✓ Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones ↠´ Download by Ó Alvin Schwartz

✓ Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones ↠´ Download by Ó Alvin Schwartz This third volume of the series felt much grown up and interesting compared to the other two The stories were a lot of fun, and I loved the urban legends especially I also appreciated the research notes, as they give background information about the work of the author Now I want to see the movie Has anyone seen it and can recommend All the nostalgia I also enjoyed reading the back sections explaining what each story was based on The illustrations are the best This series of children s horror stories was a favorite of my oldest son He presented me with copies of the books as he was leaving to serve in the Navy Nostalgia from his childhood What he remembered the most was the creepy cool artwork by Stephen Gammell Imagine my horror when I found out while I was re reading the series that when they reprinted the books as a 30th anniversary celebration, they changed the artwork While Brett Helquist is a talented artist, what made this book series really great was the strange art by Gammell Luckily, I have older copies of this series with the weird art intact I investigated online and found examples of Helquists illustrations They are great of a literal interpretation of the stories.
it just isn t Scary Stories without Stephen Gammell Not sure what the publisher was thinking Scary Stories 3.
5 5Better than the second, but nowhere near as good as the first The Scary Stories trio was one of the infamous books at my elementary school s library everyone wanted to read them, and for good reason they re fun, spooky, and the illustrations are both beautiful and downright terrifying The stories are a collection of folktales, ghost stories, and campfire stories, meant to be read aloud with a group of friends However, they re perfectly scary even if you re just reading them to yourself on a rainy afternoon The stories within these three books range from silly and cheesy to unsettling and scary, especially for a book aimed at younger readers But I highly recommend all three books for younger and older readers alike I would also like to note that the new edition of these books with different illustrations should be skipped they have none of the flavor and atmosphere of the originals, so get a c Ahh, the last and final book of the Scary Stories Trilogy and what an amazingly dark and creepier book this one was More Tales to Chill Your Bones was a bit darker and spookier than the first two books and I really loved and enjoyed reading this book so much I remember reading some of the stories when I was a kid and it was a great nostalgic feeling reading stories that I have read when I was a kid The stories I remember reading in this book when I was a kid were The Wolf Girl, The Bus Stop and The Red Spot which the red spot gave me the total creeps because it deals with spiders and I so don t like spiders at all I mean every year at the beginning of September and October I always get a lot of spiders crawling in my apartment and I always scream when I see one I don t only get the small spiders but I also get the big black s Storytellers Know Just As They Have For Hundreds And Hundreds Of Years That Everyone Enjoys A Good, Scary Story Alvin Schwartz S Scary Stories Joins His Other Popular Collections Of Scary Folklore, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark And More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, To Give Readers Spooky, Funny And Fantastic Tales Guaranteed To Raise Goose BumpsWho Is The Wolf Girl Why Is A Hearse Filled With Men With Yellow Glowing Eyes Can A Nightmare Become Reality How Do You Avoid An Appointment With Death Stephen Gammell S Splendidly Creepy Drawings Perfectly Capture The Mood Of Than Two Dozens Scary Stories And Even A Scary Song All Just Right For Reading Along Or For Telling Aloud In The DarkAuthor Biography Alvin Schwartz Is Known For A Body Of Work Of Than Two Dozen books Of Folklore For Young Readers That Explore Everything From Wordplay And Humor To Tales And Legends Of All Kinds His Collections Of Scary Stories Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Scary Stories , And Two I Can read books, In A Dark, Dark Room And Ghostsare Just One Part Of His Matchless Folklore Collection 4.
5 stars YES YES YES Finally, I got the chance to read the final set of stories from Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell s controversial yet popular series, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark called Scary Stories 3 More Tales to Chill Your Bones In celebration of Halloween, I have decided to revisit this little gem of a series again and I was seriously not disappointed This book mostly has a set of scary stories that will haunt you in your sleep, so here are a couple of stories out of this collection Harold image error Duh, assholes.
Did you know there s a section in the back that tells the origins of all the stories I didn t Because that s about the last thing I wanted to read as a kid Oh, a bunch of text with almost no pictures, and it references other books and shit NO THANKS But as an adult, I have a modicum of patience I don t know how to measure modicums, how many modicums you get to a gallon or whatever, but enough patience to read a few pages and learn some fascinating shit.
A great ending to the series that is better than the second installment equipped with top notch illustrations and interesting tales.

Alvin Schwartz

✓ Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones ↠´ Download by Ó Alvin Schwartz Alvin Schwartz was the author of than fifty books dedicated to and dealing with topics such as folklore and word play, many of which were intended for young readers He is often confused with another Alvin Schwartz, who wrote Superman and Batman daily comics strips and a novel titled The Blowtop.