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Download Epub Format ✓ Stealing Sorcery (The War of Broken Mirrors, #2) PDF by à Andrew Rowe The Immortal Sorcerers Three Legendary Figures That Toppled The Empire Of Xixis Each Has Lived For Over A Hundred Years, Leaving A Powerful Legacy In Their Wake But Their Children Do Not Share Their Renowned Immortality And When The Firstborn Son Of Edrick Theas Is Killed, The Sorceress Lydia Hastings Is Called To Investigate The Murder When She Discovers A Sorcerous Trail Left By A Creature Of Unfathomable Power, She Quickly Realizes She Needs Outside Help And While Jonan Kestrian A Spy For A Rival Military Power Might Not Be Lydia S First Choice For An Ally, She Knows That He Has The Knowledge And Skills That She Needs While Lydia And Jonan Trace The Assassin S Trail, Taelien Undergoes The Trials Of Unyielding Steel, A Series Of Tests To Ensure His Entry Into The Paladins Of Tae Os As He Trains For His Trials, Taelien Faces His Fiercest Rival Yet Velas Jaldin, A Former Member Of Orlyn S Queensguard With The Power To Manipulate Motion At Her Whim With Skills Far Beyond Those Of An Ordinary Soldier, The Former Queensguard Might Be The Killer That Lydia Seeks Or The Assassin S Next Victim Wonderful, once again Several great new characters are added and characters from the previous book are developed better, as is the world itself and the magic system The character interactions are the best part but the mystery is nothing to scoff at, either Very excited to see where this is going What can I say about the second book of a universe that has me completely hooked This book was amazing, I really enjoyed the stories I use plural because Taelien, Jonan and Lydia remain on three separate paths for most of the story and the amazing ending the book had.
As usual I try to see both sides when reviewing The things that really worked list Solid worldbuilding and storytelling Really believable characters this may have to do with the fact that these characters are played by real life people in a penpaper rpg The humor of some characters is good to the point of making me chuckle out loud while reading.
The things to work on list Although I understand the need to separate the characters on different paths, sometimes the stories felt completely disconnected Some situations may be a little weird or illogical not mentioning I liked this book even than the first one This was a great read, much like the first book in the series I seem to remember thinking that the first book needed editing, and I m glad to say that this one was much much better in that regard Hooray The magic system was once again well thought out, made sense, and was used well The characters were developed well, didn t all take themselves too seriously, swore a lot fucking yay , and I cared what happened to them Most of them at least I had a bit of trouble remembering who was who from the first book, aside from Lydia and Taelien and to a lesser extent Jonan It s been over a year since I read it, and while I do have a pretty good idea what went down for the most part, the addition of a short summary of the previous book could be helpful for those of us who aren t always inclined to reread previous books in the series Then again, I could hav I very much enjoyed this second book written by Andrew Rowe A very much detective style story I felt but was very cleverly written and had an abundance of unique characters I did feel lost as to who some of the characters were at certain stages of the book and had to glance further back to regain my awareness of who it was.
The book focuses quite heavily on thought patterns and idea s that the characters is running through their minds, which I personally feel looses it s edge after some time, but it kept the story flowing well and made a nice match with the detective style story.
I enjoyed the development of Taelien s progress with his sword and I hope to find out just what s going on with that I felt th A thoroughly enjoyable read A second book that can stand alone but gains much from the first book Greatly enjoyed the magic system and the expansion discovery of depth to the magic system A wider array of characters utilizing skills in rather unique ways also lends a richness to a story when done well, and Mr Rowe does it well The general plot of the book is one that could easily become trite or tropey and yet, in Stealing Sorcery, it was handled well and becomes intriguing, captivating I enjoyed watching the characters grow both maturing as adults and expanding their skill sets A good mix of interplay among characters without becoming politics for politics sake I think he did an excellent job of balancing the parts of the story and presenting a well crafted tale.
For an escapist reader as I tend to be, it was pure enjoyment The I enjoyed the first book and was hoping this book would be similar The shift to a magic school plot was a surprise but it did allow the characters to be flushed out Overall the stories come together in an adequate way My major complaint is that somewhere in the second half of the book the characters start cursing in English I was confused at first because they obviously had their own cursing vocabulary that was suddenly abandoned Jonan didn t curse the entire last book and suddenly his dialogue is full of f words It felt lazy, jarring, and confusing when the author is trying to build a coherent complicated world The series has some great elements but this book kind of ruined the series for me Hopefully, Rowe will revise this book to make it better and a better reflection of the Can t wait for the third book in this series.
And now the wait beginsTill the next installment is released.
Lots of fantastic stuff going on is this series fantastic characterisation, interpersonal relationships, intrigue, a few great twisty moments A massive magic system that is both wonderful, yet a cause of some of the only consternation I had about this book Some of the explanatory and expositive conversations had between characters pertaining the magic system, were cringe worthily obvious RPG tutorial esque in nature I actually winced at one point.
But Ultimately forgivable considering the wealth of other goodnessReally great stuff Bring on mid 2017 already

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