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[Donna Leon] ✓ By Its Cover [holocaust PDF] Ebook Epub Download ô Donna Leon S Critically Acclaimed, Internationally Bestselling Commissario Guido Brunetti Series Has Attracted Readers The World Over With The Beauty Of Its Setting, The Humanity Of Its Characters, And Its Fearlessness In Exploring Politics, Morality, And Contemporary Italian Culture In The Pages Of Leon S Novels, The Beloved Conversations Of The Brunetti Family Have Drawn On Topics Of Art And Literature, But books Are At The Heart Of This Novel In A Way They Never Have Been BeforeOne Afternoon, Commissario Guido Brunetti Gets A Frantic Call From The Director Of A Prestigious Venetian Library Someone Has Stolen Pages Out Of Several Rare books After A Round Of Questioning, The Case Seems Clear The Culprit Must Be The Man Who Requested The Volumes, An American Professor From A Kansas University The Only Problem The Man Fled The Library Earlier That Day, And After Checking His Credentials, The American Professor Doesn T ExistAs The Investigation Proceeds, The Suspects Multiply And When A Seemingly Harmless Theologian, Who Had Spent Three Years At The Library Reading The Fathers Of The Church, Turns Up Brutally Murdered, Brunetti Must Question His Expectations About What Makes A Man Innocent, Or Guilty Vivo en una ciudd peque a arrasada peri dicamente por los turistas Sustituyo el agua de la laguna por el verde la hierba y ya puedo hacerme una idea de lo que es vivir en Venecia, aunque lejos del esplendor pasado de San Marcos A Brunetti puedo imagin rmelo como el vecino con el que coincido en el bar tomando un caf a media ma ana, comentando el peri dico local con triste iron a Por eso me gusta la serie de Donna Leon, porque sus personajes son reales tienen un comportamiento natural y complejo, contradictorios y coherentes al mismo tiempo Y al relatar los casos de Brunetti expone con la mirada sorprendida del extranjero los comportamientos cotidianos que ya no nos sorprenden a los nativos porque forma parte d I like these books, but I m beginning to tire of Leon s increasing tendency to phone them in This one concerns the theft and or destruction of ancient, priceless books and manuscripts, a subject that should be close to my heart Brunetti s apparent ignorance of the subject and his skillful questioning of those involved so he can make himself smart is handled well and gives the reader at least a smattering of knowledge But there s nothing deep to this one Leon presumes we all know all the background of the cast, gives us very little motivation for anything or anybody, offers some flip remarks about the in depth, inbred crime rampant in modern day Venice, offers enchanting descriptions of Venetian scenery, throws in a few mentions of food the hallmark of previous volumes , and comes to such an absolutely

In this 23rd book in the Commissario Guido Brunetti series, the Italian policeman investigates the destruction of valuable old manuscripts and the murder of a former priest The mystery can be read as a standalone The Biblioteca Merula in Venice has experienced a terrible desecration a number of valuable old books have been stolen and others have had pages cut out When Commissario Guido Brunetti investigates, Dottoressa Fabbiani the chief librarian tells him an American scholar, Dr Joseph Nickerson, had been reading the cut up books Brunetti also learns that another ardent reader, former priest Aldo Franchini, has been coming to the library for years to read Fathers of the Church Before long Brunetti discovers that Nickerson s credentials were falsified and that Franchini has been murdered He also learns that b Perhaps I m simply tiring of Donna Leon s formula, but I found this book to plod along in a too predictable fashion It has all the expected things of a Commissario Brunetti mystery, including descriptions that make one see Venice through Brunetti s eyes His interactions with his family and the too clever Signorina Elettra, along with his love of Venetian food and Italian history are just rehashes of things that have happened in every other book in the series In short, there was simply nothing new to spark my interest or make me look forward to the next in the series.

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[Donna Leon] ✓ By Its Cover [holocaust PDF] Ebook Epub Download ô pamyatnik.pro Commissario Brunetti