitely requires a commitment and I don t think it s for everyone but I thought it was great fun Recommended to me by Leslie

Really enjoyed this The voice reminded me if Stephanie Plum, only different I m in awe of mystery writers How do they do that A LOT of research has gone into this book, or it draws on expert knowledge of the fashion industry or both Well done 4 Couture Stars Well, Well.
CD Reiss is a master manipulator of writing I was first introduced to her writing style in her Songs of Submission Series That entire series blew me away and I quickly became a super fan She has the ability to write such beautiful words with the most heartfelt meaning I can feel what she is writing through the power of her pen I guess computer now.
So, this book is a mystery That is right, a mystery with no sex It almost made me shiver with that thought No Sex I will admit that I m not much of a mystery reader but I do love fashion and New York so I decided to jump in.
In a mystery, there are always so many characters so you need to be on the ball while reading Laura Carnegie is a pattern maker in the fashion world She works for Jeremy St James, fashion designer, who is gay and the guy that Laura can never have They are busy preparing for fashio 4 stars This book reminded me of a lot of subjects Heidi Klum, Devil Wears Prada and Rebecca Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series, because of all the fashion jargons mentions of designer labels All that s missing is Tim Gunn saying Make it work while clapping his hands Okay, that was totally irrelevant, but I just felt like adding it, LOL.
I like the mystery that surrounded the death of Gracie Pomerantz, the financial backer of fashion mogul, Jeremy St James It s up to pattern maker Laura Carnegie no relation to that famous Carnegie to prove that her gay boss wasn t involved in the murder and to find out the truth Intriguing, yes Had me guess the culprit for about 4 7 times, another yes And when I got to the fashion show, BAM I was lost with all the glitz and splendor Somehow, during these mystery quest, I found myself uttering Heidi Klum s famous

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