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[William King] Ñ Bane of Malekith [amish-historical-romance-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ No spoilers I was well on track for giving this book a 4 star rating as I was enjoying it a lot, right up until the ending.
The pace and quality of writing was similar to the first two books, but towards the end felt a bit rushed.
Still a very good book and ties up the story nicely I m a continuing fan of William King.
You can read the full review over at my blog William King returned to the Black Library some years ago after taking a long break writing various Warhammer fiction, his first trilogy for the fantasy arm was the Tyrion Teclis trilogy that told the origin story and the adventures of two of the most famous High Elves of the Old World, the twins Tyrion and Teclis, one a warrior and the other a mage In the High Elven lore, they are both great champions and much has been written of them, but this was the first time we got up close and personal And it proved to be a decent enough experience as a reader, although there were definitely moments where I felt that the story and characters missed their mark.
The story starts off as we go back in time to the earliest days of Elven history, when Aenarion, the ill fated f It progressed much better than the second book There were so much action, magic and gore happening throughout the book Much in my favour of excitement on every page turns.
All I have awaited was the final battle between the descendants of Aenarion I waited for the moment Tyrion and Teclis confronting Malekith in battle Yet, battle was overly abrupt The ending was perhaps the biggest disappointment of this whole book I gave so much hope and credit to the final part of trilogy only to be disappointed by the abrupt battle The battle ended in within 1 page of narration If it were real action scene, it probably take 5 minutes to watch the final battle took place I gave credit to how the story progressed towards Teclis As he unleashed magical strength from within, he fought his own battle within his soul I loved the fact that he had to question his co Book 1 could be a stand alone.
Book 2 and 3 are basically just one continuous story I liked it, its an easy read and the story is paced quite well Time does get a bit odd to figure out at times first it seems like hours pass by then BAM MONTHS A good amount of detail is given to small things and helps build the world little background history between factions, basic concepts of magic, armor, etc However you got to keep in mind, I just finished a Total Warhammer campaign and I had a Warhammer Fantasy 101 course basically However keeping that in mind, the jargon and geography being tossed around in these novels is not daunting which could be a high light for someone just starting to read into the Warhammer setting.
I just hate how our main characters Tyrion and Teclis are basically the best at what they do they do have some conflict and losses but I read through this trilogy in Light but fun read.

Dernier tome de la trilogie des romans de Tyrion et T clis, Le fl au de Mal kith m a agr ablement surprise, et sur bien des points Mais revenons l histoire Attention, risque de spoil Nous avions l ch la fin du deuxi me tome quel cliffangher Et puis je me suis souvenue de mon codex Haut Elfe, et donc de la fin, ahah Tyrion et la Reine ternelle, Alarielle, seuls, entour s d une arm e de druchii qui avaient pour mission de capturer Alarielle pour la remettre Mal kith Tyrion arrivera t il a sauv la Reine, et par la m me occasion tout Ulthuan qui est en guerre Dans ce dernier tome, j ai l impression que William King s est essay un nouveau style, jouant plus avec le cynisme et le sarcasme que les ambiances sombres qu il aurait pu d velopper ic I was wobbling back and forth between rating this book 3 and 4, due to the rushed nature of the end, i ended up considering it like a 2 or 3 book, but language dragged it up to a 3, barely Why so harsh The ending is rushed, very much so It deserves a bit than that, even if just 10 pages , it would have been golden, for it felt as if the book ended on a cliffhanger, and who ends a trilogy on a cliffhanger The skulking about in the woods, was interest, but if it came to all of that and a better ending Id focus on the ending than the skulking Hell, this series should have been than just a trilogy even, simply because to much is crammed into just 3 book Evenif the third book felt rather dragged outbecause the skulking in the woods could have been substantially shorter But if your curious about Tyrion Teclis or just Warhammer Fantasy Its defiantly a series worth reading Solid four starts William King has written a very good fantasy novel with fascinating characters ahd sharp, extremely witty dialogue It was a bit formulaic, though and to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed that it was not as gory and violent like the Defenders of Ulthuan duology by Graham McNeil, so I dock one star from the final rating However precilesy because of the lack of ultra violence, I think that this trilogy is the perfect place for a newbie to start in the world of Warhammer Fantasy.
And so we reach the conclusion of the journey Tyrion and Teclis have undertaken in the Warhammer Universe I think this one was stronger than book 2 but not quite as good as book 1, it was still very much a solid read though I yet again had to purchase this one on my IPAD due to the extortionate price of paper copies, at least I was able to read it though.
The Witch King Malekith has launched a surprise attack against the Everqueen Alarielle and her forces with the help of the Greater Daemon of Chaos N Kari, but through the courage of Tyrion, she has temporarily escaped harm In the meantime, Teclis rushes to their aid.
Book 3 had a somewhat darker tone that the previous books and the protagonists fates were very much in the balance throughout the novel against the forces of Malekith, particularly in Tyrion s case I think both brothers have grown considerab The Tyrion Teclis High Elf Trilogy Reaches Its ConclusionTyrion Unparalleled Swordsman And Tactician Teclis Greatest Natural Sorcerer Of The Age Together These Twins Are The Greatest High Elf To Walk The Earth As The Dark Elves Of Naggaroth And Their Daemonic Allies Sweep Across Ulthuan, It Falls To Tyrion And Teclis To Protect Their Homeland In The Forests Of Avelorn, Tyrion And The Everqueen Are On The Run, Desperately Trying To Evade Their Druchii Pursuers Teclis Rushes To His Brother S Aid, And Both Twins Prepare To Embrace Their Destiny As The Forces Of The High Elves Face Their Foes On Finuval Plain

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