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Ø Read Ø Worlds Finest, Vol. 2 by Paul Levitz ↠´ Firslty, 2 seems a bit harsh I really feel this novel should be a 2.
5 Because it s not a bad novel, just no mindblowing Graphic novels are hard to write, because the reader has to feel that the pictures on the page are real characters real people I didn t quite feel that with this novel I felt like I was looking at pictures on a page as opposed to reading a story with genuine characters The art is adequate, but there isn t a prevailing plot here If I was reading this is single issues, I probably would have taken it off my pull list, simply because I had no idea where the plot was going, who the bad guy was, and what the heroes were fighting for Now granted, I read this volume without reading the first, but based on the context I had been given from research, almsot none of the interesting aspects of what was sold to me, was prevelant here I would have preferred this story to foc I really enjoy the contrasts in personality But my favorite moments are between the siblings.
Stranded On Our Earth Over Five Years Ago, These Two Heroes From Earth Are Forced To Fight Evil In Strange New Surroundings, All While Trying To Find Their Way Home Power Girl And Huntress Continue To Find Links Back To Their Home World, But Are Derailed By Mysterious Attackers Who Have Connections To Michael Holt, Aka Mister Terrific What Could Their Old Ally Have To Do With A Group That Wants The Worlds Finest Dead Legendary Creators Paul Levitz And Artists George Perez And Kevin Maguire Continue Their Critically Acclaimed Run On WORLDS FINEST VOL , Which Collects Issues This is a good book that s doing things slow, steady and genuinely The relationships, the uber villain, the way this pair makes their way through the world with their respective skills.
I like the exploration of how these heroes are still trying to fit into this slightly altered universe Makes them seem a little relatable, that not everything comes as easily to them as combat.
I really like the hints at their former lives, and that they re a little skittish to confront the shadows of those lives here on our Earth.
I especially like the cool under fire Huntress much better than the previous emotionally raw, always angry and scowling version.
I m in love with the relationship Helena and Karen have both as heroes constant team up and as friends in civvies It s rare to see folks in current DC c Pierwszy tom Worlds Finest mo e nie by arcydzie em, ale da o si go jako tako przeczyta Drugi w sumie te , ale podczas lektury nie mog em si pozby wra enia, e ca a intryga zmierza w stron , kt ra raczej nie dostarczy mi nadmiernej frajdy Ale po kolei.
Zaznajomieni z tematem wiedz , e pod zmy lnymi ksywkami Huntress czy Power Girl, kryj si Robin i Supergirl, tyle e te nieco odmienne, bo przyby e z tzw Earth 2 w ramach istnienia multiversum Uda o im si ukry swoje prawdziwe to samo ci i bytuj w tym wymiarze ju od blisko pi ciu lat Kwesti czasu by o spotkanie przez jedn z nich kogo z rodziny i konfrontacja z prawd Wyb r scenarzysty pad na m odego Robina, Damiana Wayne a Ca e ukazane nam zamieszanie ma wprawdzie potencja , ale zostaje on zmarnowany, najpierw na md e starcie mi dzy obojgiem Robin w, a potem w trakcie wsp lnej akcji, gdzie przyjdzie si Ugh, why change Power Girl s costume Well, having picked up the first Volume of this series through idle curiosity I actually found it was a half good story It had its ups, it had its downs What could you want Nothing is perfect And that s the first problem with the Volume 2 It isn t perfect In fact, far less perfect than its predecessor We pick up from where Volume 1 left off, Powergirl Karen Starr and her fellow unwilling refugee Huntress Helena Wayne continue to play out their lives on this new Earth after being displaced in the dimensional plain and taken from their own world to be placed on another one Karen is still the CEO of Starr Industries and I m pretty sure Helena is still just a mooch stealing from this reality s Bruce Wayne s fortune It s with Helena s newest b

I was just saying to a friend the other day how so many of DC s New 52 books, or really any reboot or re imagining of an existing series, tended to lose interest and originality after the initial few issues or trade collection It s as though they had great ideas but couldn t sustain them over time even as short a time as a year Happily, World s Finest is one of the exceptions to that rule This collection of issues 6 12 may not be quite up to par of the first volume we ll get to that in a moment , but it s a very fun, enjoyable read that furthers the story of Earth 2 s Supergirl and Robin, now known as Power Girl and the Huntress, during their exile on Earth 1 Huntress meets Damian Wayne, the latest Robin, her not quite brother, only to lose him shortly ther I really did like the first World s Finest volume, so I m not sure why this one wasn t as thrilling for me There were things that I liked, which earned it the three stars In particular, Helena meeting Damien, which went about as well as you might expect But overall, kind of underwhelming.
Good stuff, but the writer is dragging out plotlines to generate Desa ad, or however he spells his name, into some super super supervillain, yet expects us to believe he won t just vaporize Huntress or Power Girl where they stand The art seems to vary in quality, or at least consistency, as well.

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