ì Look Straight Ahead Ò Download by ì Elaine M. Will

ì Look Straight Ahead Ò Download by ì Elaine M. Will Great read The writing and illustrations really brought the story to life.
Look Straight Ahead is a fictionalised version of a true story that of author Elaine Will s struggles with mental illness Indeed, the book is extremely realistic in my view, but then I have first hand experience of a few of the issues that it covers and second hand experience of a few Loosely speaking, it follows the story of 17 year old Jeremy Knowles, an aspiring artist, as he suffers from a mental breakdown, and the book examines the way that society deals with him, and how he deals with society.
Will s graphical style is pretty clean and mostly in black and white, although she does use colour for great effect she s also very good at evoking a mood by going a couple of pages without dialogue, remindi Jeremy Knowles Is A Year Old Outcast Who Dreams Of Being A Great Artist But When He Suffers A Severe Mental Breakdown Brought On By Bullying And Other Pressures At School, His Future Is Called Into Question As Is His Very Existence Can He Survive The Experience Through The Healing Power Of Art And Just What Does It Mean To Be Crazy, Anyway Look Straight Ahead is a glimpse in to the World of Mental Health, but what separates this from the plethora of pre existing literature on the subject Well, quite frankly, it s unique perspective on the subject This unique perspective hits us almost immediately, in the form of visual metaphor for Psychosis the experience of persistent delusion and or hallucination , which brings us in to the story at the full speed of the In Medias Res writing technique From this point on, it s a white knuckle ride as our protagonist, Jeremy Knowles, is pulled between the wills of his Family, the reckless laissez faire of his only friend in the Saskatoon regional mental health facility and the powerful grip of his delusions The visual aspect of the Book brings the reader closer Unbelievable Could not put it down.
5 stars from Brad, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATURE Disclaimer just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishersOver the years, I ve found that and I seek out unique black and white comics that, most often, are written and drawn by female creators And I have a particular interest in any books dealing with mental illness For example, one of my favorite graphic novels is Ellen Forney s Marbles, a memoir focusing on her learning to live with bipolar I was pleased to find recently another book that addresses the topic of bipolar Elaine M Will s Look Straight Ahead.
Writing a review for Look Straight Ahead leads me to write two reviews in one First, I am writing for those who will read the book because they are looking for a graphic novel that is a great work of fiction with fantastic art Secondly, I Loved it Fast paced story with incredibly emotive and immersive illustrations.

A really insightful graphic novel that did a great job of taking me inside the mind of someone suffering from mental illness That it is autobiographical makes sense give how vivid the episodes of delusion are Recommended for anyone with an open mind.
Jeremy is a depressed teenager, until events conspire inside his brain and he suffers a psychotic breakdown After spending some time in a mental hospital, will going back to high school only cause him to unravel again This book brilliantly captures the thought process in someone experiencing psychosis Somehow it all made sense as Jeremy pulls together the antagonistic forces in his life bullies, the girl he likes who s dating someone else, his parents and weaves it all together, coincidences like finding multiple candy wrappers open a doorway to speaking to God It makes terrifying sense from Jeremy s perspective, while sounding crazy to everyone else While all that is fascinating, this book also explores how Jeremy s parents and friends fear his mental illness and how they are able to educate themselves and change how they view him, an This was the first graphic novel I ever read I never fully appreciated before the way a picture on a page could tell what was going on in the story better than words ever could There are things words can t describe especially with mental illness There were graphics that I stared at forI don t know how long They were just so perfect, so accurate that at times I had to stop and catch my breath The novel was beautiful, true, captivating I read it in a day and, in my opinion, an absolutely amazing piece of work.

Elaine M. Will

ì Look Straight Ahead Ò Download by ì Elaine M. Will Elaine Will is an illustrator and cartoonist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, most well known for her acclaimed graphic novel Look Straight Ahead, a story about mental illness and one of the last winners of the Xeric Award, from the final grant cycle She also drew Dustship Glory, adapted from the novel of the same name by Andreas Schroeder You can find of her work online at her website, blog