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ë Ghost Story ä Download by ¶ Peter Straub A few words i found by Stephen King about this novel Probably Ghost Story by Peter Straub is the best of the supernatural novels to be published in the wake of the three books that kicked off a new horror wave in the seventies those three, of course, being Rosemary s Baby, The Exorcist, and The Other The fact that these three books, all published within five years of each other, enjoyed such wide popularity, helped to convince or reconvince publishers that horror fiction had a commercial potential much wider than the readership of such defunct magazines as Weird Tales and Unknown or the paperback reissues of Arkham House books This was a real haunting good read, the story drives you crazy in places with characters perceptions of reality being played with by the supernatural.
This is my first Straub novel and he writes a plot well and makes you feel you are there amidst the snow fille I am SO glad that I finally re read this book I was afraid that it wouldn t hold up to my memory of it I worried about that for decades Silly me I needn t have worried it was even better than I remembered This beautifully written story of evil in a small town has a lot in common with Stephen King s IT as far as the small town portion goes Derry and Milburn are similar in a lot of ways Despite the title, this book isn t really a Ghost Story Just like in IT, IT isn t really a clown Ghost Story is about a small group of men who made a mistake in their youth and rather than face up to it, they went about hiding it instead This leads to consequences none of them could have possibly foreseen But WE can see those consequences, and unfortunately, they are often deadly Ghost Story was my favorite novel for ma

An intelligent and ambitious novel, Ghost Story has received some well deserved acclaim That is, however, not enough Not even close This is a book that should be re introduced to a whole new generation of readers It really is that good Stephen King himself lists it as one of the best horror novels of the 20th century refer Danse Macabre.
I will not go into plot details at this stage, since these can be had by reading the book synopsis Instead, in general terms, I ll try and explain just why this book should be on the reading list of any self respecting horror fan.
First of all, this is not a novel that offers up cheap thrills and quick scares The terror, sometimes expected, often unexpected, is measured out in precise and exact quantities Lovingly so Mister Straub has managed to weave into Ghost Story an absolutely b What was the worst thing you ve ever done I won t tell you that, but I ll tell you the worst thing that ever happened to me.
the most dreadful thingThat s how Peter Straub s Ghost Story begins.
Something s going to happen to the whole town of Milburn, and The Chowder Society members with their spooky stories and premonitions are right in the middle ofit.
For Ricky Hawthorne, his law partner Sears James and friends Edward Wanderley, Lewis Benedikt and Dr John Jaffrey, their nightmares all began on the same day, October of 1929.
and what happened on that day was the beginning of the evil presence.
Not the scariest book I ve ever read,we all have our own definition of scarybut a darn good Ghost Story This copy of Ghost Story is signed by Peter Straub.
BAIT AND SWITCHPeter Straub s classic bestseller is a work of superb horror The Washington Post Book World that, like any good Ghost Story, stands the test of time and conjures our darkest fears and nightmaresOh, this book was conjuring my worst fears alright Just not in the way that was probably intended I m quitting you, book You know why Because you re fucking boring Because I dread picking you back up Because you re not in the least bit scary to me, if you don t count the horror and dread I have of actually contemplating trudging along to the finish line with you By all accounts, the second half is where all the awesome happens I just bet I slogged along to almost the halfway point, through weirdness and references I feel like I should know but don t because they haven t been explained yet and tedious tedious irrelevant detail and 260 pages of nothing has actually happene First and foremost, I would like to thank Jessica Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile for this awesome addition to my collection Back in 1995, my family and my fifteen year old self moved from California to Alabama The week we arrived in Alabama Mobile area Hurricane Opal decided to make landfall Most of our stuff was still on the back of my brother in law s flatbed trailer The most important items lost for me, at least was my mother s book collection Whilst in California, Mom called her master bedroom s walk in The Great Book Closet This grand space was stocked with than 450 first editions of some of the best horror literature ever written These books were gifts from friends, family, and co workers, but mostly they came from one person in particular my mother s best friend Andrita Sadly, all the books Andrita ever bought my mother were lost to water damage Not only was my mothe SF F H , the holy trinity of genre fiction, my neck of the woods for reading I read a hell of a lot of sci fi SF , I read about a couple of fantasy F titles a year, but I ve been neglecting the horror fiction H genre in recent years The reason is that besides Stephen King I don t tend to hear much about exciting new horror titles Sci fi and fantasy books win the prestigious Hugo and Nebula awards and I am always aware of the winners As far as I know the equivalent award for horror fiction is the Stoker Award and somehow people don t seem to talk about them very much Anyway, to cut a long story short I miss reading horror fiction and want to get back to it Ghost Story is Peter Straub s best known and most popular book, I remember reading it in my teens when it was on the bestsellers list, I remember liki New York Times Bestselling Author Peter Straub S Classic Tale Of Horror, Secrets, And The Dangerous Ghosts Of The Past What Was The Worst Thing You Ve Ever Done In The Sleepy Town Of Milburn, New York, Four Old Men Gather To Tell Each Other Stories Some True, Some Made Up, All Of Them Frightening A Simple Pastime To Divert Themselves From Their Quiet LivesBut One Story Is Coming Back To Haunt Them And Their Small Town A Tale Of Something They Did Long Ago A Wicked Mistake A Horrifying Accident And They Are About To Learn That No One Can Bury The Past Forever When I was a kid, I had a long list of fears A short summary would include tornadoes big dogs bullies the basement fire music class swimming lessons spiders cat burglars and girls As I got a bit older, say around middle school and high school, that list changed Some items remained girls, the possibility of being forced to sing in public , some fell away tornadoes, big dogs, swimming , and some new fears were added school dances, acne, various other complex social interactions Now, as an adult, the list has changed entirely I don t fear the weather, or the water, or women though I still do not understand them And I m not afraid of the many, many things that the local and national news tells us to fear I m not scared of airplane crashes, murderers, or terrorist attacks This is not because I am brave, which I

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ë Ghost Story ä Download by ¶ Peter Straub Peter Straub was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 2 March, 1943, the first of three sons of a salesman and a nurse The salesman wanted him to become an athlete, the nurse thought he would do well as either a doctor or a Lutheran minister, but all he wanted to do was to learn to read.When kindergarten turned out to be a stupefyingly banal disappointment devoted to cutting animal shapes out of heavy