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ì Read ✓ The Cost Disease by William J. Baumol È El libro tiene la virtud de explicar claramente y en un lenguaje claro qu es la enfermedad de costos y varias de sus implicaciones para la elaboraci n de pol ticas p blicas La parte de recomendaciones de pol tica se centra en el sector salud, dejando de lado otros sectores como el educativo En buena medida esto se debe a que el debate en los Estados Unidos es sobre el sector salud, lo cual explica tambi n que la mayor parte de la evidencia emp rica sea para ese pa s Es un libro que despierta el inter s sobre el tema y llama a ahondar en su estudio y sus implicaciones en otros, como es la desigualdad.
This book develops one of the principal explanations for why costs have been increasing significantly on a consistent basis in some sectors health care, education while they have been decreasing in others, especially manufacturing The argument is complex but the basic point is that when some industries are becoming much efficient, those industries or sectors that are limited in the degree to which productivity can be enhanced will necessarily experience persistent costs increases due to labor market and other considerations Various details of this general argument are considered along with its policy implications and some good case examples of the cost problem in such stagnant industries.
The book is in essence a compilation of papers written around the overall argument Along with the argument, there is much time devoted to reviewing the research that has been brought to bear to test and The Exploding Cost Of Health Care In The United States Is A Source Of Widespread Alarm Similarly, The Upward Spiral Of College Tuition Fees Is Cause For Serious Concern In This Concise And Illuminating Book, The Well Known Economist William J Baumol Explores The Causes Of These Seemingly Intractable Problems And Offers A Surprisingly Simple Explanation Baumol Identifies The Cost Disease As A Major Source Of Rapidly Rising Costs In Service Sectors Of The Economy Once We Understand That Disease, He Explains, Effective Responses Become ApparentBaumol Presents His Analysis With Characteristic Clarity, Tracing The Fast Rising Prices Of Health Care And Education In The United States And Other Major Industrial Nations, Then Examining The Underlying Causes, Which Have To Do With The Nature Of Providing Labor Intensive Services The News Is Good, Baumol Reassures Us, Because The Nature Of The Disease Is Such That Society Will Be Able To Afford The Rising Costs If you ve already read the Wikipedia article on Baumol s cost disease, reading this book won t add much The examples are focused on health care excluding all other service occupations and are written in an innumerate business case study language that obfuscates details and does not form a convincing argument That said, the central idea is thought provoking and something people should be exposed to.
Since the Industrial Revolution, labor saving productivity improvements have been occurring at an unprecedented pace in most manufacturing activities, reducing the cost of making these products even as workers wages have risen In the personal services industries, meanwhile, automation is not always possible, and labor saving productivity improvements occur at a rate well below average for the economy As a result, costs in the personal services industries move ever upward at a much faster rate than the rate of inflation xvii xviii Total health care spending appears to be income elastic In other words, if GDP per capita increases by 1 percent, total health spending per capita will increase by slightly than 1 percent As it grows richer, a country will spend a growing proportion of its GDP on health 98 The range of such progressive sector business services is Sometimes I forget how I find the books I buy Usually it is one of two ways I either find the book while browsing or the book is referenced in another book I read I remember seeing The Cost Disease in another book, but I can t really remember which one But I found it on , enjoyed the reviews, and saw that it was relatively inexpensive so I decided to give it a go.
The Cost Disease is a heavy, academic work This is not a typical light read in popular economics like Freakonomics It is very interesting book that tackles the common misunderstandings of our economy.
I am a millennial working in higher education with baby boomer parents It seems like every day I am being bombarded with questions about the cost of higher education and health care Both institutions are notori The rising cost of healthcare is a global phenomenon Why Because the relative productivity of labour intensive industries inevitably and inexorably declines Computers get cheaper healthcare doesn t It s a simple idea, now proven by historic data and in need of appreciation The Cost Disease allows encourages, even affordable increases in spending on health Though incisive, Baumol s book inevitably labours this central argument But to understand trade offs in public spending you need a firm grasp of The Cost Disease This book provides a means to that end, and delivers important context for any discussion about healthcare, education, economics and politics.

The premise of this book is that though areas of the economy which require intensive human involvement teaching, health care, fine arts, etc seem to get expensive as the cost of mass produced items fall Even though things like healthcare seem to be growing in cost, they are still affordable by society because the cost of other things has fallen I found myself wondering what could be done in the health field to help it scale require less people While there was some good content, book felt very redundant and would have been better served by a article 1 5 as long as the book Writing redundancy would be only 2 stars, but the ideas discussed redeems book to 3 stars for me.
A must read for anyone interestedin the economics of health care Not the most exciting book but the idea s implications are huge.
A book that develops a convincing hypothesis on why healthcare costs have exploded over the past few decades, while cars and other consumables have declined in price The first half of the book is academic and reads like a research paper abstract Arguments were well constructed and Baumol provided a lot of data to prove his point, which I definitely appreciate The latter parts of the book where the author collaborated with a few others on the content felt less than well written, and some of the examples were superficial for example, the authors devoted an entire Chapter 9 to singing praises for IBM.

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