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☆ Read ☆ Real Virtue by Katy Lee Ä I loved this debut novel by Katy Lee As someone who s spent many hours playing The Sims, I could relate to getting lost in a virtual world over the real one I also enjoyed the sizzle between the heroine Mel and Jeremy If you re a fan of romantic suspense don t miss this book I am not a big fan of love stories but add some suspense and real life issues and I m in This is the first book I have read by this author and must say I was truly impressed This was an easy read but very indepth The author covered so many different subjects and brought them all together beautifully I loved Jeremy s intimate relationship with Christ and how he would not compromise that for anyone even someone he loved Mel s journey was an enjoyable read She had so many issues in her life to overcome but they were real life issues that we face every day Some of them we don t even see in ourselves I could go on and on about the content in this book but that would be too involved A great read and one I highly recommend.
Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN ISBN In A Virtual Reality Game Where She Can Fly, Someone S Aiming To Take Her DownMel Mesini Is A New York City Restaurateur And An Avid, Virtual Reality World Traveler But Her Successful Life Both Online And In Reality Takes A Swerve The Night Her Father Is Seriously Injured In A Hit And Run To Make Matters Worse, Officer Jeremy Stiles, The Man Who Had Once Cut Her Deep With His Harsh, Rejecting Words, Is Heading The Investigation When Jeremy Realizes Mel Is The Actual Target, His Plan Is To Protect Her Whether She Wants Him To Or Not What He Wants Is Answers, Especially About This Online Game She Plays Is It A Harmless Pastime As She Says Or Is She Using It To Cover Something Up As A Faceless Predator Destroys The Things That Matter To Her, Jeremy Knows He S Running Out Of Time Before She Loses The One Thing That Matters Most Her Real Life I really liked this book It took me a while to finish it because I don t have a lot of time to read paper books most of my books are ebooks, so I can read i.
e listen to them being read by my phone in the car, read them while I m waiting for something, etc I got about 2 3 the way through, then the last third or so, I couldn t put the book down, and kept reading till about 3 am It had a surprise ending not 6th sense type surprise, but a bit of a twist that I didn t figure out myself ok, I didn t figure out 6th sense either I like the Christian side of this, and it s nice to be able to read a good clean wholesome book.
I have known Katy for a while I used to work with her husband, and all of us go to the same church I ve never read a book that I know the author, so this was a double treat.
Generally speaking, I m not a big fan of the romance genre However, I decided to check out at least the free sample since Katy Lee is someone I know and respect in real life I didn t expect it, but this debut novel hooked me with its suspense And it clipped along at a perfectly meted pace Still, I whipped through it just to see what happened next By the time I reached the end too soon, and with regret , I found I really cared about the charactersand I even enjoyed the romance Go figure Shhhh I ll actually probably read it again while I await Katy Lee s second book I hope there s from her I was drawn into this story from the opening page and I loved the unusual story premise Mel creates an avatar in her virtual world that crosses over into her real life in a very scary way.
I liked how Mel s relationship with her mentally ill mother evolved during the story We gain an insight into the very real difficulties facing people who struggle with mental illness and how their illness impacts their loved ones.
I enjoyed the developing romance between childhood friends Mel and Jeremy as the stakes are raised and Mel s life is in danger The twists and turns in this story will keep you guessing until the end I recommend Real Virtue to those looking for an exciting romantic suspense story that deals with the issue of mental illness in a realistic manner.
Real Virtue is a wonderful read Katy Lee instantly draws you in by creating a likeable heroine who is caught up in a virtual world that borders on obsession Since I love stories about heroines returning to their hometowns, I was intrigued by Mel s stormy past and her fractured relationship with her mother The author skillfully painted a portrait of a daughter who has had to deal with her mother s mental illness The danger elements are exciting, as is the mystery that heightens throughout the novel The romance between Mel and Jeremy is beautiful, and I greatly enjoyed Mel s spiritual and emotional journey.

This was a really good book I loved the mystery behind everything but also the correlation between the virtual world and the real world The characters were so well written you remember them even after you ve finished the book.
Real Virtue is an engrossing story of a Mel, young woman who flees her past to recreate herself in a whole new image The world she has made for herself and thinks she controls begins to unravel when her father is injured in a hit and run accident and Mel returns to the home she left many years before Mel is forced to confront reality and fantasy on many levels her own involvement with a video game, the mystery surrounding the attempts on her life, her mother s schizophrenia, and the qualities of the man who once rejected her and is now trying to save her This thriller kept me guessing until the end and was satisfying on many levels The progression of Mel s understanding of the relationship she once fled from, contrasted with the world she created for hersel Katy Lee succeeds wonderfully in covering several deep topics in one amazing novel.
The spiritual awakening of the protagonist, Mel, is masterfully intertwined with her gaming addiction, physical danger, romantic interest, and emotional upheaval The plot thickens as Mel receives news that her father has been seriously injured in a hit and run incident, leaving her schizophrenic mother vulnerably alone Mel has to face her past love as well as the life she ran away from, and comes to terms with the fact that her virtual life has shifted her real life out of focus significantly.
Real Virtue is such a relevant read, reinforcing the need for balance and boundaries in the world of gaming The pull of family, friendship and faith takes center stage, and the whole story is wrapped up in a tender romance a fascinating, thoroughly enjoyable read I can whole heartedly recommend.

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