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â Sunstroke ¿ Download by ✓ Jesse Kellerman This Debut Novel Features Gloria Mendez, A Secretary Who Discovers That Her Now Deceased Boss Was A Very Different Man Than She Had Thought Before She Had Been Madly In Love With Him Though He Was Twenty Years Older Than She, And Her Friends Probably Thought She Should Seek Someone Younger When He Disappears While On A Mexican Vacation, She Follows His Trail Way Into The Desert There She Discovers A Daunting Past Of Death And Betrayal, What Is Left From A Hidden Chaotic Past Leuk boek.
It started off well enough The backstory we were fed to develop Gloria s backstory was believable Unfortunately, I found myself agreeing with the majority of the characters in the book in that I didn t care what really happened to Carl I can suspend belief enough in the various explanations of what really happened, but to develop Gloria s character as the author did and then abandon ship is an unforgivable offence in my eyes I m also as stunned to learn the author has a wife, as how he wrote his protagonist would suggest he thinks of women as mythical creatures that have no consistencies in their retelling Overall, this was a disappointing book, with few really well developed minor characters.
This is Jesse Kellerman s first published novel I ve read his others but missed this one until now He s a great talent he writes well, his characters are complex, and the plots well, hoo boy, you never know what s coming Very unexpected First you think, oh yeah, this thing is going to happen, and then, no, we re doing a hairpin turn here, folks He s also not afraid of twisty people Sunstroke not so much, but first one out of the gate, I guess he was just warming up In this book I particularly enjoyed that the main character was female, and not a silly one either I think Mr Kellerman got her just right The story takes its time getting moving some initial dragged out pacing but stick with it.
When an earthquake hits Los Angeles, Gloria Mendez checks there s no damage to her apartment then heads off to drop in on her friend Barb before going to the office to see what damage has been done to her boss s collection of china figurines It sounds like an unlikely scenario, but Gloria isthan a little obsessed with her boss Carl Perreira Carl s out of town on a trip to Mexico, and Gloria wants to make sure that everything s fine at the office where she helps Carl to run his joke shop supplies empire.
The china figures are bashed, battered and broken, but the biggest worry is waiting for her on the answering machine a series of garbled messages from Carl that indicate there s been an accident Despite the final message telling her that everything s fine and he ll call her, it s clear that something s Very different style from his father plotsintiguing and characterscomplex When Gloria Mendez gets the call from her boss, she is concerned As far as she knew, Carl had gone for a vacation, giving her time off as well as his secretary But his message says that he is in trouble and even worse, she didn t get the message immediately so she has no idea where he is or what has happened to him.
Gloria is thirty six, a divorcee with a policeman ex husband She has worked for Carl for several years and always felt that a romance would eventually happen with them There has never been any overt action by Carl that would make one believe that but self delusion is common and Gloria couldn t believe that her crush wouldn t one day lead to a relationship between them.
Now she feels that she needs to go Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys In this book it s hard to tell A mystery within a mystery, Gloria s boss has a secret past of which she is unaware until she learns of his death She journeys to Mexico to find answers, but finds insteadquestions and intrigue How well do we really know anyone What started out as quite a good idea didn t turn into a good book I felt it was just me but the book dragged in the middle and to be honest I didn t care if the guy who might or might not have been murdered, was alive or dead I had to force myself to keep on reading, the author must believe that detailed descriptions adds to the athmosphere of his book whereas I just wanted to charachters to grow They seemed one dimensional.
The ending was a mess, there had been so many misdirections and twists that went no where it was a job unravelling them all The story concluded and we discovered most of what happened with a few loose ends left hanging for the reader to think about Normally I would like that style, it makes it seemreal and interesting if you have some input into 2.
5 stars Not bad for a debut novel, and OK as a mystery, but I wouldn t call it a thriller Slow paced to start with, it didn t get really interesting untilthan a third of the way in, when I was about to call it quits Even towards the end there s only about 20 pages where the tension really ratchets up, and that has a 10 page flashback in the middle So overall, meh.

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â Sunstroke ¿ Download by ✓ Jesse Kellerman Jesse Kellerman was born in Los Angeles in 1978 His award winning plays have been produced throughout the United States and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Most recently, he received the Princess Grace Award, given to America s most promising young playwright He lives with his wife in New York City.