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Download Epub Format Õ Ten Little Niggers PDF by ¸ Agatha Christie First, There Were Ten A Curious Assortment Of Strangers Summoned As Weekend Guests To A Private Island Off The Coast Of Devon Their Host, An Eccentric Millionaire Unknown To All Of Them, Is Nowhere To Be Found All That The Guests Have In Common Is A Wicked Past They Re Unwilling To Reveal And A Secret That Will Seal Their Fate For Each Has Been Marked For Murder One By One They Fall Prey Before The Weekend Is Out, There Will Be None And Only The Dead Are Above Suspicion I m a big lover of Agatha Christie, she has written some fantastic murder mysteries and her stories never get tiring But this is the one that just comes out on top every time.
It partly, and quite amusingly, reminds me of that old American murder mystery in Sunset Beach Basically, they re the only ones on this island and someone is killing them off one by one in accordance with the Ten Little Indians rhyme And I swear I never saw it coming, and I m usually very good at it It s just a very clever novel, full of mystery and suspense and easily quite frightening at times.
I like how Agatha Christie doesn t have to write a 500 page novel with a massive back story, her mysteries are very simply put together but always clever and hard to decipher I would recommend this book to everyone.
, 10, 2004And Then There Were None 17 2013 23 2013 This lovely mystery book is first and foremost about the administration of the long overdue justice, right At least that s what the mastermind behind it all believes.
But the question is who has the right to decide what justice is And who is to decide what punishment serves the crime And is perceived justice at all costs the ultimate goal, or is it the frequently pointless work of a maniac As a matter of fact, what is justice after all I think the story of this book the one that may win the contest for the most offensive original title, after all is familiar to most readers It is a lovely and fascinating idea Ten people are lured onto a remote island under false pretenses just to realize that they are all about to be punished by death for the crimes that they have committed in the past and have gotten One of the worlds best selling books of all time, Agatha Christie s and Then There Were None sets the standard for crime fiction The book was first published under a different title in jolly old England, but even back in 1939 American publishers were far too politically correct to use a title they found so offensive Still again, in 1964 and again in 1986 a third title was published but political correctness struck again I read the book under the authors original title because I wanted to read it as she intended it The book has inspired radio broadcast, stage adaptations, television mini series, several movies, board and video games As the 1939 story begins, 8 unacquainted guest have been invited to a very large home on an isolated island off the coast of England for a type of holiday When the water ferry drops them off they 5 stars to Agatha Christie s And Then There Were None This is the book that started my absolute love of the mystery genre I was addicted and must have read it 3 or 4 times over the course of the year Between the poem, the deserted island, the plot twist, the count down, the pure clandestine suspense it couldn t get any better Story Ten people receive a mystery letter from someone they don t know that indicates they should come to a remote island Why would they goAfter arriving, they try to figure out the connection between all of them while waiting for their mysterious host After coming across a cute little poem about how ten little indians die, they decide they will wait it out until the next morning when the ferry comes back to take them home But it will never comeEach guest suddenly dies matching the line from the poem resulting in alliances and mistrust Pure fun.
In a masterfu Reread 2015 Because some Non Crunchy Cool Classic Pantaloonless friends thought I read it wrongTurns out, I did This was a really good mystery insert long winded apology with much groveling Happy, guys The story goes a bit like this 10 strangers each get invitations from someone they think they know, to stay on an island resort Hells yeah Sunshine sea air Well, resort is a bit of a misnomer It s really a big house on an island Still, it s famous for being a party place, and nobody in the group turns it down.
Almost as soon as everyone is gathered together, a recorded voice booms out through the walls and accuses each of them of being a murderer And not justYOU RE ALL MURDERERS Nope, whoever it is appears to know specific details about each death, and why these particular people were responsible.
Of cour Watch and pray The day of judgement is at handNow I understand why Agatha is the Queen of crime This was addictive A group of people are all individually invited to an island for a summer holiday in Devon None of them 100% sure who their mysterious host is Things become evenpeculiar when their host isn t there when they arrive, and doesn t show themselves at all One by one the guests are killed, picked off, leaving the others terrified and paranoid It was a fantastic mystery throughout As tension becomes hysteria, the guests wonder who will be next, who is responsible for these murders and why A fantastic read that leaves you guessing until the very endWe shall none of us leave this islandSo creepy RTC Before I begin I would like to apologise for my use of the N word in this review It is necessary, I promise.
This book was originally published in UK under a charming title of Ten Little Niggers When it came to the US version in the 40 s someone decided that Ten Little Niggers is not the most marketable title for a book so they changed it to Ten Little Indians as it was still ok to call Native Americans Indians then.
Only years after someone decided that neither Niggers , nor Indians is a fortunate choice of words for the title so it was changed to And Then There Were None the last line of the nursery rhyme which in this new version was called Ten Boy Soldiers.
This is the version that I read and I must say I am glad I think I would be rather uncomfortable reading something called The Little Niggers , which takes place on Nigger Island how did Christie want to pull This year I have decided to take part in a women s century challenge in the group catching up on classics where the participants read a book written in ten consecutive decades I chose to focus on the 20th century and my 1930s selection is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie Although I had previously read some of her Hercule Poirot cases, this is my first stand alone mystery of Christie s that I have read A suspenseful premise for a case, And Then There Were None left me on edge for the duration of the book Ten individuals who committed murder at one point in their lives have been invited to Soldier Island for a supposed holiday Upon arrival, the participants note the quaintness of the island and the home which they are staying in Yet, on top of the mantel in each bedroom is the poem ten little Indians In the communal dining room are ten salt s

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Download Epub Format Õ Ten Little Niggers PDF by ¸ Agatha Christie Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name