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Trailer  Complication PDF by ê Isaac Adamson Complication was a book I only picked up because it was set in Prague and having been to that magical city, I had to get my hands on it And what a book Such a ride that kept you guessing from start to finish It starts with Lee Holloway Jr, an american who finds a mysterious letter amoung his dead fathers things The writer claims to have known about the death of his brother, Paul, who died under mysterious circumstances in Prague.
Lee takes a plane and finds himself right in the middle of a cunumdrum invovling a serial killer, a watch that runs backwards and forwards and a strange little girl with a foul, toothless, black mouth By going backwards and forwards in time, this story was intricatly woven and beautifully written The back of the book calls Complication a mind bending thrill ride set in the dark heart of Europe What perfect words to d Isaac Adamson starts his latest book off with a refresher course in the definition of the word Complication , which also happens to be the title of the book It is also a guidepost for the reader, for in this novel, set mostly in Prague, in various points of time, every single definition comes into play.
The main story line has Lee Holloway, a rather unassuming fellow, who, when cleaning out the detritus of his father s estate, finds a letter which indicates that the disappearance of Lee s younger brother Paul, in the Prague floods five years earlier, may have mystery involved Side note Two years after the death of my mother, I m still clearing her estate and the detritus of her life That Lee could dispose of just about everything so easily made me quite jealous Lee A Serial Killer With A Penchant For Severed Hands A Watch That Runs Backward And Forward At The Same Time An Eastern European Gangster Known Only As Rumplestiltskin The Nazi Invasion Of Prague, Soviet Era Czech Secret Police, Th Century Alchemy And Black Magic Mild Mannered American Lee Holloway Never Thought Any Of These Would Intrude Upon His Ordinary LifeBut That Was Before He Received A Mysterious Letter From A Woman Named Vera, A Cryptic Missive Implying Lee S Estranged Brother Paul, Who Disappeared Years Ago In Prague, Was Actually Murdered In An Attempt To Steal The Rudolf Complication, A Priceless Watch Commissioned By The Eccentric Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, Rud To Hold The Power Of Eternal Life When Lee Goes To Prague To Investigate, His Involvement With The Enigmatic Vera, As Well As The Guidance Offered From A Mysterious Travel Book, Triggers A Series Of Violent And Bizarre Events That Force Lee To Confront Disturbing Truths About His Brother As Well As Himself Unless Lee Can Reconstruct The Final Hours Of His Brother S Life, And Separate Truth From Myth In This Haunted City, He Might Not Get Out Of Prague AliveComplication Is A Twisted, Mind Bending, Contemporary Thrill Ride In The Spirit Of Such Mind Bending Narratives As House Of Leaves And Memento Set In The Dark Heart Of Europe, A Place Where Old Ghosts And Ancient Legends Still Walk The Streets I picked this out at my local library and it had to be fate Complication centers around Lee Holloway Jr who is flies to Prague after finding a letter in his deceased father s desk concerning the disappearance of his brother Paul Entwined with real history, I was unable to put it down Biblical serial killers, flashbacks to momentous times in history, using letters and reports, and a watch This book has it all The author lives in the same city and I would love to have coffee with him.
Another well written novel from Isaac Adamson but if you re expecting Billy Chaka, don t Complication is a whole new direction Somewhat darker and with edge of your seat tension, this book takes you on a frenetic roller coaster ride through Prague and time via backstory interspersions with quite the twist as it winds down I enjoyed reading this and look forward to Mr Adamson s next novel, wherever it takes me.
I think it goes without saying that Complication is, well complicated Still, it wasn t overly so that it was immpossible to follow It had a smoothe start and I found myself drawn in by the main character Lee Holloway seemed like your average guy who followed a trail left by his deceased brother and ends up way in over his head Still he has a determination about him that makes him intruiging While investigating the true circumstances of his brother s death, he tends to make decisions that seem off You can make a case that the reason for this is explained at the end, but you spend most of the time screaming at Lee to go to the police, get some help, or something to that effect.
The writing style was good, the story decently paced, and the plot adequately thrilling The novel was set in the Czech Republic, and towards the end the writing began to take on characteristic of leaving o i am easily charmed by eastern european names but beyond that, this was a well written, original tale with just enough intrigue and potential for the supernatural that i devoured it in a matter of days i ve never read isaac adamson before, but i ll certainly be picking him up in the future a reintroduction to the world of mystery and detectives probably yes.
there are many things going on in this story Lee s trying to figure out what happened to his brother, Paul, who disappeared in Prague he takes a flight to Prague with no luggage and discovers that the woman who invited him is a mystery wrapped in an enigma shaped like an attractive, very slender and brittle bohemian guess where their relationship goes when she doesn t have the answers Lee was expecting, instead of leaving, he ends up entangled with a weird ex police officer who cusses a lot and a flippant reporter with a cake box meanwhile, we get interludes about a watch repairman mulling over his escape from the Nazis and his last customer, who smells like decaying meat, a writer political agitator being interrogated, and black magic also, there s a serial killer IT SOUNDS KIND OF GREAT, RIGHT that s so many interesting things going in so many different directions and

Maybe my brain needs to be sharper or I need to pay better attention when reading, but I may need someone to explain it to me just like I felt after watching the movie Memento years ago Lol I m mostly on track, I think, but I m also a bit confused.
I m ok with the fantastical, the strange, the unexpected, things being off or different But this one left me scratching my head like Memento rather than in love with the story the unclear ending like Inception And there were definitely some holes or gaps in the story I think Or I missed them that s why I m somewhat confused Certainly it is interesting as it rambles around Prague, but a few later chapters were written in different fonts, some of which were not the easiest to read.
I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy, so I am comfortable away from everyday reality I didn t worry about Lee s idiocy, which starts early with flying to Prague empty handed I didn t scoff at Vera sitting in a coffee shop every day for six months I was patient when this book posited a magic clock, and things happened that didn t make sense I sat through the travelogue on Prague, which I m sure will be useful because I hope to visit there soon I waded through the mystical handwaving about Kelley, in which very little actually happened I am patiently read the English what is broke from the ridiculous Soros I sat through the mysterious little girl with no teeth And yes, he DOES have sex with Vera, how

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Trailer  Complication PDF by ê Isaac Adamson Isaac Adamson is the author of COMPLICATION, nominee for the 2013 Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original.He also wrote TOKYO SUCKERPUNCH, DREAMING PACHINKO, and other Billy Chaka mysteries Isaac lives in Portland with his wife and children You can follow him on Twitter at isaacadamson or find him on Facebook.