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Ç Karolina Ferreira Î Download by Ì Ingrid Winterbach I don t know how a literary style can be the very definition of torpid but still somehow brilliant, but this is it Probably because it is infused with an underlying sensuality The combination is a perfect fit to the setting and plot.
The Elusive Moth, written in Afrikaans by Ingrid Winterbach, is a small, dusty story about an entomologist, Karolina, whom goes out during the day to do research and by night drinking, dancing, playing snooker, and inadvertently watching the politics of the town She does this withobservation than action so most of this novel seems a little distant from the action I enjoyed it, but I was not blown away by the characters or the writing I feel like it is a good solid book, but not my favorite.
In Hopes Of Winning Her Father S Approval, Karolina Ferreira, An Entomologist, Goes To A Small Free State Town To Research The Survival Strategies Of A Rare Moth Species Tormented By Memories Of Her Family And Plagued By Erotic Dreams, Karolina Spends Her Nights Playing Snooker, Drinking Whisky, And Dancing Herself Into A State Of Euphoria With The Mysterious Kolyn As Political, Spiritual, And Sexual Tensions In The Small Town Rise, A Murder Will Take Place, Lovers Will Meet In The Cemetery, And Friendships Will Fall Apart, All Building To An Eruption Of Violence originally Published In Afrikaans In , The Elusive Moth Won Ingrid Winterbach The Prestigious M Net Book Prize And The Old Mutual Literary Prize Finally Available To English Readers, This Novel Reinforces Winterbach S Reputation As One Of South Africa S Greatest Contemporary Writers This novel was elusive in and of itself Set in South Africa, in transition post apartheid, an entomologist and a homeopath meet up to gather different knowledge, the survival strategy of an elusive moth species and homeopathic remedy ingredients Meanwhile, the plot is like a fever dream of violence, sensuality, mysticism, art science Man v Nature Dream v Reality Love v Hate Is my opinion of the book eluding you Well, welcome to the club I think I thought it a profound story overflowing with symbolism metaphor In a couple of months, when I have mulled this book over and over, I will get back to you.
This book did not stand out against other South African literature I ve read Additionally, I spent a lot of my time reading the book wondering where things were going to go There was a lot of repetitive action and not a lot of plot development This was translated from Afrikaans and it might be my first book in that category so I stuck with it.
Winterbach s narrative is like a series of images which encapsulate the essence of Henri Cartier Bresson s decisive moment Each scene is depicted with tension, balance and spontaneity, capturing a moment in time The essence of this moment is revealed, yet its full meaning remains elusive.
I was not surprised to learn that the author is a visual artist Her work is hyper visual and full of symbolism Her descriptions of art are captivating, especially as they mirror the surrounding events There is so much to this novel, I will be dissecting it for weeks to come Well done DISCLAIMER I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it So take my review with a grain of salt, or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it quite well Also, I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book, since it would benefit Open Letter directly.
While this isn t my normal type of read the book wasn t horrible by any means Just not my cup of tea In most parts it held my attention while in others it was kind of slow I won this in a GoodReads First Reads giveaway.

I am doing some updating for allllll the books I was too lazy busy to review in 2014 In case that matters to anyone.
This was a spare and soft book about an entomologist in Africa I grabbed it because I love Three Percent, but I can admit that my knowledge of Africa is limited to put it kindly Under the seemingly placid surface of the plot single lady studying bugs in the Veldt, living at a hotel, meeting people and having sex with some of them , there was a lot of taut racial and political drama nodded at, but I felt like I never quite understood who was who and why they hated each other and which double cross or takedown I should have seen coming Truthfully, three months on, I remember the book only in snippets new friends having a picnic in the wild the oppressive heat a slow sed For my review please see

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Ç Karolina Ferreira Î Download by Ì Ingrid Winterbach Lettie Viljoen.Ingrid Winterbach is a South African author who primarily writes in Afrikaans She is married to Andries Gouws and has two daughters She lives in Durban.She was born in Johannesburg in 1948 She studied Afrikaans, Dutch and Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand Lettie Viljoen s first novel was entitled Klaaglied vir Koos Lament for Koos , and was published in 1984 As Lettie Viljoen she published Erf 1986, Belemmering 1990, Karolina Ferreira 1993 translated into English by the author herself The Elusive Moth 2005 , and Landskap met vroue en slang 1996 As Ingrid Winterbach she published Buller se Plan 1999, and Niggie 2002.