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Trailer ☆ A Game Worth Watching (Worth Series, #1) PDF by ✓ Samantha Gudger So this book I just loved this book It was on my Team Challenge Me, Purvika and Divya had a Buddy read on this And we three buddies loved this book a lot D I am lookind forward to read this book once D It s not that typical High School Love Story It is different Everyone can give it a try I would Suggest this book to everyone actually D I am sure you will like it.
I really liked this Young Adult read This is a well written novel I like that this series is called the WOrth series, it drew me in This is a story about Emma, she has it tough and her self esteem shows it Emma is tough and I loved getting into her head and trying to figure out what made her tick This was not an easy light read, but I loved it I read half of the next book which starts off right where this leaves off but this has a great ending I loved how it evolved and think the author did a great job staying true to this character You get the whole book from her POV and I enjoyed it that way This is a clean read There are some serious issues like broken family s and fighting and abandonment but it is done in a very good way There is a romance but it is done very well I would say 13 and up.
5 starsTitle 3 5Cover 4 5Plot 2 5Writing Style 4 5Twists 2 5Female Main Character 1 5Male Main Character 4 5I hate the main character, Emma She has a really great best friend, mad basketball skills and other stuff she doesn t care about All she can think of are the bad stuff THE BAD ATTITUDE TOWARDS ANYONE DOESN T HELP AT ALL She snaps at everyone for no apparent reason She didn t grow through out the story Things just happened around her.
I kept rolling my eyes on her.
I hope there will be a sequel Major cliffhanger really I hope to read of what happened to Emma, will she end up with her basketball fairytale ending Also There are a lot of things that needs a closure here Like her family for instance, I wanna know if they ll make amends, and why did Coach Knowles leave in the middle of the game And will Emma be able to go to college Ugh, so many questions so little pages Please, oh please a sequel will be very much appreciated 3.
5 Solid stars I really enjoyed this I loved the pace of the novel and sports stories are my guilty pleasure I am a huge fan of underdog stories Both Emma and Riley were amazing characters, especially Riley I wish there was a tad romance Also, I understand being a tom boy but I didn t like the hate being thrown at the whole girl species Girls are portrayed as these selfish, manipulative beings which we can be , but we are too complex to be generalized like that.

Re read December 2018Yep, still one of the absolute best books I ve ever read Re read May 2017This book easily enters my top 10 best ever books Probably the top 5 list as well.
It is amazingly good If you haven t read it yet, then do yourself a favor and do it.
It is very well written and I was hooked pretty much from the first page It is one of those YA books with no age restriction It is totally enjoyable no matter how old you are.
It definitely is a book worth reading When I started this book I expected a typical YA style where there will be a game geek , a best friend a new stud lots of romance and less of the game But when the story progressed it showed it was way than what I was thinking It had none of what I expected rather totally game and game I loved how Basketball was the highlight of the story rather than couple and their romance In fact the minimal of romance made it adorable I loved every page that I read Emma s journey from poverty girl to coach and friend was very endearing The way she struggled with her feelings and demons made it realistic than any other YA I have ever read The girls in the story, everyone of them had their own fair share of insecurities and i like this one I mean who doesn t love a good tomboy storyeverything start when EMMA our current heroin is call and push by her bf and future coach to the basketball team, oh boy but it wasn t the boys team oh NO it was the girls one and this was a huge break dealer for herthe thing is Emma was despised by so really nasty bitches the other girls the girls in the team, because she was really poor, so Emma is and had been always an outsiderbut at the beginning it was so HILARIOUS it when like thisALL THE GIRLS IN THE TEAMEMMA image error A Game Worth Watching is a book worth reading I had the privilege to read a book after hubs wentt to bed Valentines night and my birthday morning and it didn t disappoint Now that you have that straight, listen to me when I sayA Game Worth Watching by Samantha Gudger is a must read book.
It s sweet and had me smile, hug myself and damn it, I cried Yep the salty ugly kind of cry.
Honestly, 5 5.
It was very well written and had me from go I love the journey ALL the characters had to go through and how they grew with the help of One girl who thought she had zero effect on any soul Riley and Emma are beautifully put together and there isn t one point in the book I could fault.
I stayed up late Valentines Day and early rise on my BIRTHDAY no less a All Her Life, People Have Told Year Old Tomboy Emma Wrangton That She S Not Good Enough, Smart Enough, Or Strong Enough To Succeed In Life Somewhere Along The Way, She Started To Believe Them Without The Promise Of A Respectable Future After Graduation, All Emma Wants Is To Cherish Her Senior Year By Playing Basketball With The Guys And Spending As Much Time As Possible With Her Best Friend Before He Heads Off To Some Fancy University, Leaving Her Behind But When The High School Basketball Coach Recruits Her To Join The Team The Girls Team Emma Discovers Life Is Anything But A Slam Dunk How Is She Supposed To Know How To Be One Of The Girls When All She S Ever Been Is One Of The Guys

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Trailer ☆ A Game Worth Watching (Worth Series, #1) PDF by ✓ Samantha Gudger A former three sport athlete in high school, Samantha grew up with a ball in one hand and a book in the other From the moment her first grade teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, Samantha knew she wanted to be an author.Samantha currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children Books, writing, sports, and music top her list of favorites.She is the