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[ Read Online The Age of Scorpio ↠´ sao-tome PDF ] by Gavin G. Smith ¹ It s a little difficult to keep the 3 alternating timelines straight at times but as a whole it s a unique original concept like Gavin G Smith s previous stuff contains some of the most gripping action prose i.
e fight scenes I ve read The melding of sci fi, fantastical detective fiction really melds together well in the book s climax.
Some other reviews question if this is part of a series as it s not obvious on goodreads but this is the first book in a trilogy, part two A Quantum Mythology has also been released I got A Quantum Mythology via First Reads and so purchased Age of Scorpio so I can read them in order.
I did enjoy this book, I liked the idea of having a story spanning three different time periods having chapters based thousands of years on the future, thousands of years in the past and the present the chapters always follow this pattern I did spend a lot of time feeling a little lost and unsure what s going on but that just made it interesting I started off preferring the future chapters, then the past but actually the present chapters end I have to admit that while I enjoyed the book, there were many times when I wondered what the significance of the 3 storylines was to each other As standalone stories each would have been fine, and I found myself wishing for at the end of each chapter of each thread However it is only towards the end of the book that connections are confirmed one obviously assumes much earlier in the book, given the fact that all 3 storylines are in the same book but even so, there is no concrete link between a long time ago, now and the distant future One can only assume that a sequel or 2 is on the way, which I must admit I will probably be reading Wow.
Gavin G Smith s The Age of Scorpio is like a paean to the Golden Age of SF, stuffed to the gills with bad ass weaponry, hi tech, monsters and derring do, but very much infused with the zeitgeist of the modern genre.
Which means copious quantities of gratuitous slaughter of the innocents, presided over by various galactic factions from murky church leaders to aliens , all hoping to get their respective claws, tentacles, feelers or hands on the last remnant of an ancient civilisation s incomprehensible technology The story is like Pandora s Box, only with a fuck load bells, whistles and booby traps.
Perhaps it is no coincidence that Smith s name recalls another stalwart of Golden Age Space Opera, namely E.
E Doc Smith Another trend of modern SF, especially Tricky to get into and there is no quarter given to exposition for what is obviously a large story arc The long before the fall sections in particular don t give much away I d like to have seen some of this resolved before the end of the book as a proper setup for the next chapter For the first half of this book I couldn t shake the feeling that this has been done before especially having read the Ragnarok trilogy by John Meaney which I recommend you do to Meaney s is a much considered take on the idea But all in all I think it s worth sticking with even through the extended fight sequences There are some genuinely interesting concepts that it will be interesting to see developed I d give the next one a go.

A fantastic read The blurb on the back is very misleading, but don t let that detract you from an otherwise excellent novel.
Full of action, some great protagonists, it doesnt let up from start to finish Th structure of the book was a little unexpected at start, as there are 3 different timelines with 3 different sets of characters, but it does well by avoiding the usual trap of making the readers want to read one than the others LOTR anyone One other thing, as i was late to the party I didn t realise and his own website is very vague on the fact that s its the first of a trilogy Thankfully, as I said I was late to the party and by the time i realised this the other 2 books have been released and its a matter of seconds to order the next in the trilogy Almost 5 stars apart from the regular incoherence of it, which might be solved by book two It s much original than his first derivative but well written stuff, he s finding his feet really well but it s properly hard going Ultra violence like recent Neal Asher with the no holds spared nonsense of Hannu Rajaniemi I m so glad I have the second book to get into rather than a wait as that would make me cross.
Set simultaneously in the distant past, the extreme present, and the far future, Age of Scorpio is a ambitious novel than Smith s earlier books The different timelines are expertly handled and the interlinked stories are all equally compelling Horrific, melancholy, action packed and even blackly humorous, Age of Scorpio is an atmospheric and absorbing story with flashes of genuine originality.
Gavin Smith writes excellent military influenced Space Opera and looking at this book s cover you might assume that s what you re getting but you re not You are getting some excellent writing he s really coming on as a writer and there is a far future crazy space opera strand to this novel, but there is also a contemporary thriller strand, and an Iron Age epic quest strand.
Despite my love of Space Opera, it was the other two strands which gripped me Both had complex and unusual main characters with clear goals and a whole lot of fascinating weird shit to go through in trying to achieve them Beth, the main character for the current day strand, is a woman of amazing resilience looking for her errant sister in the Iron Age we ve got the shaman wise woman of a clan, but with Of All The Captains Based Out Of Arclight Only Eldon Sloper Was Desperate Enough To Agree To A Salvage Job In Red Space And Now He And His Crew Are Living To Regret His Desperation In Red Space The Rules Are Different Some Things Work, Others Don T Best To Stick Close To The Church Beacons Don T Get Lost Because There S Something Wrong About Red Space Something Beyond Rational Something VampyricLong After The Loss Mankind Is Different We Touch The World Via Neunonics We Are Machines, We Are Animals, We Are Hybrids But Some Things Never Change A Killer Is Paid To Kill, A Thief Will Steal Countless Lives A Clone Will Find Insanity, An Innocent A New Horror The Church Knows We Have Kept Our Sins Gavin Smith S New SF Novel Is An Epic Slam Bang Ride Through A Terrifyingly Different Future

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[ Read Online The Age of Scorpio ↠´ sao-tome PDF ] by Gavin G. Smith ¹ pamyatnik.pro Gavin Smith was born in Dundee in the same year that Iron Butterfly recorded Inna Gadda da Vida He has also lived in Camberley, Hayling Island, Portsmouth, Hull, Leamington Spa and is currently living a near feral existence in Leicester if you see him in the streets he will write science fiction for sweeties Anyone who has been to any of these places will understand why his fiction is like it