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Download Epub Format Á The Catch (Vanessa Michael Munroe, #4) PDF by µ Taylor Stevens Love the puzzle pieces Taylor Stevens hero, Vanessa Michael Munroe, is at it again Munroe is a woman who typically dresses and behaves like a man to travel and work in a world that doesn t treat women well Munroe is a troubled person She grew up in Africa in an abusive and violent environment where she learned survival skills the hard way Her childhood shaped her and has never left her Instead, she uses the knowledge and skills she learned growing up to exact information from terrorists, kidnappers, and the like In THE CATCH, Munroe has traveled back to Africa to keep herself away from the man she loves because she brings violence and heartache to those she loves the most She is soon forced to join the crew of a security team aboard a ship trave Vanessa Michael Munroe, The Informationist, Chameleon, And Hunter Who Has Built Her Life On A Reputation For Getting Things Done Often Dangerous And Not Quite Legal Things Returns In This New Novel From TheNew York Times Bestselling Series By Taylor Stevens In The Wake Of Going Head To Head With International Sex Traffickers In The Doll, Munroe Has Retreated To Djibouti, Where, While Passing As A Man, She Finds Work As An Interpreter For A Small, Private, Maritime Security Company Pressed Into Duty At Sea By Her Boss, Leo, Munroe Discovers She Is Part Of A Gunrunning Operation And She Wants No Part In Protecting The Crew Or Cargo When The Ship Is Attacked By Pirates Off The Somali Coast, Munroe Escapes And Takes The Unconscious Captain With Her To Get Answers Leo S Wife, Amber Marie, The Only Person Munroe Has Cared About Since She Arrived In Africa, Is Desperate When Leo Goes Missing Along With The Rest Of The Hijacked Crew, So Munroe Agrees To Try To Find Him For Amber Marie S Sake She Soon Realizes It S Not The Cargo Or The Ship Or The Crew That The Hijackers Were After They Want The Captain On The Run, Wounded, Without Connections Or Resources, And With The Life Of The Captain As Bait And Bartering Chip, Munroe Believes That The Only Way To Save Leo, Assuming He S Still Alive, Is To Hijack The Ship Back This novel continues Taylor Stevens reign as the best author of female action protagonists today She is clear eyed and knowledgeable in her depiction of Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, etc There s no gauze on her heroine s eyes she masquerades as male to have the freedom and control she needs for situations in which a female would be ignored at best or raped tortured killed at worst.
Stevens is especially thought provoking and different in showing her heroine s just below the surface bloodlust Bloodlust is defined here as the desire to kill, not re vampires It would be easy to shy away from using this characteristic, but time and again except when she doesn t Vanessa Michael Munroe tamps down the fire that makes her a killer.
Like Stevens other books, The Catch is fearless, original, and a terrific read.
5 Stars.
This is the 4th novel in the Vanessa Michael Munroe series I have enjoyed all of them for several reasons I like the author s writing style And I like the way she writes dialog This book was a little short on the dialog, but it was so well written I also love the main character I don t understand her, but I love her anyway and her instinct for survival Sometimes in a series, the characters stop progressing and the writing starts to feel formulaic, but that hasn t happened, at least not yet anyway, in this series Having the characters evolving in each book is always appreciated.
For the most part, things moved right along but there were some slow spots But I didn t dare skim to move ahead, because I didn t want to miss anything I found the whole Somalian pirate angle kind of fascinating It was new to me, but it kind of felt a little tedious when talki The Catch by Taylor Stevens is the fourth book to feature the unusual character of Vanessa Michael Munroe Regrouping after the events of The Doll, Munroe has been biding her time in Djibouti, Africa, working as an interpreter for a small private security company as Michael When Munroe s boss accepts a job on a freighter bound for Kenya, Leo, jealous of Michael s closeness with his wife Amber and oblivious to Michael s real gender and talents, insists she accompanies the team Part way through the voyage, the ship is attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia but Munroe escapes with the injured freighter captain in tow It quickly becomes obvious that the pirate s target was not the cargo, which included a secret cache of weapons, but the captain, and to save the crew Munroe must negotiate the shadowy world My ThoughtsIn this, book four of the series, Vanessa Michael Munroe works to save the lives of her fellow mates after their ship has been hijacked Vanessa is able to escape with the ship s captain It seems the pirates are interested in the captain than the ship and it s contents Vanessa plans to use the captain as a bargaining chip Will her plan work Vanessa has her own demons to struggle with She uses her street smarts to maneuver thru the murky underworld of pirating The references to Vanessa s past only made me want to go back and read the first three books in the series I m jumping into this series at book four, but this in no way hindered my enjoyment of this smartly written novel The authors writing is sharp and descriptive I liked that this female lead character can take care of herself There was a good level of suspense as Vanessa tries to put all the pieces of the puzzle togeth

Getting to read a book before it gets released, Thank you Taylor, I had higher expectations for this book for some reason After the first hundred or so pages I was apprehensive because it was a little slow and I wasn t sure where it was going I should have never doubted Taylor because she came through with another good book to read I won t throw spoilers in, but I will say this book has a slightly different feel to it and I can t wait to see where she goes with the next one.
I ve read all 4 books in this series and have been a HUGE fan I absolutely LOVE the main character Michael She s my all time favorite female character She can kick some major booty and I love everything about her Unfortunately this book wasn t as interesting to me as the previous 3 The other 3 books had me glued to the pages and I was actually interested in the storyline The whole pirate thing was interesting to me for a tiny bit but didn t hold for long The whole at sea setting got dull to me quickly and even the land setting didn t do much for me either There were many words that I felt needed translated or explained better as well I was left guessing what a lot of stuff meant The only person I cared about in this book was Michael herself Pretty much everyone else was unlikable and suspicious I did 3.
5 I was a relative late comer to this series, kept reading rave reviews everywhere but nonetheless I was skeptical So often over hyped books do not deserve the hype, at least this is what I sometimes found after reading the books In this case, I was wrong, I love the character of Michael, after all there are not many books where it is a woman kicking but, even though she is often disguised as a man The storylines are always interesting, fast paced ,and the supporting cast, Michaels go to people, at least the few there are have also proved interesting This story is a little different in that Michael is alone, trying to run away from the horror of her last case, and trying to cast off the feeling that she brings destruction to everyone she loves She finds herself on a ship, hijacked by Somalian pirates, or so it appe

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