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[Diana Abu-Jaber] ï Birds of Paradise [musicians PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ A Full Course Meal, A Rich, Complex And Memorable Story That Will Leave You Lingering Gratefully At Abu Jaber S Table Ron Charles, Washington PostAt Thirteen, Felice Muir Ran Away From Home To Punish Herself For Some Horrible Thing She Had Done Leaving A Hole In The Hearts Of Her Pastry Chef Mother, Her Real Estate Attorney Father, And Her Foodie Entrepreneurial Brother After Five Years Of Scrounging For Food, Drugs, And Shelter On Miami Beach, Felice Is Now Turning Eighteen, And She And The Family She Left Behind Must Reckon With The Consequences Of Her Actions And Make Life Affirming Choices About What Matters To Them Most, Now And In The Future This book made the mistake of trying to do too many things at the same time, and as a result, none of its multiple themes were adequately explored I think the story was an interesting one, and if the author had really focused on the family dynamics between the four primary characters Avis, Felice, Stanley, and Brian , I think the book would have been successful I think the author made several mistakes which detracted from the overal effectiveness of the novel First, if Felice had run away at an older age, and if there had been a realistic explanation for her decision to stay on the streets, the book would have made sense to me It seemed very implausible that the parents would not have learned the details and significance of the friend s suicide, including how close I was left with an overwhelming feeling of sadness and heaviness, despite the author s attempt at leaving this book on an uplifting note I personally read as a form of escapism My book club elected to read this book, though, so I dug in eagerly, hoping to discover a gem I would learn to love Although I connected with the characters individually and in their interactions with one another, I was left feeling as though all of them were being sheltered, shrouded, and treated as incomplete entities Perhaps this was deliberate, in order to emphasize their disconnection I would actually rate this a 3.
5 star, not just a 3 But that isn t an option Goodreads is giving me And, while the jumping back and forth between memory, the four m This book was always going to suffer by comparison since I loved the previous book I read so much, but it was pretty boring Hard to believe that a book that contains a hurricane, murder and suicide can be boring, but it is Even the author seemed bored by it, as she abruptly stopped writing It ended with pretty much no resolution for any of the characters At one point while I was reading, my cat leaned over and chomped one of the pages That was the most excitement I got out of it I guess it s good enough to eat, but not to read.
It pains me to write this review because Diana Abu Jabers books have brought me such joy and entertainment in the past I just did not like this book at all I honestly think the biggest problem was the editing It droned on and on about the dads career and business deals that were neither interesting or sexy There was some very good writing and memorable lines that I even shared with my nonreading husband But I did it I left To make her happy You see how that works You keep leaving, like you say, to keep them happy You go to work, you keep working, you run away until you re all the way gone Maybe even you shoot yourself And the whole time you keep thinking Are they happy yet LOVE THAT LINE I am still a fan but just did not love this one.
5 really The way Diana Abu Jaber writes about food is amazing The pastry descriptions alone make this book worth reading Also her characters are complex, and not always likeable, and yet I m relieved when the bad things they re running toward don t hit them The pace here is slow, but that s all the better to appreciate her writing The first half of the book feels like a mashup of two movies Ordinary People devastated parents and Mostly Martha amazing chef The second half of the book picks up the pace and jams many maybe too many social issues into the plot Reminds me of some Barbara Kingsolver novels A lot of things seem to be bothering the author streetkids being used as models, corporate America dominating our food supply, greedy property developers pushing people out of poor neighborhoods And the Haitians who fled to Miami have stories This is one of the most absorbing novels I ve read all year as in, it made a flight pass quickly, and then later, at home, drew me back to my big comfy office chair for another chapter when I really should have been working The story is straightforward In the days leading up to Hurricane Katrina s landfall in Miami, Avis, an artisan baker, is forced to confront her role in her daughter s disappearance four years ago The novels POVs rotate between Avis, her attorney husband, and her daughter, who s living on the Miami streets With such strong echoes of Carol Shields s Unless both hinge on a daughter who runs away from a good home in response to a secret tragedy , I worried that no book could upstage Shields s masterpiece But it The story Diana Abu Jaber tells in Birds of Paradise is as multi leveled as a buttery croissant or honey drenched baklava It is the story of one upper middle class family in Miami, fractured when the 13 year old daughter runs away from home and becomes a street kid The story picks up 5 years after she leaves, as both her 18th birthday and Hurricane Katrina approach the vulnerable coastline and emotionally vulnerable family, each wrapped up in their own distinct world.
The story shifts point of view to each family member, unpeeling the back story, revealing current day life As the hurricane and the 18th birthday of runaway Felice approach, each family member is faced with their own individual crisis of spirit and loss The characters are well drawn Avis, a professional baker, creating the most intricate and amazing pastries to accompany her life of longing for her missing Diana Abu Jaber s writing hits all of the marks for high praise in this book about a family coping with the loss of their teenage daughter, a junior high school runaway reaching her 18th birthday and living on the streets by choice instead of opting to stay comfortable in her Floridian upper middle class life There are lush foodie descriptions, of the cakes and pastries baked by the girl s wealthy mother and equally, of the organic foods sold and prepared by the proletarian also by choice brother There are white people trying to reconcile their privilege with streetwise blacks and Hispanics everywhere, in bordering on magical Negro storyline sorts of ways It s all black people that help the white people reconcile thei Sometimes I want to tell a book, It s not you, it s me Take Birds of Paradise, for example Objectively speaking, I would have to say it s a good book It s well written, with a meticulously detailed setting and interesting concepts and situations It s quite readable, and the author tackles some social issues and ethical questions along the way But I never warmed up to it.
The novel takes place in sprawling, muggy Miami, and hovers around the lives of members of a quietly unhappy family mother, Avis, a professional baker known for her intricate concoctions in spun sugar father, Brian, a lawyer for a development company who struggles to maintain his integrity in a sleezy business brother Stanley, an idealist who owns a natural foods store and sister Felice, who ran away from home five years ago and now lives on the streets, for reasons

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[Diana Abu-Jaber] ï Birds of Paradise [musicians PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ pamyatnik.pro Diana Abu Jaber is the award winning author of Life Without A Recipe, Origin, Crescent, Arabian Jazz, and The Language of Baklava Her writing has appeared in Good Housekeeping, Ms., Salon, Vogue, Gourmet, the New York Times, The Nation, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times She divides her time between Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Portland, Oregon.