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Trailer ½ The Bostonians PDF by ☆ Henry James This Brilliant Satire Of The Women S Rights Movement In America Is The Story Of The Ravishing Inspirational Speaker Verena Tarrant And The Bitter Struggle Between Two Distant Cousins Who Seek To Control Her Will The Privileged Boston Feminist Olive Chancellor Succeed In Turning Her Beloved Ward Into A Celebrated Activist And Lifetime Companion Or Will Basil Ransom, A Conservative Southern Lawyer, Steal Verena S Heart And Remove Her From The Limelight The Bostonians Has A Vigor And Blithe Wit Found Nowhere Else In James, Writes A S Byatt In Her Introduction It Is About Idealism In A Democracy That Is Still Recovering From A Civil War Bitterly Fought For Social Ideals Written With A Ferocious, Precise, Detailed And Wildly Comic Realism Henry James The Bostonians takes place in Boston a decade after the Civil War Basil Ransom and Mississippian and a former Confederate officer who now works in New York City as a lawyer plays a central role in the triangle of characters The story begins as he visits his cousin Olive Chancellor in Boston Olive is involved in the women s rights movement and a member of Boston Society During his visit, he attends a meeting with his cousin and falls in love with the voice of the speaker, Verena Tarrant Olive sees Verena as the future of the women s movement Basil, disagrees with Verena s politics but is drawn to her Olive and Basil compete for Verena throughout the novel The triangle that forms is not strictly platonic.
The Bostonians and Henry James not only provides a bridge from realism to modernism it also opened the door for other works like The Well of Loneliness It is al ,, , , , ,, , , ,, ,Gutenberg Orbis Literae.
Newsflash Henry James is funny Seriously, he likes to laugh And he s good at it Who knew The opening of this book reads like a farce, a comedy of manners, a vicious taking apart of characters worthy of Oscar Wilde It does diminish and get ratherserious over the course of the novel, but it never entirely goes away Henry s vicious In a good way I mean, you may feel a little bad as he chooses to rip into the feminist movement as a target, but at least his chosen characters fully deserve it I will warn you that you will be thinking of creative ways for Olive Chancellor to die after the first fifty pages or so Or wishing that James sent her to a lesbian whorehouse to work out her issues Man And to be fair, it isn t just the feminists he attacks He attacks everyone But not only attack He does m 6 10I ve never been so glad to put down an HJ Even though this rates higher than The Bostonians 1885 86 fallsor less in the middle of Henry James s career as a novelist, ten years after his breezy debut, Roderick Hudson and sixteen years before The Wings of a Dove.
Its nearest chronology mate is The Princess Casamassima, with which it shares its unusual for James political theme The Princess Casamassima is set in revolutionary socialist circles in London The Bostonians, in radical feminist circles in Boston and New York Both of these political novels are striking for their lack of knowledge and interest in the actual ideas the political groups represented might hold The socialists of The Princess Casamassima discuss political theory less, and in less detail, than any group of radicals known within the history of man, while the feminists of The Bostonians seem to limit their analysis to long evenings of weepily considering how very, very horrid men have been to I listened to this on audible while driving to from work it took awhile, but the book allows itself to be read in chunks The story is certainly a bit too long typically Jamesian, I guess , often melodramatic but, in the end, quite good Magnficent characters Verena, Olive, BasilThe audible was narrated by a woman named Xe Sands pronounced ex y Sands she specializes in reading audible erotic romances so I guess Xe is not chinese probably her real name is Mildred or something That said, the reading was brilliant a pity she doesn t doserious reading.
There is a great joke in the Wiki entry Another theme in the book, much discussed recently, is Olive s possible lesbian attraction to Verena The term Boston marriage, apparently first used here by James, came to connote just such an ambiguous co habiting long term relationship between two women James is not ex I found The Bostonians repulsive on so many levels Where to even beginJames is creating a world where it seems he wants you to find certain things repulsive, and you do, as a 21st century reader, although not necessarily quite as he hopes The novel opens with Basil Ransom, a gallant Mississippian, paying a visit to his Boston cousin, the austere but still young spinster Olive Chancellor Olive has invited Basil north in the hopes that he will become interested in her widowed sister, Mrs Luna, and that they will marry Instead, Basil attends an evening salon featuring an impassioned oral recitation by Verena Tarrant, the young, beautiful daughter of a cheesy mesmerist, Selah Tarrant This is one of those 19th century scenes where the father must place his hands on the daughter s head in order to stimulate her gift for speechifying Basil finds th Ransom s the name Basil Ransom Status, bachelor Occupation general brokerage, whatever the hell that means Occupation at the moment just having fun Let me tell you about my evening It was last evening The one before this one What a politico literary gathering that was The drinks were loaded and so were the dolls I narrowed my eyes and poured a stiff Manhattan and then I sawVerena Tarrant What a dame, a big, bountiful babe in the region of 38 23 36 One hell of a region.
She was talking up some of that feminism thing like they do these days, and she was giving out that sexy librarian vibe She was so hot I had to stand back for fear of being burned My cousin Olive Chancellor introduced us I ve heard of you she said They say you re wanted , Henry James , , , , , , ,,, , , , , ,,, , , , , , .

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Trailer ½ The Bostonians PDF by ☆ Henry James Henry James, OM, son of theologian Henry James Sr., brother of the philosopher and psychologist William James and diarist Alice James, was an American born author, one of the founders and leaders of a school of realism in fiction He spent much of his life in England and became a British subject shortly before his death He is primarily known for a series of major novels in which he portrayed the