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Ó Forging Divinity (The War of Broken Mirrors, #1) à Download by å Andrew Rowe Forging Divinity Is An Epic Fantasy With A Strong Emphasis On Intelligent Characters, Political Schemes, And Well Developed Magic Systems If You Enjoy Reading About Characters That Try To Use Their Abilities Cleverly To Solve Problems, You Ll Probably Enjoy The Book If You Prefer Stories Where Magic Remains Mystical And Vague, It Probably Wouldn T Be To Your TastesHere S A Quick Blurb Some Say That In The City Of Orlyn, Godhood Is On Sale To The Highest Bidder Thousands Flock To The City Each Year, Hoping For A Chance At Immortality Lydia Hastings Is A Knowledge Sorcerer, Capable Of Extracting Information From Anything She Touches When She Travels To Orlyn To Validate The Claims Of The Local Faith, She Discovers A Conspiracy That Could Lead To A War Between The World S Three Greatest Powers At The Focal Point Is A Prisoner Who Bears A Striking Resemblance To The Long Missing Leader Of The Pantheon She Worships Rescuing The Prisoner Would Require Risking Her Carefully Cultivated Cover But His Execution Could Mean The End Of Everything Lydia Holds Dear 3.
0 StarsAfter reading and loving the first two books in the Arcane Ascension series, I decided to check out of Rowe s work This was his debut novel and unfortunately it paled in comparison to his later series Certainly, I could see threads of the things I loved so much in his other book This one was another fun fantasy series with plenty of humour I also liked the magic system, although it was less developed than the attunements in Sufficiently Advanced Magic I probably would have liked this book if I wasn t stuck comparing it so much to his later work This story just felt a bit muddled and unfocused I missed the precision of the storytelling in Arcane Ascension Overall, it was an enjoyable, if a bit unsatisfying, read.
As much as I hate to, this is going to be a DNF for me I just couldn t get into the story It s been over a week since I even picked the book up, and I have no desire to That is very unusual for me I just couldn t keep looking at it sitting there on my GR feed waiting for an update This is only the second book I have ever DNF d, so this was not an easy decision On to the next book This was an accidental DNF How does that happen, you ask Well, I put it down at the 20% marker and just never got back to it That pretty much says what you need to know about my feeling for the book I think the main problem is that with the three main characters at that point a you get in their heads and I m increasingly impatient with multiple PoVs b they re all blandly interesting in that they have quirks that appeal but nothing really spectacular and c they re all at cross purposes and with conflicting goals So while I may have been drawn into the story for any one of their sakes, being asked to join all simultaneously was enough extra friction that I just never felt like going back Sometimes it seems as if every possible approach to fantasy has already been done a thousand times So it s lovely to find a new author capable of putting an original slant on the genre, whilst also having a lot of fun In some ways this is a conventional story young man with powers and a special sword, a monarchy under threat, active gods and goddesses but it constantly took me by surprise, and combined some glorious punch the air moments with laugh out loud humour Even the opening, which seems to be heading in one direction, veers straight off in a different one almost immediately I love a book which surprises me, so this was a very good start.
Here s the premise a young man wanders into town carrying a particularly striking sword, a religious artifact He immediately becomes the focus for various factions who want to protect him or relieve him of the sword or execute him or embroil him i I liked it, I def prefer Significantly Advanced Magic, but I ll pick up the next book in this series longer review to come.
2 5 I listened to an audiobook copy of Forging Divinity.
I love, love, loved Rowe s Arcane Ascension books Part of the reason that I loved them was the very unique, analytic, thoughtful writing style that really conveyed the main character s personality However, listening to Forging Divinity I realise that the style wasn t so much a deliberate choice but just the way that Rowe writes all his characters Forging Divinity has three main characters with their own POVs and they all sound exactly the same If I had to hear the words considered or thought I might have cried Rowe uses these words frequently than said Everything is so very in the head of the characters such that virtually every other line isLydia considered what Taelian I really enjoy Andrew Rowe s writing I think I actually enjoyed the characters so in this book than his arcane ascension series It was a bit short so I felt a bit confused by some things at the end However, I still really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the next one I was pretty keen to read this after having read the newest book by this author, Sufficiently Advanced Magic, as I loved that one so much I was hopeful that even though this was a debut it would still offer some good reading experiences, and I did enjoy it on the whole, despite there being some issues This is the story of three characters Lydia, Jonan and Taelien They are all on their own plot lines, and each of them has their own motivation for being in the city of Orlyn, but their stories meet fairly near to the start of this book and then they go on working in tandem Lydia is a Sorcerer who wants to avert a war She s very powerful and many others look up to her and admire and use the spells she creates For me, she was the most interesting of the three characters, but she also felt a little bland at times and I didn t feel a true connection to her plot whil I m very thankful Mr Andrew Rowe for sending me a hard copy Recommended to fans of Brandon Sanderson s Mistborn trilogy, and Sarah J Maas Throne of Glass series.
Such a great, fun, quick, and excellent high epic fantasy read Just the first chapter got me hooked and gripped enough to finish the entire book in one sitting The magic system was awesome It was really interesting and well developed It all made sense in a very appealing way The story and plot, and even the humor is well balanced not too off, not too cliche This should be in local stores asap and I m looking forward to the sequel

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