à The Cassie Series- Box Set (Cassie #1-3) ✓ Download by Æ Ashley Beale

à The Cassie Series- Box Set (Cassie #1-3) ✓ Download by Æ Ashley Beale Love these books I love reading these books well written very good at keeping you wanting to read even when your passing out at 3am Will re read them soon.
GREAT read

I love Ashley s writing She is amazingly talented If you haven t read these they are a must I loved the storyline When getting to the last book of the series I kinda hoped it would happen as it did for the 3 of them Now I can t wait to read the others that follow after Cassie aka Angel I think I would like these books better if there weren t as many grammatical errors Seeing so many makes me want to yell at the author and editor.
This Is The Complete Box Set Of The Cassie Series Burning Attraction Cassie McKnight Is Starting College With Her Best Friend, And Roommate, Aubrey Life Is Supposed To Be About A Few Good Parties, Fun With Friends, And Working Hard In School The Last Thing Cassie Wants Is To Fall In Love, At Least Right Off, But In The First Few Weeks Everything Changes Cassie Finds A Perfect Romance With Carson Woods, A Fraternity Brother Who Treats Her The Way She Always Dreamed Of Although Everything Is Perfect Between The Two, Cassie Can T Control The Love She Has For Avery Manning, Her Childhood Crush, Who After Six Years Kept His Promise Of Coming Back To Be With Her While Sorting Through The Mess Of Carson And Avery, Cassie Uses Pierce Danielson, Avery S Sexy Rival In The Underground Fights, To Be Her Escape From Reality The Worse Part Of Using Him, Is Accidentally Having Feelings For Him With The Help Of Aubrey, Cassie Has To Make A Tough Decision On Who And What She Wants, Without Losing Any Of The Men Who Have Consumed Her Heart Burning Attraction Is A Story Of Love, Lust, And Loss Fearless Attraction Cassie McKnight S First Year Of College Was Crazier Than She Ever Expected, And She Fell In Love When That Was The Last Thing On Her Mind Except, She Didn T Just Fall In Love Once, And Not Only Was Her Heart Shattered, She Shattered The Hearts Of Others As Well In This Sequel To Burning Attraction, Cassie Is Determined To Change Things In Her Second Year Of School After A Few Bumps In The Road, She Ends Up Exactly Where She Wants To Be, Finally Feeling Where She Belongs That Is, Until The Day She Gives Into Temptation Now It S Cassie S Turn To Get Into The Ring And Fight For Who And What She Wants The Worse Thing About That She Doesn T Even Know What She Is Fighting For Any Lasting Attraction Temptation, Mistakes, Love, And Heartbreak These Things Have Consumed Cassie McKnight S Life Since Starting College Almost Two Years Ago While Avery Manning And Pierce Danielson Have Consumed Her Heart Cassie Finally Comes To Terms With Who And What She Wants, But Sometimes When We Make Decisions, Life Decides Something Else For Us This Time, She Is Bound And Determined To Fight For What She Wants For What She Deserves For The One She Truly And Hopelessly Loves It Can Only Be That Simple, When The One She Loves, Loves Her Enough To Keep Fighting As Well Sometimes In Finding Your Happily Ever After, You Have To Find Yourself First This Is A Lesson All Three Learn In Lasting Attraction, The Third And Final Installment To The Cassie Series All Novels In The Cassie Series Are Contemporary Romances, With Intense Sexual Situations And Language, And Is Recommended For Mature Adults In Age

Ashley Beale

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