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[Mina Carter] ë Captured by the Alien Lord / Saved by the Alien Lord / and Bonded to the Alien Lord [gothic-horror PDF] Read Online õ Moor CatJust loved the start to his exciting new seriesMeeting Aliens who think we Earth women are weak.
well hello we re not.
battle ready not easily taken for granted earth woman get kidnapped.
their story of romantics,fighting for survival with a HEA ending is an excellent read.
A good start of the series Tarrick and Latharian Warriors have captured a earth space station There race needs women that they can procreate with There female populations has died off They find 4 Military women on the station and take them back to the planet Lathar Tarrick has tracked his bond mate from hearing her voice through space Once he has Sargent Cat Moore he mates her very quickly They make a hot couple The short story is full of action and lots of erotic sex All in all it was a pretty good story So, of course I ve already read these books all separately I was excited to get them in a box set Its a different alien world than I have read It took getting used to after I read the first part It was released in different parts at the time However, it grew on me and I ended up loving it Tarrick and Cat are awesome characters They are sorta alike but not She fights him at first but ends up not being able to keep her hands off him She makes the sacrifice to mate Tarrick to save her fellow human women who were also captured Yeah its a real sacrifice for her too LOL Anyways, read it cause you d love it too Cat totally has him wrapped around her finger so to speak These aliens are big but they value women who don t really exist where they come from Love this series and cant wait for I am not buying this book again but here are my reviews from the three installments.
1 CAPTURED BY THE ALIEN LORDGood plot but I struggled with the content re, accept my advances or become a slave or whore.
Yes I understand the whole alien culture being different and I can t say I would have done anything different if I was in that position.
Just way to short to do it justice.
5 stars This continues on from book 1.
Cat and the other women show the K Vass Lathar what they are made of when the T Laat Lathar arrive and steal the human women The women manage to get hold of weapons and give the T Laat a good hiding.
Cat and Tarrick come to a mutually agreeable compromise on their future.

A funny sexy alien romance that offers much in terms of humor and smexy times A group of alien warriors invade an Earth space station, looking for compatible women and capture then they bargained for Each book focusses on one warrior and his mate while furthering an underlying long reaching arc Quick fun reads.
DELICIOUSLY CUTE, SERIOUSLY SEXY AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING LET THE INVASION BEGIN Title TarrickSeries Warrior of the LatharDesignation books One thru Three Bundle, Standalone, No Cliffhanger, Sci Fi Alien Invasion RomanceAuthor Mina CarterMy Rating FIVE SUPER SEXY SCI FI STARS Jackpot Another winner from Mina Carter Tarrick is the compilation of the first three books in Mina s riveting new series, Warriors of the Lethar and what a tasty tidbit it is Tarrick is the Lethar warrior featured in this vignette of the series and he is one sexy alien I originally read this story as it was released in three delicious installments Sadly for me, I had to wait patiently for each, but fortunately for you, Mina has compiled the entire story into on 3 1 2 stars A typical trope of aliens needing human women to continue their breed But here, Earth women show just how easy they aren t kicking butt, hunger strikes, and gathering intel They aren t going to wait for someone else to rescue them well, at least escape imprisonment and meet the rescue team on the way in A lively read and pure escapism, even if you never admit to anyone else you read them.
Cat Moore es la sargento de una estaci n espacial Todo es normal hasta que son atacados por extraterrestres que vienen en busca de mujeres Solo que lo que esos extraterrestres no se esperan es lo guerreras que son Tarrik ha estado buscando a la due a de la voz que escuch por primera vez hace un tiempo en comunicaciones espaciales Cuando por fin la encuentra sabe que tiene que ser suya Lo que no esperaba es la cantidad de cosas nuevas que va a descubrir Tarrik me encanta, ay gru oncete igual que toda la tripulaci n Y Cat tambi n me cae bien, la nica que soy un poco reticente es con Jena No s porqu pero me la imagino un tanto mayor por como la describen entonces su historia como que se me har dif cil de aceptar jajaja Pero siguiendo con los protagonistas de esta historia, me encant al final Cat defendiendo a su hombre como toda una super hero na ASIN BRCHM Moved To The Latest Edition As Per Guidelines The First Three Warriors Of The Lathar Stories Now In One Bundle Captured By The Alien Lord He S Big, Sexy And Even His Muscles Have Muscles Any Other Day, She D Climb Him Like A Tree If He Hadn T Captured Her, And Her Entire Base That Is Sergeant Cat Moore Has A Little Problem Well, Actually A Big Problem A Big Alien War Group Sized Problem When Her Base Is Attacked And Boarded By A Lathar War Group, She Finds Herself In The Sights Of Their Leader, Tarrick K Vass The Strong, Not So Silent And Ruthless Type, Tarrick S Duty As A War Commander Means Little Time For Himself With No Women Of Their Own, A Base Full Of Human Women Is A Bounty He Can T Ignore Nor Can He Ignore The Little Human Whose Voice Called Out To Him Across The Galaxy, A Woman He Ll Stop At Nothing To Make His Own Even If It Means A Little Blackmail Saved By The Alien Lord Earth Girls Might Be Popularbut They Re Definitely Not Easy Kidnapped By Sexy Aliens, Cat And The Women Of The Sentinel Five Base Are Looking For A Way Home Their Captors Might Be Ripped, Hot Warriors Looking For That One Special Woman, But These Girls Have This Little Thing Against Being Slaves Even If Their Leader Is Well On His Way To Stealing Cat S Heart As Well As Her Body Then A New Player Enters The Arena A Dangerous Rival War Commander Has Challenged The K Vass Claim On Terran Held Space And All It S Women Tarrick K Vass Can T Afford To Let Any Of The Earth Women Be Captured, Especially Not His Little Human, Cat When His Human Is Taken, He Ll Do Anything To Rescue Her Anything Up To And Including Starting An Intergalactic War Bonded To The Alien Lord Today Is A Good Day To Get Married Kidnapped By Her Very Own Alien Hunk, Cat Moore Is Rapidly Adapting To Life As The Chosen Woman Of Bad Ass War Commander Tarrick K Vass It S Not So Bad Her Sexy Alien Has A Thing About Making Sure Her Every Need Is Met And Has Some Very Inventive Ways Of Doing So Until She Gives Him A Bad Case Of Mating Marks Around His Wrist, And All Bets Are Off They Re Married Without So Much As A Bended Knee In Sight, Then Summoned To The Imperial Court So The Emperor Can Bless Their Union Why Because Her Sexy Alien Lover Left One Thing Out When He Introduced Himself Like Being A Freaking Alien Prince But Someone Doesn T Want Humans And Lathar Getting It On, And They Certainly Don T Like The Possibility Of Little Human Lathar Babies In Fact, They D Be Than Happy If Cat And The Other Women Didn T Survive Past The Wedding Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned Try A Bride Whose Alien Wedding Just Got Gatecrashed Seems Humans Might Be Like The Lathar Than Anyone Thought This Bundle Contains Three Previously Released Serial Novellas Captured By The Alien Lord, Saved By The Alien Lord, And Bonded To The Alien Lord

Mina Carter

[Mina Carter] ë Captured by the Alien Lord / Saved by the Alien Lord / and Bonded to the Alien Lord [gothic-horror PDF] Read Online õ pamyatnik.pro Mina was born and raised in the East Farthing of Middle Earth otherwise known as the Midlands, England and spend her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally required of a professional adventurer Able to ride, box, shoot, make and read maps, make chainmail and use a broadsword with varying degrees of efficiency she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitabl