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[Rose D. Cassidy] ✓ Wench With Wings [zen PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ I received this book for an honest review.
I would have given this book 5 starsbut there are many typos, sentences mixed up, and many grammar errors I learned to keep reading, and my mind would automatically perceive what was suppose to be said Some reviews talked about the use of goddess.
this was explained well later in the book.
The typos, and errors got better towards the end.
This book truly was the equivalent to a female fight club Good story line, plot, and ending.
The ending is truly unique.
I fully recommend the author to pay someone to correct all the errors This book has high potential.
Although I see that this book had the potential to be really great, I did not like this book at all I probably would have given it a two star rating except for the fact that the grammar was horrendous I have never read a book with so many spelling mistakes and bad sentence structure I love indie authors and self publishers that s usually all I read but please, get it at least proofread first The point of view changes were hard to get used to as well I had to go back a few times to figure out who was talking Also, all this talk about goddess was annoying, it felt forced.
I liked Trey, she was a good character I understand her reasoning for why she acted the way she did I love that she made something out of herself and helped other women I hated Ayden, he was so annoying and needy I mean I don t have all the issues that Trey had and he wa Ho hum I Want You, To Finish A Tat For Me The Wings Of A Wenchah I Mean, Wrench Ayden S Tats Finally Had Meaning Again All Because Of TreyWench Noun A Country Lass Or Working Girl Usually Facetious A Girl Or Young WomenFacetious Noun Amusing HumorousWench With Wings Tattoo Trey A Wrench As The Body Symbolizing Her Fixing Him Wings As An Angel His AngelTrey Seen In Ayden S Eyes Hard Working Lass Amusing Or His Muse An Angel He Believes Was Sent To Fix HimIt S Not What She Thinks He Came Into Her Life To Steal Her Control She Won T Let Him It S Hers To Hold She S Ready For The Fight Is HeShe S A Fighter, Physically And Emotionally A Child Beaten, Yet Survived She Got Far Away From Her Father And Put Herself In College She Didn T Let Her Past Create A Monster She Stood Tall And Became A Women Anyone Could Respect By The Second Year In College Everything Was Perfect In Her Eyes Her Own Home Above Her Tattoo Shop, Organized Fights She Runs, A Women S Demand Respect Movement She Started, A College Education And The Strength To Control Her Own Life She Was Finally Good, People Saw Her For Who She Really Is, Who She S Always Wanted To Be A Women That Deserves RespectHe S A Fighter, Physically And Emotionally A Child Left To Survive On His Own He Didn T Let His Past Create Just Another Loser He Stood Tall And Created A Man Worth Calling Busting A To Save Enough Money To Put Himself In An Art College So Not To Become The Loser Everyone Saw Him As His Plan In Life Was Finally Settling In Place, Perfectly Than He Imagined His Acceptance Letter, Financial Packet And Place To Live Was Set And The Buzz Around Campus About The Well Respected Women Tattoo Artist, That He Needed, He Loves His Tats, Was Also The Head Of And Best Of A Fight Ring He Just Had To Be Involved WithThey Both Have Their Lives Together Confidently, But When The Two Meet An Interruption Of One S Life Occurs She S Never Been Capable To Love Another And He S Never Been Loved The Way They Mess With Each Other S Control Causes Them To Question Everything They Ve Ever Known The Constant Friction Between Them Causes Their Belief In Life To Become Static Of An Old TV Set An Old Life They Once Believed To Be What It Was Will They Tear Down The Others Control Or Make Each Other Stronger Nothing Comes Easy And Nothing Good Comes Without A Fight Not Intended For Readers Under

Rose D. Cassidy

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