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[ Pdf Death of a Supermodel » vegetarian PDF ] by Christine DeMaio-Rice é A fairly decent mix of mystery and romance Kept me entertained although I would not call it the great american novel.
DeMaio Rice has done it again Weaved the intricacies of the fashion world into a superb murder mystery plot Death of a Super Model is the second book in the Fashion Avenue Mystery series, and for me, it was as big of a hit as round one, Dead is the New Black.
Still set in the fashion hub of New York, Laura Carnegie takes on another journey to find a crazy killer Last time, she worked desperately to prove the man she loved was innocent, and that was a battle close to her heart but this time, she s evendetermined because the frailty that might break is none other than her baby sister Ruby.
At the opening show for Sartorial Sandwich the clothing line for Laura and Ruby one of the giraffes, Thomasina Wente, a super model I LOVE this term, makes me giggle every time is found dead in the bathroom Again, just like in Dead is t I read and loved the first book in this series, so I jumped on Book Two as soon as I realized it was out Once again, the author did not dissappoint Some of the cast from the first book are back and better or worse than ever, plus we ve got several new odd balls too Throw in a few shady characters, some nefarious motives and its a party you don t want to miss DeMaio Rice had me guessing as to whodunit until the end and it was refreshing that Laura, the main character seemed just as unsure at times too Death of a Supermodel was every bit as witty, tight and expertly written as the first book, and I can t wait to see where Laura ends up in the next one Suspense, murder and high fashion set the stage for this riveting mystery The reader is given an inside look at the less glamorous side of modeling in the process An enjoyable whodunit that was impossible to figure out until the culprit was revealed at the end.
Laura Carnegie and her sister Ruby started their own designer clothing line called Sartorial Sandwich After working their butts off they re pulling off their first show when disaster strikes Their top model, Thomasina Wente, is found dead in the portable bathroom right before the big finale Laura can t believe she s stumbled upon another dead body after what happened a few months ago in her former employer s office, but unlike the obvious murder of Gracie Pomerantz, Thomasina is presumed to have overdosed Presumed that is, until the police focus on Ruby as a likely suspect of Thomasina s murder by poison Laura is once again off and running to solve a murder before someone she cares about is sent to prison for a crime she doesn t believe they committed.
A great addition to Overall Feedback So Christine asks me to review the second in her series and I figure, what the heck I hate her main character, might as well I began the story knowing I was going to hate Laura and holding onto that hate as best as I could Then as the pages began falling away and the story started comforting me like my favorite blanket I felt something other than hate About halfway through the story I stopped reading as I realized that I was beginning to like Laura No this could not happen, she is a pretentious B afterall Picking back up on reading I let go of the hate and I began trying to help Laura telepathetically help her sister I would have to place this book as a have to read Going from the first to the second shows you how an a A Murder On The RunwayWhen Stick Thin Supermodel Thomasina Wente Dies Of Poisoning, The Irony Isn T Lost On Fledgling Designer And Reluctant Sleuth Laura Carnegie It Was Widely Assumed Not Eating Would Do Thomasina In, Making Her Unglamorous Exit Twice As Shocking For New York S Fashion Aficionados, Not To Mention Disastrous For Laura, Her Sister, And Their Very First, Make Or Break Runway ShowA Catwalk Full Of SuspectsAfter Laura Got To The Bottom Of The Pomerantz Case, She Decided Sleuthing Was Too Last Season She Hopes Detective Cangemi Can Handle All The Heavy Lifting This Time Since Plenty Of Folks Wanted Thomasina Dead Bob, The Football Star Turned Hedge Fund Guru Rolf, The Sociopathic Brother With Skinhead Connections Roquelle Rik, Modeling Agent, And Penelope Sidewinder, Model Minder, The Twin Dragons Of The Fashion World Yet, With So Many Leads To Choose From, Cangemi Focuses On Laura S Sister, Ruby For Laura, Her Sister As Murderer Just Doesn T Make The CutThe Fashion Avenue MysteriesIn Death of a Supermodel, Laura Carnegie, Her Sister Ruby, Jeremy St James, Stu, And A Supporting Cast Of Backstabbers, Manipulators And Ruthless Ladder Climbers Return For Another Merry Go Round Through New York S Fashion Center Death of a Supermodel is characterized by the same trademark wit and sarcasm I ve come to associate with this author The main character is one of those women who takes no ca ca and comes out swinging like a he cat on the other side In this installment of DeMaio Rice s Fashion Avenue mysteries, Laura and her sister find themselves embroiled in a scheme even closer to home than the death of the first book Dead Is the New Black and Laura s sister just might be in trouble Laura as determined as a momma hen on an egg refuses to let her sister fall for something she didn t do, and takes it upon herself to figure out just what really happened.
As good, if not better than the first book This series belongs front facing on the shelves of Barnes Noble.
DeMaio Rice is a talented voice in the mystery genre with a certain je ne sais quoi that In this second installment of DeMaio Rice s Fashion Avenue Mysteries, the protagonist is once again fashion designer Laura Carnegie, who either finds herself forced into solving a murder if we re to believe her or insists on poking her nose into things that are none of her business if we re to believe the police The setting is once again among the New York fashion industry as presumably all the series will be.
Those who liked Dead is the New Black, the first in this series, will find Death of a Supermodel to their liking, too Laura Carnegie is a likable character who the reader wants to see succeed as she avoids some of the less savory characteristics and fashion industry clich s suffered by many of the minor characters Laura is shaping up as an excellent addition to the literary world of amateur sleuths originally written for books and Pals book After reading Dead is the New Black, I was definitely looking forward to the second in this series, and though the ending was not what I expected, I was not disappointed in the outcome The author s snarky, witty voice shines through with this book that opens up with the murder of a runway model This time Laura s sister is the prime suspect in the murder, so she must, once again, set out to prove the innocence of someone she loves Laura puts herself in some pretty sticky situations and even risks life and limb to prove her sister s innocence This book exposes the ugly underbelly of the fashion industry, touching on subjects such as underage models, eating disorders and sexual abuse, but somehow, despite the many disturbing situations, the author manage

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