Trailer è Curves For The Billionaire Demon (Big Girls And Bad Boys, #4) PDF by è J.S. Scott

Trailer è Curves For The Billionaire Demon (Big Girls And Bad Boys, #4) PDF by è J.S. Scott Year Old Kat Larson Is Haunted By Demons Literally How Was She Supposed To Know That There Was Than One Type Of Demon The Evils Want To Destroy Her Soul While Billionaire Countervailing Demon Zachary Winston Wants To Protect Her Kat Opts For Zach S Protection But It Doesn T Come Without A Price It Requires A Demon Bargain And What He Suggests Shocks Poor Kat Almost As Much As The Fact That Demons Really Do Exist Why Would The Handsome Billionaire Want To Make Such An Agreement With An Overweight, Redheaded Woman Like Her When He Can Have Almost Any Woman He Desires Billionaire Zachary Winston Has A Mission And It S One That He Vows To Complete As A Countervailing Demon, His Task Is To Protect Kat From The Evils That Will Corrupt Her Soul His Only Problem Is That She Is His Radiant, The One Woman Who Can Lighten The Darkness Of His Demon Existence And Be His Eternal Mate Zach Has To Fight An Internal War Between Man And Demon As He Protects Kat, Not Quite Sure Which One Will Win He S One Part Demon, One Part Man, But They Both Yearn For Kat S Lush, Full Figured Body And Kind, Compassionate Heart As Zach Becomes And Enchanted With Kat, He S Hoping She Can Learn To Love A Lonely Man Demon That S Slightly Than Just A Little Bit Wicked Only This Is A Paranormal EROTIC Romance That Includes Graphic Language, Graphic Sex, Wild Demon Sex And Other Subjects Suitable For Adult Audiences Only The entire Curves Collection is wonderful Bigger girls can find love too

ONE HOT DEMONCountervailing Demon Zachary Winston, is sent by his Demon king to rescue human Kat Larson from the evil that is trying to steal her soul.
Kat recognises Zachary as she has a contract for plant maintenance with his company But he has no clue who she is He tells her he has come to save her from the evil which she knew was coming for her But he has a price for his help Kat must fulfil his sexual needs for a week.
But Kat cannot believe that the gorgeous and sexy Zach would want her She has real body issues, being a larger girl But Zach loves her curves.
I m a big fan of this authors short stories, mainly because I never feel short changed in the content She manages to pack in plenty within the pages Best of all are her heroes, they are gorgeous and Zach is no exception Kat who was insecure and quiet was his perfect match The sex scenes are deliciou 5 Star Kindle Unlimited ReadI was luck enough to read the new extended version of this book on the box set Even though the book turned paranormal it was fantastic I have never read a paranormal book with this subject text Therefore, it was refreshingly original I also loved the fact that I was given a HEA with an opening It evident that there will be to come from this coupling, if Scott continues with a spin off Also, we have the Brothers and the King who still need their eternal mates.
I so hope this will lead to a spin off If not, I m calling author J.
S Scott out with a begging plea Oh, for my sanity please continue if you haven t already If you have, thank you so very much Either way I love your works.

J.S. Scott

Trailer è Curves For The Billionaire Demon (Big Girls And Bad Boys, #4) PDF by è J.S. Scott J.S Scott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance She s an avid reader of all types of books and literature Writing what she loves to read, J.S Scott writes both contemporary erotic romance stories and paranormal romance erotics They almost always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she just can t seem to write them any other way Please v