↠´ Welfare Brat: A Memoir É Download by à Mary Childers

↠´ Welfare Brat: A Memoir É Download by à Mary Childers The title attracted me Unbelievable story of the chip of a welfare mom herself a child of the state and how she lived with her sailings and broke out of the cycle through education Very insightful and honest.
i dunno how to accurately rate biographies non fiction books, but this was like a 3.
5 based solely on my completion of the book I checked this out randomly from the public library and I was drawn into the story of basically poor white people and the stigma of welfare on children growing up in NY in the 60 s Childers explains what had put her family into the situation she grew up in legacy bad parenting that continued throughout generations , while placing herself as the level headed young go getter, refusing to let anything block her way of going to college and moving up in the world, breaking the cycle for herself at least, if not for her numerous siblings While an interesting story, it s not at all heartbreaking, and it probably isn t supposed to be, I wish there wereabout the social aspects of growing up in the Mary Childers S Intimate And Frank Memoir Tells The Story Of Growing Up In A Family In Which Five Out Of Seven Children Dropped Out Of High School And Four Different Fathers Dropped Out Of Sight With This Lyrical And Often Humorous Examination Of How She Became The First Person In Her Family To Attend College, Childers Illuminates The Causes Of Welfare Dependence, Generational Poverty, And Submission To A Popular Culture That Values Sexuality Than Self Esteem And Self Sufficiency An Eloquent Reminder Of The Human Possibility That Public Assistance Can Protect And Preserve Mary Grasps The Contradictions Of Her Life And Lives It, Triumphantly And Emphatically, Like A Chameleon Ultimately, She Ascends Out Of Urban Poverty Via Scholarship, Hard Work, Imagination, And A Strong Sense Of Self Elle Childers Tale Of Growing Up White, Irish Catholic And On Welfare In The Bronx Rises Above Clich And Melodrama With Humor And Uncommon Grace Atlanta Journal Constitution Whatever Preconceptions We May Have About Welfare Moms And Their Families, Some Will Be Challenged And Some Confirmed By This Feisty Autobiography Boston Globe Mary Childers Is A Consultant Who Mediates Conflict And Provides Discrimination Prevention Training For Higher Education And Corporations She Has A PhD In English Literature And Lives In Hanover, New HampshireClick HERE To Download The Welfare Brat Teacher S Guide Oh my gosh I urge you to stay well away from this book I personally hated it Even though it accurately depicted how life was for welfare families, the book was way too graphic After reading the first chapter, I really wanted to put it down, but I was forced to read this thing for school, and view a presentation by the author who is happily married to a man, by the way I didn t like all of the sexuality and abuse that I had to read about, and the part where Childers sexually molests her baby brother nearly made me throw up I mean, who in their right mind would want to read a graphic description about sexual molestation to a severely neglected toddler Not in my entire life have I been so appalled to read a book.
Ehhh Childress experiences in poverty are worth telling, for sure But there is something blunt and cold about the writing and the persona She seems devoid of empathy for the poor, including her past self That, and she is a full blown bootstrapper and racist and seemingly molested her brother once 2 stars because the experiences are powerful, but I just can t with this person.
Memoirs of a woman who was born into poverty and who managed to survive the alcoholic mother, absentee father, the culture which taunts getting good grades and going to college, condones pregnancy at an early age, babies with different fathers, and so on No support from mother and most of the 6 siblings An illuminating book for me about the culture of poverty and chaos.
She made me giggle I like her writing style She s honest How can that not be appreciated That s all I ask of an author whether non fiction or fiction just be good literature and honest about the events or honest about your feelings If you deserve a book in your name it s because that came through Thank you Mary

Really enjoyed this book, the writing is spectacular I haven t been able to find any other books by the author Really poignant family story.
This book served its purpose for me to understand a little better why people are on welfare stay on it This book reminds me of Glass Castle some ideas I learned from the Mindset book came into play The poor are in a mindset that if there is a chance of failure, why even try It is unfortunate that the culture looks down upon trying to improve onesself, thinking that person thinks they re better than them Women seem drawn to loser guys It is disturbing the violence that occurs with the survival of the fittest mentality how women are constantly targets The projects would be a horrible place to raise children And to think I worry about my kids falling down getting skinned knees Women keep having babies because they have desires and enjoy the closeness of men, then they don t want the children blame the kids for ruining their lives sucked

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