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↠´ The Legend of Sigmar ✓ Download by ✓ Graham McNeill The legendA great book to start and build the foundation on the warhammer universe Quick read with all the excitement in every chapter.
Never thought I would like anything about the Empire, but this book gives a very good overview of how the Empire began.
Sigmar Is The Greatest Leader Of Men The World Has Ever Known By Saving The High King Of The Dwarfs, He Earned The Eternal Friendship Of The Mountain Folk When A Mighty Horde Of Orcs Threatened His Lands, He United The Tribes Of Men To Stand Against Them At Black Fire Pass He Broke The Siege Of Middenheim And Pushed Back The Forces Of Chaos In Defeating The Great Necromancer Nagash, He Saved Mankind And Secured The Future Of His Empire His Deeds Are Legend This Is His Story An interesting trilogy, where the writer matured while writing the third book is by far the best of the three Having played RPG in this world, I found the description consistent and interesting Characters are a bit shallow and two dimensional, especially in the first book that presents a narrative in tandem with medieval viking sagas The most bloated part was the battle descriptions and there were a lot of those which focused a lot on what actors were doing instead of advancing the plot but even that gets better on the third book Overall, an interesting if quite long reading, but I m quite sure I m not re reading it.
The Legend of Sigmar, written by Graham McNeill, is an omnibus containing the fantasy Warhammer s trilogy about the Empire s founder with an addition of a short story in the book s final part This collection fully focuses on Sigmar s first twenty five years of ruling and the initial, very dangerous threats which would be the united land s doom if not defeated.
The first volume, Heldenhammer, tells the story of the Emperor as a growing youth, taught and guided by his father and closest, childhood friends Being a member of the Unberogen tribe, the population s culture and way of life is described through this first book, as well as all the customs and establishments of each clan present in this story s setting The intellect, strength, negative and positive qualities of Sigmar are introduced through actions, relationships, speeches and moments of solitude as the heir, already If you like the Warhammer universe, this book is a five star If not but love fantasy, it s a four star read I loved it Not much I can add that hasn t already been said before read this concurrently with reading some of the new Age of Sigmar fiction This tome is hands down so far superior to anything published in the AoS line as to make me weep over the demise of the Old World This is genuinely a terrific story, written in an epic and solemn fashion that places this on par with other, mainstream, works like Game of Thrones not at all hyperbole, this is genuinely good fantasy, not just merely a media tie in If you fancy a story of endurance in the midst of despair, courage in the face of great evil, honor in the face of degeneracy, and resolve in the face of certain death, then try this one out Personally, this has taken the crown as my favorite work of fantasy, period Also, I rank it as McNeill s greatest work, even surpassing Fulgri

A great omnibus Such a wonderful read, experiencing the formation of the Empire as Sigmar works really hard to unite the human clans, over many years I loved the way that each human clan has its own unique flavour.
I was also over the moon to see my favourite Warhammer character make an appearance Nagash I d give this book a good 4.
5 5, but Goodreads won t let me.
Well worth a read for all classic Warhammer fans.
I never thought that I would get into Warhammer Fantasy I had a good number of fantasy series that I was into Sword of Truth, Song of Ice and Fire, LoTR, etc but after I saw that Black Library released these GIGANTIC literally the biggest things on my bookshelf omnibus editions, with amazing artwork, for only 17.
50, I had to check it out.
The trilogy had me from the get go, I fell in love with Reikdorf, Sigmar, Wolfgart, Ravenna, etc.
All of the characters feel real, from Sigmar in his flawed magnificence to Redmane in his bitter glory seeking The lands are all real and I spent hours just looking at the map and looking at where the battle took place Which is something I found I enjoyed, because it really helps place everything.
I t In the world of Warhammer the name Sigmar and the legends of his exploits are pretty well known, so, being a fan of a good adventure than of hack and slash this trilogy Heldenhammer, Empire and Godking Heldenhammer sets out bringing together the rise of Sigmar from his first battle to the battle of the Black Fire Pass very significant in the timeline of the warhammer setting throughout Sigmar is obviously the main focus, the dialogue stays realistic and to my surprise Sigmar is portrayed as very human in every way and in a massive inner conflict with his emotions and conscience right through On from here Empire is where the setting gets really interesting with Sigmar pulling together a once very distant empire and now being seen by many as a god among men The characters at this point have not yet really developed on from where they left

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↠´ The Legend of Sigmar ✓ Download by ✓ Graham McNeill Hailing from Scotland, Graham McNeill narrowly escaped a career in surveying to work for Games Workshop as a games designer He has a strong following with his novels Nightbringer, Warriors of Ultramar, Dead Sky, Black Sun and Storm of Iron.