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☆ Sword of Caledor Ó Download by ☆ William King Welcome back to the world of Warhammer fantasy as the saga of the high elf twins Tyrion and Teclis continues After such a positive experience with Blood of Aenarion, I was keen to push on with book 2 fairly quickly Sadly, due to the extortionate price of paperbacks for this one I ended up reading it on my IPAD Having defeated the Greater Chaos daemon N Kari years before, the twins now undertake a quest to find Sunfang, the lost sword of Aenarion forged by the mage Caledor Their quest takes them to the jungles of Lustria, where they will face all manner of danger Meanwhile the Witch King Malekith of the dark elves prepares to destroy the high elves for good This one suffered a little bit from second book syndrome, particularly in the middle where the pace was co Sword of Caledor dived deeper into character development, and also expanding further into the world of the Elves I see through the thoughts of both antagonists and protagonists, which is interesting Author has made them feel much alive in the story than the first book did.
Yet, the book suffers from a very slow paced plot Throughout the story, enemy was preparing a giant fleet of daemons and dark elves ready for battle But when was it going to happened That was the question I rushed through the end hoping to see the final invasionbut it dragged along plenty of non life threatening plot that didn t concern the whole point of the main story Friendly tournament, political talk and even horse fencing didn t help to save the world as much as I understand.
Was hopin The second book curse, similar to the second album curse for a musician rears it s ugly head here Unfortunately following on from Blood of Aenarion was always going to be a horrible task to undertake, and Sword of Caledor suffers here As with the first the writing is exceptionally well done and the character interaction is also, again, perfect but where this one seems to fall a little flat is there is now just a lot of filler and no real action to follow The promise of big events went by very quickly with no real conclusion or conviction and there was, to me, an odd change of personalities within key characters which wasn t really explained With this being the middle part of a trilogy I m holding out hope that it is of a case that this section of an obviously big tale has just set in place something that will be explained and then

The Elven twins Tyrion and Teclis return in Sword of Caledor, William King s sequel to Blood of Aenarion Sword of Caledor is far better A big part of this is in seeing how the characters have developed Tyrion has become a skilled sea raider and duellist, while Teclis continues his mastery of wizardry while exploring the nature of Elven society Warhammer s Elves are most definitely not nice They are capricious, cruel, and ruthless, and it s easy to see the Dark Elves featured heavily here as no different to their kin in Ulthuan except for some political differences Another way in which Sword of Caledor is an improvement on the first novel in this trilogy is an increased focus on action, which is where William King When I had finished reading Blood of Aenarion I knew that Bill King was BACK I hadn t read or seen any of his works for Games Workshop The Black Library for a few years, I had thought he had retired from writing But it was great to see him return to the fantasy genre of the Warhammer World as I really think it was him who got me hooked on the genre in the first place The Gotrek and Felix short story The Dark Beneath The World for example really caught my imagination as a kid, them great adventures that could be had in a world that was so incredibly ancient and varied as well Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, Goblins to name but a few the potential for great adventures were always available with just another turn of another page.
And Bill King was perhaps one of the best authors I was reading at the time I m not sure why he left the scene for so You can read the full review over at my blog William King returned to the Black Library some years ago after taking a long break writing various Warhammer fiction, his first trilogy for the fantasy arm was the Tyrion Teclis trilogy that told the origin story and the adventures of two of the most famous High Elves of the Old World, the twins Tyrion and Teclis, one a warrior and the other a mage In the High Elven lore, they are both great champions and much has been written of them, but this was the first time we got up close and personal And it proved to be a decent enough experience as a reader, although there were definitely moments where I felt that the story and characters missed their mark.
The story starts off as we go back in time to the earliest days of Elven history, when Aenarion, the ill fated first Phoenix King, fought to save the Elven people from the armies This is a good book the author takes times to at least check the current source books before writing this one.
The title of the book Sword of Caledor refers to sunfang You get a peek into the witch king and Morathi s mind as they are getting ready to invade Ulthuan.
A few centuries have passed since the first book, and you find Tyrion and Teclis in the jungle of Lustria looking for sunfang They have assembled a motley crew of humans to help transverse the jungle most are Norse and one not so sane guide The guide knows where the sword is as it was lost during his last foray into the jungle and into a slann city Most of the humans die by the time they reach the city which according to Teclis is somewhat corrupted by Chaos More deaths insure with the triggering of a trap in a room full of slann treasure and prophecies very convenient and happens though o Tyrion Unparalleled Swordsman And TacticianTeclis Greatest Natural Sorcerer Of The Age, His Power Rivalling That Of Fabled CaledorTogether These Twins Are The Greatest High Elf Heroes To Still Walk The EarthTyrion And Teclis Venture Into The Deadly Jungles Of Lustria On A Desperate Hunt For The Lost Sword of Caledor Dragontamer, The Fabled Sunfang While They Search For This Ancient Artefact, The Witch King Malekith Continues His Assault On Ulthuan, Sending The Deadly Assassin Urian Poisonblade To Kill The Everqueen And In The Realm Of Chaos, The Sorceress Morathi Makes A Pact With Another Enemy Of Tyrion And Teclis The Sinister Daemon N Kari The second entry in the Tyrion Teclis series seems to be a setup for the third book, but it is still very good 100 years have passed since the battle between the two brothers and their hated enemy N Kari, the Keeper of Secrets and once of the most powerful Slaaneshi daemons Now Tyrion and Teclis have discovered Sunfang, the legendary blade of Aenarion, forged by the ancient mage Caledor But when they return, dark omens speak of unspeakable evil coming to their land The Everqueen is murdered and the new one, Alarielle, is still simply a maiden, who needs a new champion And who better than Tyrion, who is sent to become one in a tournament of the greatesr elven warriors of the age Meanwhile, Teclis travels to the Tower of Sorcery to deshipher and ancient scroll, who warns of impending doom Soon, both brothers I have gushed over William King before I m a huge fan This book continues my love affair with his work This is the 2nd book in a trilogy about the High Elves Tyrion and Teclis This is a Warhammer fantasy universe book I ve written other reviews giving an idea what this universe is like If you are unfamiliar with the Warhammer world, I would suggest checking out the following Wikipedia article I have been a fan of Teclis since he first appeared in one of Gotrek and Felix s adventures also written by King He is powerful as well as knowledgeable I didn t care so much for his twin brother, Tyrion The first book in this series really made me understand Tyrion better and become a fan, a feeling which continued through this book I read through it in record time, and even though I knew it would end on a cliffhanger, I wa

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