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¼ Read ↠´ Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism by Donna Williams ¼ I picked up this book in the library as I have read nobody nowhere and found that I liked her voice and explanations of what being autistic was like This second book was a little positive as she overcame the temptation to be someone else and hide from herself and also helped others to begin to do the same I have learned a lot about what it may be like to be autistic from reading the book And from reading about her talking to other autistic penpals that later went on to form Autism International the largest autism mailing list I felt empowered and I learned a lot.
Some people have called the author s autism diagnosis into question, claiming she actually suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which does make sense Do not read this book as one of your first autism memoirs More structured than her first book Nobody Nowhere , this is an interesting memoir of the challenges that face an adult with autism Very valuable insight for anyone who works with people on the spectrum, though I m not sure it would interest the general population.
The Sequel To The Powerful International Bestseller Nobody Nowhere, Somebody Somewhere Takes Us Deeper Into Donna Williams Journey Into The World Her War Against It Is Finally Over, But The Pieces Of Her Life Lie Scattered Around HerDonna Recounts The Often Funny, Sometimes Harrowing Awakenings Arising From Sessions With A Cognitive Psychologist, Who Helps Her Understand What She Has Been Through And Make Sense Of Her Sensory Problems, Information Overload And Shutdowns We Travel With Her In Her Breakthroughs In Working With Autistic Children And Other Adults Like Herself, As She Finally Finds A Way Of Belonging And Simply Being Among Others, Without Selling Out Who She Really IsSomebody Somewhere Continues Donna S Story In Her Uniquely Poignant Yet Humorous Voice OK I picked this up I thought I had grabbed Nobody Nowhere The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic 3 weeks ago from the library I remembered that the first time I read these two books that I had really connected with them.
Again, I really connected with them I don t know if this time reading them second then first is going to change things I really connected with this one in particular She talks a lot about how she is handling the process of becoming herself at the time of the publication of the first book There were many really powerful passages Some of those passages were really inspiring for me, others were very painful for me The writing is generally amazing There is the odd sentence here and there where I m not sure exactly how she meant it.
After having read these the first time, I connected with Donna Williams, and remember one of the things she posted Informative My wife is in the spectrum I am in the bipolar spectrum Much between us is similar, but much is different It gives me a greater understanding of her and a greater understanding of me The only part I disliked was the standard type ending for the book Leaving the last few lines off would have improved the ending tremendously by leaving the book open ended.
As is I appreciated a look into the author s world, one very different and yet very similar to mine.
Great book Very interesting and very eye opening.
Donna explains how it is to be autistic, how she sees things differently and it s like a complete different world that she is accustomed to and so she tends to distances the real world and her own world She has 3 specific characters she describes are different sides of her and then her friend, the only guy who has come closest to her world, he helps her and cares for her like no other It was the hardest thing for her to overcome the fear of exposing her world I found it sad how she and others were horribly neglected in the group home I think it s important for everyone to see thing, experience thing through other s perspectives because we are truly blessed to e healthy and not have the daily struggle of a mentality war within yourself There was a rip through the center of my soul Self abuse was the outward sig

I found this to be an honest, insightful and incredibly meaningful book Donna describes her conflict between the personal and external worlds my world and the world , and how her understanding of the two can t exist simultaneously either she s in touch with herself, existing in a vacuum of private language, unable to function satisfactorily according to the world standards or her identity is submerged in the world characters Carol and Willie in this case whose social scripts are far departed from her own thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations The dichotomy is a hard hitting and thought provoking concept that structures the entirety of the book, touching on existential issues that extend even beyond the condition of autism Breaking free of autism is the individuals task of synthesizing those two worlds, bringi stupendo di fronte ad un vissuto simile rimango senza parole e capacit di commento.
Dio unicamente sa il perch di questi vissuti e destiniGrandissima Donna Williams For Somebody Somewhere, Autism Is Not Me As we learned from Donna Williams s first memoir, Nobody Nowhere, there is no typical person with autism yet, like many people on the spectrum, Donna Williams was distant from the world That was her world Donna, a gifted writer, sought to reconcile her world with the world around her In her first book, Donna felt compelled to Run and hide, to the corners of your mind, alone Like a nobody, nowhere In looking back, Donna said On the edge I ask myself, what will I lose, To have lived in the depths of well below zero, I grasped the tools to climb out, And scream loudly to the world That with all I was, it wasn t fair enough That I stayed there a nobody nowhere Now, Donna found herself in a position to pick up the pieces to build a somewhere out of a nowhere and a somebody out of a nobody She may be building castles in th

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¼ Read ↠´ Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism by Donna Williams ¼ pamyatnik.pro Donna Williams is the author of Nobody Nowhere The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic, in which she tells of her lifelong battle with autism a developmental disorder originating in infancy and characterized by self absorption, repetitive and rigidly structured behavior, language dysfunction, and an inability to interact socially Williams depicts in her book a world of disembodied colo