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☆ Read ↠´ Zora and Nicky: A Novel in Black and White by Claudia Mair Burney æ The story was so simple and realistic Every one of the characters could have been someone that I knew They were flawed and genuine people Confused about themselves, the people they loved, and their relationship with God The story manages to deal with all these issues very well.
However, the main reason I gave this one 5 stars was that poem Beautiful Mosaic This is so cheesy, but I actually cried It just spoke to me.
This is the most amazing Christian romance story I ve read It is real, edgy, raw and authentic It takes real issues sex, lust, faith, racism, parents, relationships that real single Christians deal with while dating Nothing is glossed over The reader lives the struggles with the characters The writing is beautiful The characters are honest, flawed, broken and searching for Christ I loved that it was written for the Christ following readers I doubt non believers will get it The author doesn t explain the faith stuff, she assumes you know where the characters are coming from Look at all the bad reviews, especially on , and you ll see the complaints about the religion faith aspects If you don t have the Holy Spirit in you when you read this book you miss the most amazing story and struggle You ll only see half of This book was great I hope that Zora Nicky s story will continue that we will see it on the Big Screen Claudia Mair Burney is truly gifted

I ve been trying to read romances for awhile, right And kind of hating it because I keep getting slapped in the face with horrible writing And I ve also tried to read contemporary Christian books for awhile too, and hating the bad writing and getting slapped in the face with the love of Jesus Last but not least, I ve been trying to read interacial romances, and besides carrying over the bad writing from the romance genre, I ve been getting slapped in the face with all levels of black vs white racism.
So how the heck did I end up loving this Christian interacial romance Goes to show, anything goes when it s done well I thought I had racism fatigue, but this book made me simply not care, even when it was dialed up to dent my head in with a mallet Harsh.
This book is so full of Bible verses, hymn songs, and people talking nonstop about love of God, l All I can say is WOW Amazing I had no idea that this was a Christian novel What a wonderfully written and beautiful love story There are actually two concurring story lines, the first is the obvious interacial couple However, most importantly, the second underlying story line has to do with finding one s niche with Christ and what it means to be a Christian Although one can grow up in the church, how does one actually set out and establish their own personal relationship with God How does one handle learning that God really does love sinners like us I would recommend this novel to anyone who has had this doubt or question this within themselves I believe at some point in all our lives, we all questioned this as we Zora and Nicky two people with similar backgrounds but racially different Zora is a young educated woman that has her life planned out for her, if it is not marrying the man that her Father has chosen, it is becoming the first lady of the church Now it is apparent that she hates to be seen in the church with her many secret sins, yet she feels justified knowing that others feel the same she does Miles, her ever patient boyfriend thinks that she needs to be focused about her relationship with God, than her artistic talent However, she thinks that he is only the spokesperson of her legalistic Father who wants her to be pure before God and the church Little does she know, she is going to have a bigger burden to bear when she meets Nicky.
Nicky is a Caucasian man who has a lot of skeletons of his past that he does not want to be re The novel revolves around the relationship between Nicky, a young white college graduate surviving on minimal means, and Zora, a self described Black American Princess who drives a Lexus and enjoys her designer labels They meet at a bible study, and though the relationship gets off to a rocky start, their love grows despite incredible opposition from friends and families Burney unflinchingly takes on the issues of race and religion, challenging the reader to examine one s own subtle prejudices An intriguing read.
Two Hearts, One God Should Anything Else Matter Zora Nella Hampton Johnson Knows Exactly Where She Comes From And Her Daddy Won T Let Her Forget Of Course For That Privilege He Keeps Her In Prada And Kate Spade, Coach And YSL He Chooses Her Boyfriend, Her Car, Her Address, And Ignores Her Love Of Painting, Art, And The Old Ways Of Her Grandaddy S Soulful AME Church Where The Hymns Pleaded, Cajoled, And Raised The Roof Her Daddy May Be A Preacher, But Some Where Among The Thousands Of Church Members, The On Site Coffee House, And The JumboTron, Zora Lost God And She Wants Him BackNicky Parker, A Recent Graduate Of Berkeley And Reformed Playboy, Also Suffers The Trials Of Being A Preacher S Kid, And He Can T Remember The Last Time He Saw Eye To Eye With His White, Racist, Southern Baptist Father What He Does Remember And It Will Be Forever Burned In His Brain Despite Myriad Prayers To Jesus Is The Way Zora Looked The First Time He Saw Her Like Nefertiti Only Better When They Meet At A Bible Study Far From Their Respective Home Churches, The First Churlish, Sarcastic Sparks That Fly Sizzle With Defensiveness But God Has A Special Way Of Feeding The Flames And Though Of Different Flocks, These Two Lost Sheep Will Find Him And Much, MuchClick Here To Listen To An Interview With Claudia Mair Burney This might be the edgiest Christian fiction I ve read Loved it Hands down my favorite book IN THE ENTIRE WORLD Words cannot describe the intoxicating blend of race, sex, faith, and honesty in such a raw and beautifully developed format read THIS BOOK I read it in one sitting and it changed my life profoundly I read snippets of it everyday and I ve had this book for 5 years it never bores me.

Claudia Mair Burney

☆ Read ↠´ Zora and Nicky: A Novel in Black and White by Claudia Mair Burney æ pamyatnik.pro Claudia Mair Burney is the author of the novel Zora and Nicky A Novel in Black and White, as well as the Amanda Bell Brown Mysteries and the Exorsista series for teens Her work has appeared in Discipleship Journal magazine, The One Year Life Verse Devotional Bible, and Justice in the Burbs She lives in Michigan with her husband, five of their seven children, and a quirky dwarf rabbit.