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[Donna Williams] Î Nobody Nowhere: The Remarkable Autobiography of an Autistic Girl [christian-living PDF] Read Online ☆ non ho parole per descrivere la sensazione che si prova leggendo questo libro.
mi sento una nullit di fronte alla normale vita quotidiana e alle sfide insormontabili che alcune persone devono affrontare nei piccoli gesti del vivere.
Dio nostro, un giorno ci spiegherai perch a ciascuno il proprio destino I read the Indonesia version.
Yang paling menakjubkan saya rasakan secara pribadi adalah kemampuannya bertahan dan mwujudkan cita cita Dalam keterbatasan yang luar biasa menyulitkan baik diri sendiri maupun orang lain, tapi Donna Williams bisa terus bergerak dan melakukan hal hal yang dia inginan Memperoleh pendidikan seperti orang lain, bekerja seperti orang lain dan hidup seperti orang lain, dnegan kemampuannya sendiri Dan yang istimewa lagidia bisa berkeliling dunia bahkan dengan keadaan yang sangat mengenaskan Bukankah itu yangingin ditunjukkan pada kita.
orang orang yang sehat sempurna This Is A Story Of Two Battles, A Battle To Keep Out The World And A Battle To Join It She Inhabits A Place Of Chaos, Cacophony, And Dancing Light Where Physical Contact Is Painful And Sights And Sounds Have No Meaning Although Labeled, At Times, Deaf, Retarded, Or Disturbed, Donna Williams Is Autistic Afflicted By A Baffling Condition Of Heightened Sensory Perception That Imprisons The Sufferer In A Private, Almost Hallucinatory Universe Of Patterns And Colors Nobody Nowhere Is Donna S Story In Her Own Words A Haunting, Courageous Memoir Of The Titanic Struggles She Has Endured In Her Quest To Merge My World With The World A fascinating glimpse into the world of autism.
Some people have called the author s autism diagnosis into question, claiming she actually suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which does make sense Do not read this book as one of your first autism memoirs This is an incredible story of a woman with autism learning how to function in neurotypical society, and an intriguing look at the personal experiences of Autism Spectrum Disorders I ll admit, though, that for anyone uninterested in autism, this memoir may fall flat, because there isn t a main theme or narrative to the story otherwise.
This book is interesting for me, because I work with students with autism It was difficult to read at times, because the author has suffered a great deal of abuse throughout her life, and so it was heavy But there were gems in there answers to why she did the things I see my students doing, which were well worth the read If nothing else, the two sections after the conclusion of her story at the back, where she describes the meaning of her language and tips for interacting with and influencing young people with autism was amazing.
Amazing book for anyone who loves an autistic person If you ever want to delve into an autistic s mysterious world read this book It s the story of Donna, who was very abused and misunderstood while growing up in her world and yet was able to figure out for herself that everyone else lived in a different world the world Many severely autistic people have a hard time understanding, let alone explaining, this difference to us most don t even want to try She is a gift

Kisah perjuangan seorang gadis autis yang terlahir dari keluarga miskin dan hidup teraniaya Menambah pengetahuan tentang anak autis.
, layak untuk dibaca oleh orang tua atau pendidik yang menangani autis aku tidak tahu bagaimana menuntut untuk dipahami Aku tersesat, terjebak dan aku sedang membuat pernyataan.
Waktu itu usiaku 9 tahun dan aku hampir hampir dikirim ke rumah sakit jiwa.
Donna Williams wasn t diagnosed with autism until she was in her mid late twenties and she self diagnosed at that point and had already written her autobiography, which she then shared with a physician who told her that it should be published She had a very rocky childhood with a mother and older brother who were at least verbally abusive her mother was also occasionally physically abusive Donna s relationship with her father was better, but he remained aloof or distant She spent some time being homeless or moving obsessively from place to place and job to job, never keeping friends for long She found it difficult to connect with people and with the world as herself, and invented several personas to deal with different situations Carol and Willie, for instance She often found herself in other abusive relationships, with boyf It felt like a real privilege to see the world through an autistic point of view A one of a kind achievement.

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[Donna Williams] Î Nobody Nowhere: The Remarkable Autobiography of an Autistic Girl [christian-living PDF] Read Online ☆ pamyatnik.pro Donna Williams is the author of Nobody Nowhere The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic, in which she tells of her lifelong battle with autism a developmental disorder originating in infancy and characterized by self absorption, repetitive and rigidly structured behavior, language dysfunction, and an inability to interact socially Williams depicts in her book a world of disembodied colo