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Ä Read ☆ Gallaghers Choice (Gallagher, #3) by M.K. McClintock Þ He Finally Had A Family To Call His Own She Now Knew What It Meant To Risk It All Together They Had A Chance To Find Peace At Last Eliza Gallagher Is Tough, Resilient, And Rides A Horse Like She Was Born In The Saddle All Necessary Qualities For Someone Who Runs A Cattle Ranch She Had To Avenge Than Any Of Them And She Was Counting On Those Skills To Finally Find The Justice They All Sought Until She Realized It Could Cost Her Everything And Everyone She Loved Ramsey Hunter Finally Knew What It Was To Have A Family And What It Took To Keep That Family Together He Knew Coming Back Wouldn T Be Easy, But He Never Imagined What He Would Have To Risk To Keep It Eliza Got Him Home Now Ramsey Has To Do Whatever It Takes To Save Her Life And Help Bring Peace To Hawk S PeakSexual Content Rating Subtle No Graphic Scenes Gallagher s Choice brings us for the first time into the perspective of Eliza Gallagher, the rough and tumble female of the Gallagher siblings She really is no nonsense and does what she feels is right for the family and their friends She is one that can really take care of herself among the women she has had to live her whole life out in the hard scrabble west while the other two ladies Brenna and Isabelle grew up in developed areas I appreciate the difference between the three women as well.
The battle that has been brewing across the two prior books between the Gallagher s and Nathan Hunter comes to a head here in some great dramatic moments even though I thought the end result was a little bit of a let down.
This time there is a This was a decent series This is not a stand alone book Although you can put the story togdtherto truly enjoy the series I recommend reading from book 1 The characters continually develop with the storyline The conclusion of the feud is finally over with Definately an unusual surprise ending My negatives about the book are from my imagination with the storyline Book 2 ended with Isabelle and an inheritance, but nothing was ever metioned again Gabe and I by never had children.
The Author repeated clues throughout the story, they were confusing Although discussions and honesty was discussed the Author always said it would be done at a later time I did enjoy the series, character, and storyline.
Heartache, trials and turmoilThis book is full of heartache, trials, and turmoil, but I promise it does have a happy ending Eliza finally finds her piece of forever I was so happy to be able to read this book I read the first 2, and loved them I am not normally a fan of westerns, however these books are so much They are about family, protecting your loved ones and righting wrongs I loved that I got to read about the brothers from the first two books and it was about time that Eliza got her story told She was a spitfire in the first two books by telling her opinions often and speaking her mind I liked how her personality played out with her man Ramsey was also interesting to read about, in the previous books he was lost and thought dead The fight for land also continues in this book Greed will make people do nasty things I really liked the ending and only hope that thi Author s Note I fell in love with the Gallagher family from their first words The characters are flawed, likable, and yes, sometimes infuriating, but they re real and true to themselves This is than just a series it s a western saga, so some questions won t be answered until the end The series follows the Gallagher s romance, hope, and revenge over the course of several books each one offering something new I felt it necessary to begin my review with words from the author herself because she so aptly describes the books better than I ever could The Gallagher s are a saga, one you will love from the very first page of Book 1 through the last page of Book 3, and you will be left wanting so much The Gallagher series takes you from Montana to Scotland and back, from one beautiful country to another MK McClintock has the ability to Gallagher s Choice was a great conclusion to the Gallagher series While the 2nd book was still my favorite, this one wrapped up the loose ends in a satisfying way Full of action, this story provided the long awaited resolution to the Hunter Gallagher feud with surprising twists Yes, the romance between Ramsey and Eliza was predictable, but the Hunter situation ended up in a way I did not see coming I love it when an author can surprise me like that McClintock managed again to provide a sequel that was not stale or trite I loved learning about the characters from the previous 2 books while delving deeply into Eliza s life This book was so full of action, that the characters were allowed to richly develop and endear themselves to me I ended this series very content, as opposed to some trilogies which left me wishing I had stopped with the firs AudibookNarration Kathryn Fields How I hate to say this, but BO K which I m calling something between bad and OK I m so sadI have been absolutely LOVING this series and I can t really speak to the story because I was too distracted by the narration The first two books were narrated very well and within the first five minutes, I had to stop and Scowl Because not only was the narrator changed, but she gave Eliza s character a really whiney voice, Brenna no longer had a Brogue and the emotion of the performance was pretty flat So, was the narrator bad Or am I just not digging the change Is this yet another instance of it s not you, it s me Other than that Giant Elephant in the Room , I loved this series I will sit here and hope for a re record, or the next time I listen to this series, I ll read my kindle version of Book 3 I recei I couldn t have asked for a better ending to the Gallagher s story The Gallagher family has warmed my heart, and they have become like a second family I liked Eliza s strength and her confidence to be a woman who wears pants Ramsey had the best qualities drawn from all of the other characters Eliza and Ramsey made the perfect match I was rooting for their new love to survive the anger and revenge battling in their hearts Ms McClintock kept the action stampeding at an all time high in the conclusion of the Gallagher s story I was on the edge of my seat as secrets were revealed and the mystery heightened around the Nathan Hunter battle But Ms McClintock wraps the story up nicely with a pretty bow.
The third book in this series continues and does not disappoint I couldn t wait to get into this book to see where the family ended up So many lose ends had to be tied up I enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth better, a calming presence with her own baggage Ramsey turns out to be an amazing man, and fits right into the Gallagher bunch The bond between Ethan, Gabriel and Ramsey created a wonderful sense of warmth and family keeping their women and children safe together and fighting for the ranch.
This one was narrated by Kathryn Fields I was a little disappointed that the narrator changed, but she did a good job as well If you are looking to become part of a family, this series is the one to listen to.

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Ä Read ☆ Gallaghers Choice (Gallagher, #3) by M.K. McClintock Þ pamyatnik.pro MK McClintock is a multiple award winning author who crosses genres and eras, one mystery, thriller, western, and romance at a time As MK, she writes about handsome cowboys, dashing agents, and strong women who appreciate chivalry Her stories of adventure, romance, and mystery sweep across the American West to the Victorian British Isles, with places and times between and beyond She enjoys a pe