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[Bryan Smith] à All Hallows Dead [world-war-i PDF] Read Online Ó All Hallow s Dead is Bryan Smith s ode to the classic 80s slasher movie The killer s goal is to kill 31 people in the week leading up to Halloween, so there is almost nonstop carnage Some slasher movies would be full of scenes of people creeping around playing cat and mouse with the killer, which usually ended up being boring Bryan Smith has cut out the fat and All Hallow s Dead goes straight for the throat and never stops.
At a certain point in the book the setting changes and it almost feels like the reader has entered a different story This part is a perfect homage to the genre, right down to the convention of naming characters after cult horror icons Everything ties back together eventually, but this portion of the book was my favorite part and took me right back to watching rente Bryan Smith delivers on virtually every front with this homage to all things 80s slasher films A relentless killer with a traumatised past, a host of unlikable characters ready for the taking stabbing strangling decapitating etc, and a bunch of clueless law enforcers doing their best to stop the madman before Halloween comes round, are all present for this fun trip down serial killer lane.
Smith paints his story with effortless, graceful prose that almost seems too good for the subject matter But assuming this type of book is your cup of tea, you re all but guaranteed to enjoy yourself The gore is plentiful, the kill count is high, and the breaking of the narrative with flashback chapters to paint the picture as to why the killer became wh ALL HALLOW S DEAD Is The Best Slasher Movie That No One Would Have The Balls To Make Disturbing And Violent, But With That Extra Dash Of Melancholy That Makes Bryan Smith S Novels Stand Out From The Pack Another Great read From One Of My Favorite Authors Trent Haaga, Director Of CHOP And Screenwriter Of CHEAP THRILLS And DEADGIRL It S Halloween Week In Willow Springs, TN, And A Mad Slasher Is On The Loose Twenty Five Years Ago, A Group Of Local Boys Did A Very Bad Thing Now A Masked Killer Is Leaving A Trail Of Corpses And Bloody Pumpkins All Over Town Brutal Vengeance Against His Former Tormentors And Thirty One Dead For Halloween Are The Madman S Demented Goals As The Body Count Mounts, Local Law Enforcement Scrambles To Track Down The Seemingly Unstoppable Killer And Bring The Carnage To An End Just in time for Halloween Bryan Smith lets loose with an arsenal of weapons of human destruction Everything from axes, machetes, drills and bone saws This novel of revenge is hip deep in gore, guts and gratuitous sex and violence as only Mr Smith can ooze forth If one has squeamish tendencies or doesn t like buckets of blood then it will cause much consternation and skipped pages If the fear of random acts of violence put you on edge or even the deaths of those who may or may not deserve it then beware Brian Smith has carved out so to speak his own niche with his novels Some have dark threads of humor or irony running through them This book doesn t A non stop unrelenting kill fest.
RIGHT THE WRONGS KILL THE WHORES KILL KILL KILLbecause for someone Halloween never ends.
My first Bryan Smith s novel was a real blast of a read and surely is not going to be the last, a great homage to 80 slasher movies killer s outfit is almost the same of Prom night , with well developed characters, chills, gore if you can t stand torture porn horror stay very far away from this book, you are warned and a very sad killer origin story young Elliot Parker is tortured and left in the woods by classmates who pushed too far their bullying When he finally comes back after this long traumatizing Halloween he finds out his sick brother passed away without he could say goodbye Now Elliott hates Halloween for good, and years late Bryan Smith s work needs no introduction, although if you ve read online reviews, or listen to Brian Keene s horror podcast, his novel SLOWLY WE ROT may be his finest work to date which I have yet to readyet But ALL HALLOW S DEAD is an homage to all those cheesy but nasty fun slasher flicks of the 70 s and 80 s Young Elliot Parker had been traumatized by a gang of middle school bullies, something that affected him for the rest of his life And because this happened on Halloween, Elliot developed a hatred of the holiday, almost as deep as his hatred of his tormentors.
Many years later, as Halloween approaches, Elliot has plans for those who tortured him unspeakably And he won t stop until he kills 31 people.
Brutal and unrelenting, Smith continues to deliver So carve that jack o lantern, light a candle inside, and beware Highly recommended Fantastic horror novel from Bryan Smith Very brutal, very gory, but terrific at the same time Perfect Halloween read if you can handle some pretty rough stuff.
Review to come.

I enjoy a good slasher movie All those classics from the late 70 s into the 80 s This book was a homage to all those movies with torture porn added to the mix So one knows what to expect when reading this book Plenty of blood, guts and gore horror An out and out sex and violence book, nasty and brutal.
That is what I got Murder, torture and sex chapter after chapter The killer is seeking revenge for a particular incident in his childhood and he has it all planned out to the letter He goes on a non stop killing rampage which includes innocent people who are not connected to the incident He is full of hate and anger, which has been raging inside him for years The book has flashbacks to his childhood and his growing into a psychopath.
The book is well written and moves at a great pace Ther Creepy good reading for Halloween WORTHY HORROR NOVEL I knew about Bryan Smith, the author, since like two years ago, but I hadn t the chance of reading anything by him so far I didn t foresee that this would be my first book by him, but I knew about the book in the right time, and since it was Halloween season, I decided it that it was the perfect choice to read.
I am totally glad of having read it While, this is my first book by Bryan Smith, speaking for my reading experience with this one, I can tell you that All Hallow s Dead is a great option to read in Halloween, but also, it s a well written book that it hasn t anything to be ashamed in comparison with works by contemporary masters like Stephen King or Dean Koontz In my humble opinion, this novel is as good a I think Bryan Smith has outdone himself with this book which is the fourth book I ve read by the author I think there s blood, gore, torture, depravity and insanity than Depraved 1 2 and Slowly We Rot.
Most people will experience some form of bullying in their lives, but most will not have gone through the same trauma and humiliation that Elliot Parker suffered by his tormentors which is the catalyst for future events on Halloween Although, there is another tragedy that takes place on the same night, and that was probably the tipping point which led to the creation of The Ghost of Halloween Past twenty five years later Elliot Parker hates Halloween.
Initially, I was on the side of the Avenger until he started doing things that were beyond reasonable Parker has been spending the last twenty five years brooding, fanta

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[Bryan Smith] à All Hallows Dead [world-war-i PDF] Read Online Ó pamyatnik.pro Smith is the author of than thirty horror and crime novels and novellas, including 68 Kill, the cult classic Depraved and its sequels, The Killing Kind, Slowly We Rot, The Freakshow, and many Bestselling horror author Brian Keene has called Slowly We Rot, The best zombie novel I ve ever read 68 Kill was adapted into a motion picture directed by Trent Haaga and starring Matthew Gray Gubler of the long running CBS series Criminal Minds 68 Kill won the Midnighters Award at the SXSW film festival in 2017 and was released to wide acclaim, including positive reviews in The New York Times and Bloody Disgusting, among others Bryan also co scripted an original Harley Quinn story for the House of Horrors anthology from DC Comics.