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[ Pdf Get Momentum: How to Start When You're Stuck ✓ rwanda PDF ] by Jason W. Womack Ç No book is perfect, and nor does it stand alone, absent of context This is such a book.
Full disclosure, I know the Womacks and consider them friends.
Get Momentum will get you unstuck, and you will make progress on things that are bringing you undone But you won t achieve anything unless you are ready to change yourself it s a classic case of the lead a horse to water metaphor.
When I began reading Get Momentum, and then enrolled myself in the program, I was ready to get to work on a number of things that were barriers to me To that end, this book and the program it supports have been a big help.
All that said, I m a person who is usually very leery of self help books and the people who write them Jason and Jodi are different With them, the whole deal is very r A great read for those who need a kick in the butt It helps that I have met the authors they are authentically interested in helping others find their passions Honestly pick up the book it motivated me to find the next steps i needed to take.

Being stuck sucks Jodi Womack is the CEO of the Get Momentum Leadership Academy and the founder of No More Nylons, a coaching program providing women business leaders with professional networking expertise She co founded Get Momentum with her husband, Jason so they could work together from anywhere in the world Jason W Womack, MEd, MA is an avid practitioner who earned two Master s degrees after studying US History and Spanish Literature as an undergraduate student at the University of California Berkeley, Santa Barbara, San Diego campuses He earned his Masters Degree in Education to understand how to teach He went back to school to earn his Master s Degree in Psychology to find out how people most effectively learn He applies this wealth of knowledge to corporate learning environments to help solve the day to day challenges of work life balance I read this because I like the previous book by Jason that I read unfortunately did not get as much out of this one The good side is I didn t spend a lot of time as it was a very quick read Seemed like selling their program than anything else.
Learn about your self and your life A great book.
Fast read with a few good nuggets, but it felt like one big advert for their programs workshops.
Fast read and full of good advice.
Decide what you want to be known for and start tracking your progress A Powerful And Personalized Process To Improve Your Life And Advance Your CareerDo You Sometimes Feel Stuck, Despite Real Efforts To Gain Momentum On Goals You Ve Set Momentum Means You Re Doing Than Simply Getting Things Done It S That Feeling Of Satisfaction, The Belief That You Can Achieve Big Goals And Complete Important Projects That Fulfill You Both Personally And Professionally Get Momentum Coaches You In The Mindset, Skill Set, And Toolkit Required To Make Progress On The Items You Have On Your Life And Work Goals Faster And Easier, While Living A Less Stressful, Meaningful Life The Authors, Jodi Womack And Her Husband Jason Womack, Provide Valuable Insights Into The Psychology Of Change And How To Direct Your Focus To Experience Fulfillment At Work And In LifeThe Authors Share What They Know Having Built A Successful Executive Coaching Firm Together, As Well As Facilitating Leadership Workshops In Their Home Town And Than Twenty Countries Around The World Contrary To The Promise Of Many Self Help Business books, They Believe There Is No One Size Fits All Recipe For Success Get Momentum Teaches You How To Make Proactive Changes Based On The Solid Foundation Of Your Own Quality Of Life Criteria Jodi And Jason Offer Clear, Step By Step Guidance On How To Define Your Personal Criteria So That You Can Get Momentum, Improve Your Life And Enhance Your CareerYou Will Learn How To Answer The Call What To Do When You Say Someone Should Do Something About This Organize A Team And Gain The Perspective Of People You Trust Measure Something Just Not Everything At Once Experiment Specifically And Practice Deliberately Build Momentum, Recognize Your Wins, And Pay It ForwardWith Kindness, Accountability And Encouragement, Get Momentum Will Help You Tap Into Your Natural Way Of Being To Achieve Professional Goals And Personal Experiences That Are On Your Bucket List, Living A Life You Re Proud To Share With Others Executive and motivational coaches Jason and Jodi Womack pen a definitive framework for getting unstuck from the things in our lives that keep us from achieving our goals With a great stage setting contextual foundation, they proceed through expressing processes and sharing stories to guide readers through a five stage process of momentum motivation, mentors, milestones, monitor and modify The Womacks establish their credibility throughout the work by sharing examples of workshops, seminars and presentations they ve conducted to assure the reader their techniques are sound and worth pursuing In addition, they offer tools such as a website, videos and others to help readers begin their journey or sustain the momentum, as the case may be A great read for th

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[ Pdf Get Momentum: How to Start When You're Stuck ✓ rwanda PDF ] by Jason W. Womack Ç pamyatnik.pro Jason has the unique ability to take people as they are and focus their individual abilities to reach their very best His compassion and empathy, two words not often used in productivity coaching, are immense and those attributes help to propel those he works with in person, online and through his writings to new heights with little resistance and maximum effectiveness Jason understands that eac