î The Oracle's Golem å Download by ☆ Mell Eight

î The Oracle's Golem å Download by ☆ Mell Eight 3.
5 stars round up.
I liked the story but, as one reviewer posted, the blurb was giving out wrong impression of what or rather who was Golem I have minor issue with Golem view spoiler I find him rather selfish He was determine to be the injured party that he abandon his child He wasn t there for his child when he could have He was the strongest one of his caste and yet he seems to be weak mentally I suppose it was a given, considering how the damage began when the guy was just 20 y o Still, he was thinking about himself He had like five years to come to terms with it and yet he choose a self exile hide spoiler This wasn t a bad story at all It was just vastly different from the others I would definitely classify this one as paranormal romance while the previous two stories I would classify as fantasy This story focuses on the relationship of the two men and not on some greater overall plot, which it could easily have done if not designed to be a short story I did love the relationship between these two, how they both had their own trials and tribulations to deal with and how the power helping aspect alternated between the two of them This is definitely a healing comfort piece to read Add in to that the aspect of family, which while though not biological, certainly comes through for an added sense of awww I m not a huge fan of romance, which is why this story compared to the other two was probab Golem Has Never Known Anything But Pain He Exists Solely To Serve The Oracle S Whims And Needs Determined To Escape A Life Of Abuse And Servitude, He Runs Away And Finds Refuge In A CaveThen One Day A Child Falls Asleep In His Lap Marl Isn T Anyone Special He S Low In The Earth Caste, Set To Watch Over The Caste S Problem Child, Lichen In Search Of The Errant Lichen One Day, He Unexpectedly Comes Across Golem Hiding Deep In The Mountains Even Surprising Is The Reason That Golem Is Hiding, A Reason That Forces Marl To Make A Choice Oracle Or Golem 4.
5 STARSThis was my favourite story in the series so far Once again the story begins with the Oracle searching through possible futures and deciding which one to choose This time the future belongs to the Dragon of Earth and she s forced to make a decision that will mean pain and despair for the Dragon but offer the greatest outcome for the rest of the kingdom that she s sworn to protect This third story begins in the past and the future the Oracle sets in motion begins with her seducing her Earth Dragon and creating Ling, the scorned main character from the second story When the Oracle dies from complications from birthing their son, the Dragon of Earth disappears into the mountain that houses the Oracle s monas Now this one really hit the spot I loved Golem and Merl The story was a bit slow to start and all the excitement happened at the end and was over far to quickly for my liking, and I really would of liked to see what happened the next day Maybe we will get a flash back in the next book But the highlight for me was Lichen He is simply adorable and while I would love to see of him at this age I hope one day we get his grown up story.
Honestly, I didn t expect that there s such a big I won t spoil,hehe in the book since it wasn t describe in the summary but I give this book a 4 star rating As expected with a writer who specializes in dragons pls don t refute cause it s my own opinion The only thing that lacks in this book is its length But all in all, it s very good, I hope the next installation will come soon.
I reread the first two to get back into the world of dragons, etc.
I enjoyed them all I look forward to the final installment.
I also enjoyed the Dragon s Hoard series which I also reread I think NOTE This is a review of the entire series I love reading LGBTQ fiction I also love reading fantasy books When the two genres are combined, it s a must read for me I saw the Oracle series, and fell in love with the covers After seeing them, I knew I had to read the series Unfortunately, after reading all four books in the series, it was just okay There were parts that I liked, but the parts that I disliked outweighed that.
I have different feelings about each of the books In the first book in the series, The Oracle s Flame, the twincest made me very uncomfortable I did love the way that both of the guys fell in love with who they did, but the twincest just creeped me out However, I did think that the next book in the series, The Oracle s Hatchling was enjoyable I had problems with a few things in the book, but I thought it brought something new and dif

The third installement of the Oracle s series, The Oracle s Golem, is everything that I wanted it to be The story revolves around Marl, a low Earth Caste, and the Golem, whose story was one of the most touching in the series, and the one who steals the show, Lichen who will get his own story I read the first two of the series when they first came out, so I was a little bit confused in the beginning I won t spoiler you anything, but this book is definitely not a stand alone book, so make sure you ve read at least the second one However, it didn t take long for me to, once again, get lost in the world Mell Eight created and I have to say, I loved the Oracle s Golem.
Yes, it was way too short.
Yes, there is or less insta love and I would have wished it to be longer so we could experience Marl s and Golem s growing love Yes, there were no real problems, but who c I ve read the other books in this series and enjoyed them because of how different they are But with this one, I completely loved it I thought that the author did a great job with Golem s character because I was actually able to feel his pain and suffering And then, his happiness It is very rare for me to be able to connect with a character on that level, but with him it was so easy too.
Marl is a great character as well with his soft spoken nature and his true love for the Earth I couldn t help but root for him while I was reading because of the way he was being treated And of course, Lichen added his amount of cuteness to the story that helped to lighten up the serious times of the book.
With how short this story was, the author was able to pack a huge punch into it There was d

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î The Oracle's Golem å Download by ☆ Mell Eight When Mell Eight was in high school she wrote a short story for an English class The assignment was for no than five pages, yet she had turned in ten and the story wasn t completed Her teacher was impressed, but writing stories for fun was her main source of procrastination from homework handing in an assignment that actually asked her to write fiction was too good to pass up Since then Me