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[ Read Online First Light (After, #0.5) ✓ northern-africa PDF ] by Scott Nicholson ☆ Prequel to the After series introducing Rachel and Franklin Details of the solar event precipitating the changes, including Rachel waking up to the new world and making the decision to trek to find Franklin s redoubt More a bonus than anything not needed to make sense of the first book but a useful introduction to what has happened.
I bought the full set on Kindle for just 0.
99 worth the risk Well, this is the only one of the set I will read Generic to the hilt, Cliched characters Oh let s have a new on the job cop Let s a have a female scientist, a survivalist etc It s plain to see the characters will lack depth in later books and the story will be lots of people killing of or being killed by Zapheads why couldn t he call them Zombies like everybody else If you want to read a Zombie book let me recommend this The Alpha Plague The Alpha Plague 1 by Michael Robertson A rollercoaster of a book coming at you full speed that I read recently and what was what got me interested in another Zombie book.
This Prequel To The After Series By Scott Nicholson Sets Up Background Information Leading Up To Events In The First Novel, After The Shock And The Second Novel, After The Echo It Is A Complete Short Story, Able To Stand On Its Own, But It Will Pique Your Interest In Reading The Entire Series A novella rather than a novel It s a launch point to another book and I assume series of books.
This is another entry into the end of the world with zombies genre Well not really zombies, like crazed people who kill the unaffected at ever opportunity.
The concept is novel, everyone and their brother has done a plague or chemical or even supernatural angle but this time the author took one of my favorite crazy doomsday prepper scenarios super powerful solar flare and turned it into his catalyst.
The sun blasts our technology back to the stone age with a mega EMP blast which also affects a portion of the population turning them into crazed killers The novella introduces several characters and sets the stage for but beyo While on routine duty at the Solar Dynamics Observatory, Drs Daniel Chien, and Katherine Swain, from the SOD s Offices of the Goddard Space Flight Center, observe a solar flare, larger than anything yet measured The onus of sending the first warning rests squarely on their shoulders Rachel Wheeler, a counselor attached to the public school system of Charlotte, North Carolina, feels underappreciated in her job but is determined to make a difference, however small, in the world Rachel s grandfather, Franklin is a dedicated survivalist and since his wife s death has literally taken to the hills in an attempt to distance himself from the perceived lies, dangers, and social degradation in today s society Army Major Arnold Alexander, Henry Gutierrez, from the Departmen A short story that sets the stage for the After series dealing with Earth after a solar flare reeks havoc This book doesn t really go into any detail about the world it is creating but get the ball rolling Well written and paced it introduces numerous characters some of whom meet their end and others that will probably feature in the rest of the series The scenario is nothing unexpected Society collapses, all electrical devices don t work and the first responders aren t responding but this book adds a twist in the fact that the zombies aren t zombies but people who are having a reaction to the solar event They have a lust for ending human life but they are mobile and vicious than your run of the mill zombies and that s something I can agree with since I m not big on zombies Can t really say where this series is going but this teaser cert I picked up the box Set containing this and novels 1 3 I believe that this was written after novel 1 but to give a little fill in to characters and events which happen immediately before the main novels That must mean that Novel 1 starts cold jumping us straight into the action with the characters we find in this short story I suspect i d have been happier reading this after reading the intended start to the series but the writing was decent enough and i m intrigued enough to find out how this mix of EMP and Zombie apocalypse story goes Looking forward to getting into the series proper.
I know that the Author said this book is just there but I disagree lol sorry With book 1 you don t really know the why s and how all that.
So I personally believe reading this book before bk 1 For the reason behind the apocalyptic and how it happen And how did they the government and people act And we get to meet the characters before all hell breaks lose and afterwards.
Yes I read bk 1 beforehand now I wishes I read this book first.

The book started off strong but went downhill from there We begin with scientists observing extremely strong solar flares and I am expecting an intelligent novel about what happens after this natural event Without spoiling the story for others, I will just say that by the end it is a totally different kind of story, not at all the type of realistically possible SHTF scenario I was looking for If it had continued in the style that it started with, I would be looking for the next volume of the story, but as it is, I won t be continuing the series.
On se retrouve aujourd hui pour une nouvelle petite chronique d une novella de Scott Nicholson, une pr quelle sa saga zombiesque intitul e L apr s C est une s rie post apocalyptique dans laquelle on suit un petit groupe de survivants au sein d une humanit d cim e par les effets d vastateurs d une ruption solaire Pour ceux qui n en aurait jamais entendu parler, il s agit en gros d une ruption de mati re ionis e comprenez lectriquement charg e la surface du soleil, provoqu e par une accumulation d nergie magn tique Elles peuvent avoir de graves incidences sur nos syst mes technologiques, notamment les r seaux lectriques.
Dans Premi re lumi re, on assiste l une des plus grandes ruptions solaires jamais enregistr es, et les d g ts qu elle cause sont inestimables Il ne s agit pas seulement des installations l

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[ Read Online First Light (After, #0.5) ✓ northern-africa PDF ] by Scott Nicholson ☆ pamyatnik.pro With than 800,000 books sold worldwide, Scott Nicholson is an international bestselling thriller writer He won the Writers of the Future Award in 1999 and was a Stoker Award finalist in 2003 His Fear series was published by s Thomas Mercer imprint and 47North released the supernatural thriller McFALL.He s also published a number of supernatural, paranormal, and fantasy books an