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Ó The Aspern Papers ß Download by ↠´ Henry James I generally do not like to discuss the plot in a review And I will not in this one either But apart from delighting in James prose and in his superb ability to characterize and develop personalities, reading this novella has made me think about what makes a good story.
For I was captured by the suspense James created out of a relatively simple situation.
What makes a good plot It certainly needs a structure, a kind of frame that gives it independence and self sufficiency That means it demands its own space It also requires to move along time and to make the reader want to press on that sensation of progress, or rather, to want the waiting and the anxious curiosity disappear and time to evaporate And for this, an illusion of necessity has to be created when the story unfolds for I must admit that Nabokov is completely spot on in his criticism of The Aspern Papers, about which he complains in 1941 letter to Edmund Wilson Yesterday I read The Aspern Papers No He writes with a very sharp nib and the ink is very pale and there is very little of it in his inkpot The style is artistic but it is not the style of an artist He has charm as the weak blond prose of Turgenev has , but that s about all.
I had recalled, while reading The Aspern Papers, a negative reference to it in the The Nabokov Wilson Letters, but not until I consulted the letters did I realize how perfectly Nabokov nailed the anemia of the novella s conception and composition Nabokov is especially relevant because the situation of The Aspern Papers is so similar to that of Lolita, and the differences in handling are, to use a word that abounds in James

What did I think It s really hard to think feeling weak in the presence of sheer beauty, having your breath taken away and being hypnotised Two weeks laterNot much has changed since I finished reading I still feel almost as infatuated with this novella as the nameless narrator was obsessed with Jeffrey Aspern s papers I am constantly not capable of Jola thinks rationally mode, so instead of sharing logical musings I will tell you what happened when I was reading this amazing book by Henry James, who was absent from Linda Grant s murdered library She explainsI have never been able to remember the beginning of his sentences by the time I get to the end .
The first thing that struck me was Henry James ornate writing style, which is his hallmark It s the third book by this author that I ve read, so I was already familiar and ready to face the c Recommended by Michael, The Aspern Papers is a remarkable short story novela by James who wrote my favorite ghost story of all time The Turn of the Screw As with the Turn of the Screw, much is left unsaid, the reader has to determine through extremely minute variations of conversation and subtle action what is really going on The main character is morally deficient and we witness his further descent into a quagmire.
Though written eight years before James Figure in the Carpet, The Aspern Papers is asophisticated, richer work Here James has set himself a larger stage in which to develop characters grown out of the intrigue of the tale While reading I felt the stage growing, as though James was keeping up with the narration as it was told The punctiliousness of his style set the perfect distance within which to watch the characters and to live with them Here, the tension was strung with a fine thread waiting to engross a reader s mind.
Mine was engrossed I needed to find out what was going to happen with these people, with the problem about where The Aspern Papers were, would end up We have an idea from the beginning from our narrator where they might reside The poet of the papers is to our journalistthan icon, residing within him as a form of a god But it is not forgotten that beyond the literar I have very mixed feelings about this novella I have never read any of Henry James books before but upon advice it was suggested that I start with one of his novellas So I decided upon this book as there are only eighty pages and it seemed as good a place as ever to start.
I actually don t like Venice as a place and so I m sure I ll be called a philistine I went in the month of December, many years ago, with an aged aunt which did not auger well It was windy, the pigeons in St Mark s square were a real nuisance, and I felt under siege we were ripped off in a restaurant next to the square my fault entirely and, if I recall, we unsuccessfully tried to see a particular painting of Caravaggio I cannot remember which one in a chapel of thei read of henry james, thei think he may be my favorite writer it s weird, because he seems to be exactly all those things i most despise in writers he s long winded, slow moving, mostly humorless, always deeply embedded in real places, real people, real history, the real world really, i don t feel like i should like him at all but then, somehow, underneath all of that, there is always in his writing a deep sense of mystery not just about the events in his stories, but about life itself, what it all is and means, and also maybe most importantly to me about this strange thing called storytelling he does so well i can always feel him at the ends of his stories, sort of backing quietly away from the scene, looking at me as i digest the last lines, and smiling a little bit to himself how did i do he always seems to be saying and then he s gone originally published in 1888, this short novel reads like a contemporary mystery or thriller James prose is beautiful and complex like many of his peers of the day, but does not feel as weighted down In fact, the use of candles and other time indicators aside, one could easily convince me Aspern was recently written by one of today s better writers To be sure, James writes suspense and surprise endings as well as any genre author If you ve read Turn of the Screw, this won t come as a surprise All told, if you are a genre reader who is looking to introduce classic literature into your reading, you could do worse than to start here Also, literature readers looking for a quick beach read that will still make you lookerudite than Sidney Sheldon, Henry James Aspern Papers might fit the bill.
In This ClassicNovella, An Anonymous Narrator Relates His Obsessive Quest To Acquire Some Letters And Other Private Documents That Once Belonged To The Deceased Romantic Poet Jeffrey Aspern Attempting To Gain Access To The Papers, The Property Of Aspern S Former Mistress, He Rents A Room In A Decaying Venetian Villa Where The Woman Lives With Her Aging Niece Led By His Zeal Into Increasingly Unscrupulous Behavior, The Narrator Is Faced In The End With Relinquishing His Heart S Desire Or Attaining It An An Overwhelming PriceInspired By An Actual Incident Involving Claire Clairmont, Once The Mistress Of Lord Byron, This Masterfully Written Tale Incorporates All Those Elements Expected From James Psychological Subtlety, Deft Plotting, The Clash Of Cultures, And Profoundly Nuanced Representation Of Scene, Mood, And Character This Volume Also Contains James S Celebrated Preface From The New York Edition Of His Collected Works Chilling, elegant, and dark.

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Ó The Aspern Papers ß Download by ↠´ Henry James Henry James, OM, son of theologian Henry James Sr., brother of the philosopher and psychologist William James and diarist Alice James, was an American born author, one of the founders and leaders of a school of realism in fiction He spent much of his life in England and became a British subject shortly before his death He is primarily known for a series of major novels in which he portrayed the