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[Wendy Cope] ¾ Family Values [lenin PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¾ More than any poet since Betjeman, Wendy Cope has the rare gift of being funny and serious often in the same poem That is crucial Beneath the jaunty villanelles, the comic repetitions and the triple metre, some hard truths about life and love are being smuggled in One favourite is the poem April I quote it here in full The birds are singing loudly overheadAs if to celebrate the April weather.
I want to stay in this lovely world foreverAnd be with you, my love, and share your bed.
I don t believe I ll see you when we re dead.
I don t believe we ll meet and be together.
The birds are singing loudly overhead.
I want to stay in this lovely world forever Like Auden s Lullaby , the poem gains its power and maturity from cheri I didn t enjoy this collection quite as much as the other volume I read by her, Serious Concerns, but it was still very likeable and a nice way to spend the hour I had by myself in the library today One reason I didn t quite enjoy this one as much was, perhaps, that it felt a little too cynical to me In quite a few of her poems here, an embittered elderly lady peeked through, and while it s an attestation to her skill as a poet to let us catch glimpses of her as a person, I ended up feeling a bit sorry for her There is a fine line between sarcasm and cynicism, and I thought this one was perhaps a little too heavy on the latter She works through some childhood issues in this volume, especially in the beginning chapters, and whenever she treats the topic with reverence, I was very moved by it There is a poem that is ded

the second wendy cope book that i have read, but it missed the perfect five star marks because of the first few poems in this book i found them too personal, and i couldn t connect to them but, later, the book just drove in my mind smoothly i love her poems which contains the element of serious levity carefully and delicately it s like she wrote the poems with utter delight, and her power of rhyming is strong, very strong i have also loved the later experimental poems in the end overall, a sumptuous read, utterly delightful.
Though not life altering, this collection is comfortably accessible reading that, as with much of Cope s work, is full of wit and received with a wry, often cheeky, smile.
This is a slim collection of Cope s poems published in 2012 The first section is poetry about family, which is good and occasionally great I particularly liked A Christmas Song , The Women s Merchant Navy , At Stafford Services , At the Poetry Conference , Anniversary Poem , Spared and Another Valentine from this section Then there s a second section, which is from something called The Audience , which were written for the Endymion String Quartet These are great Funny As are those from the final section, which are from an An ABC of the BBC These were commissioned by BBC Radio 4 Again they re pretty funny There s one called Football about Radio 5 6 0 6 show that I liked a lot Definitely worth reading I tend to read people s work from beginning to end, which I think makes me think I can see patterns emerging, bu I m an unabashed fan of Wendy Cope She s not the most prolific of poets, but her keen eye when observing the everyday and mundane means I often return to her relatively slight output The verse may be light but the subjects addressed can be weighty, and despite the surface simplicity Cope is extremely technically skilled, employing the full range of traditional rhymed forms She reminds me of Philip Larkin, and if you know me you ll know that s high praise indeed I just read her collection Family Values for the first time despite it being five years old by now She is as grumpy and deadpan as ever, but with a focus on death and decay that suggest perhaps the serious concerns are ever closer to the forefront of her mind The fifty six poems in this collection span a human life, from childhood Christmases to detailed hilarious instructions for Wendy Cope has fun with poetic forms than anyone since Dorothy Parker I d need a good hour with Lewis Turco to figure out all she s up to in her latest collection, although the sometimes villainous villanelles are unmissable Poor Hugo Williams My favorite poems in this book are the first and last A Christmas Song asks Why is the baby cryingand provides a rhyme book of clever answers and Closedown about a woman reading the shipping news late at night There are merry moments in between, but not nearly as many as in Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis.
So what Anything new by Wendy is worth snapping up, sighs and tears and wry bits of rueful wisdom all whipped together and laid out in a lattice of laughter.
There is a lot here about aging and death, which is not terribly relevant to me right now but I ll keep the book on shelf the the twilight years.
The second half of the book has a lovely sequence of poems about various people at a concert, and another sequence about the Beeb, both of which I enjoyed.
Unfortunately there s nothing here to match my great love for Cope s previous collections Not that aging and death can t be written about in a way that is relevant and interesting to young or, let s be honest here, young ish people, but Copes poems on these subjects are very personal and lacking a broad universalism.
From A Motorway Service Area To Her Ambivalent Relationship With Religion, Wendy Cope Covers A Wide Range Of Experience In Her New Collection Her Mordant Humour And Formal Ingenuity Are In Evidence, Even As She Remembers The Wounds Of A Damaging Childhood And In Poems About Love And The Inevitable Problems Of Aging She Achieves An Intriguing Blend Of Sadness And JoyTwo Very Different Sets Of Commissioned Poems Round Off A Remarkable Volume, Whose Opening Poem Sounds Clearly The Profound Note Of Compassion Which Underlies The Whole I love Wendy Cope, but have to confess that I was slightly disappointed in this, her fourth collection of poems Her first two books, Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis and Serious Concerns sparkled with wit and invention There s plenty of humour in Family Values and Cope s mastery of a wide range of poetic forms is in evidence I love a good villanelle , but I was a little underwhelmed by some of the poems in this collection Cope covers a variety of themes, including an unhappy childhood one of the best poems in the book, Daily Help, is in this section , and two series of commissioned poems, one for the Endellion Quartet and one for the BBC.

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[Wendy Cope] ¾ Family Values [lenin PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¾ pamyatnik.pro Wendy Cope was educated at Farringtons School, Chislehurst, London and then, after finishing university at St Hilda s College, Oxford, she worked for 15 years as a primary school teacher in London.In 1981, she became Arts and Reviews editor for the Inner London Education Authority magazine, Contact Five years later she became a freelance writer and was a television critic for The Spectator mag