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what a pleasant surprise this book was The twist I didn t fully see coming and I loved it 4.
5 Gravitating Stars Love discovering a new book from a new author I really loved this oneit was fairly typical predicable for the NA MA genre but did have a few twists It also had the suspense element that isn t often found I will say I figured most of the twists out but I still enjoyed the unfolding of the story just the same This was very well written for a first time author Brooklyn Turner was no stranger to grief After witnessing the murder of her mother at the age of six she closed herself off to her feelings, to her friends, to the world.
resigning herself to a life of being alone Refusing to let anyone in and pushing away anyone who gets too closeGrief is a kick in the chest It steals your breath, hits you so hard you think you ll never stand back up again And it s not just because you re grieving death or heartbreak o Like Gravity is one of this stories that pull you into the plot and never let you go You are prisoned by amazingly well written story and sweet romance, every girl dreams of I was really enjoying myself while reading Julie Johnson s debut novel and I can t wait for what she ll come up with in the future I laughed and I swooned while my heart was breaking for Brooklyn.
The story starts with 6 year old Brooklyn who was shopping with her mother Unfortunately this usual trip to grocery store became terrible mistake Bad time and bad place made them victims, Brooklyn s mother was murdered while she was sitting in the car.
Now, Brooklyn is twenty and she can t get pass her grief and nightmares Every day is a struggle and fight with herself Day after day of pretending to be normal made her bitter and bitchy Broken and damged she doesn t let people cl POSSIBLE SPOILERS PRESENT WITHIN REVIEW This novel was amazing I was so disappointed when it was overit was that good But, for once a stand alone that ends so perfectly I just loved the two main characters that Ms Johnson created along with their loyal and true friends There were so many profoundly exquisite thoughts and phrases referenced along with beautiful alluring songs mentioned that I found myself highlighting so many sentences within the text of this novel So, many beautiful expressions conveyed Ms Johnson made this book so believable And, romantic And, heartaching And, deeply intricate I can t wait to see what her next effort will create.
Brooklyn Turner is a sopho in college Her life has been full of

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review Like Gravity is easily one of my favorite books of the year 5 stars for this debut novel from Julie Johnson It was that phenomenal Ms Johnson s writing style is so descriptive, colorful, and reflective that I felt as though I was a part of their lives through the entire book In the epilogue, Ms Johnson suggests that this love story isn t just a love story between Finn and Brooklyn but a love story with Brooklyn and herself and I wholeheartedly agree Through the author s brilliant writing you feel everything for Brooklyn and Finn You laugh and cry with them, you love with them As for the story itself the romance was passionate, the banter Wow.
That was amazing.
This book blew me away I mean, I knew it was a good book, otherwise I wouldn t have started it But I didn t know it was that good.
And the writing Oh god, the writing It was just it was Freaking beautiful.
There was a scene, I think in chapter ten or eleven, that was so intense, so passionate and so beautiful that it felt like I held my breath When it was over, I exhaled in a whoosh and I was like, wow, that was incredible.
You know it s gonna be a damn good book when you re hooked right from page one, the prologue, the first sentence That was it for me It sucked me in and pulled me and I went because I could tell it was worth it.
And it was All I can say is that I want .
I need This is gonna sound totally clich but, I m a book addict and I need my next dose, otherwise I ll die from sadness and desperation and thinking too much.
Well, probably not but dammit, I reall DNF at 27%This book had nothing you have not read a million times before The h had a traumatic experience as a child that caused her to shut herself off from the world Despite being an introvert, she has a bubbly, social, and slutty BF They met in kindergarten when the BF proclaimed that they would be friends.
The h does not date or wear a lot of makeup or dress really girly Of course, this means the BF is always forcing her to dress in the BF s slutty clothes, go out, date guys, etc The H is the very poplar, lead singer of a band, campus man whore, docuhebag extraordinaire From the moment he meets the h, their interactions involve the H being cocky about his charm and good looks while the h pretends she is not affected but secretly she is in lust What follows is cringe worthy dialogue EEEEEK Like Gravity HAS A BEAUTIFUL NEW COVER So this is my book Woohoo I just want to tell you guys that when I first published it, I was so nervous I pretty much felt like this for a solid week Okay, okay.
and maybe a little bit like this, too But, now that I ve heard from all of you lovely reviewers and read your wonderful words of encouragement and support, I feel much, much better Kind of like this And this, too So I just want to say THANK YOU This has been an absolutely amazing process, and I have loved every minute of it so far You guys rock my socks off Seriously, I mean it I ve been wearing flip flops all week Stupid Mid Atlantic weather where is my fall Infinite love and a MILLION thank yous to everyone who read Like Gravity and left me a review on or Goodreads, or who re Twenty Year Old Brooklyn Bee Turner Is No Stranger To Grief After Witnessing Her Mother S Brutal Murder At Age Six, Brooklyn Is Guarded, Damaged, And By All Accounts A Bitch And That S Just The Way She Likes It, If It Means Keeping Everyone At Arm S Length When She Stumbles, Quite Literally, Into Finn Chambers Campus Ladies Man And The Lead Singer Of A Local Band She S Unprepared For His Persistence In Befriending Her, And For The Dangerous Attraction She Begins To Feel For Him Because With Finn, She Knows It Would Be Than Just Sex More Than Just Friendship And Maybe Even Than Just Love When A Sinister Presence From Her Past Reemerges, Brooklyn Will Be Pushed To Her Breaking Point For The First Time In Fifteen Years, She Will Confront Both Her Grief And Her Memories, As She Plays A Deadly Game Of Cat And Mouse With An Unforeseen Enemy Because Sometimes, The Demons We Must Confront Aren T Only On The Inside Like Gravity Is A New Full Length Standalone Romantic Suspense Novel,intended For Audiences Ages

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