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Ù Read Ù Handyman by Claire Thompson ✓ A strong story, a lovely one too I especially enjoyed Jack s character and his tale of finding himself, love and a new life after having had so much taken away from him and so much else buried for over two decades I love stories where people find their truth and are courageous enough to grasp it And as regards courage, it s the trait I most appreciated in Will He went after what and who he wanted Despite their miscommunications at times and fears and insecurities on both sides these men struggled past them to claim the love that had appeared in their lives as the gift they both recognised it to be I liked I liked a lot This story had the bones of a good, honest and adorable romance The age gap aspect and a character discovering his bi identity late in life put an interesting spin on the evolving love story between these two men But the writing style Although grammatically correct I had big issues with it the dialogues especially And so odd, as I normally love the dialogues in romance books My frustration turned into curiosity and a desire to figure out why I disliked it so much in this book If it weren t for other peoples positive reviews I would have dnf ed this book well before the 10% mark My search led me to find out about the usage of dialogue tags and action beats in fiction writing You know, the, he saidat the end of a spoken sentence or the small actions of non verbal communication likeHe crossed his armsbetween lines of dialogue I realised such tags are essential to me as a High Powered Stock Trader Simple Handyman Can They Find Common Ground Will Spencer Is A Player With A Reputation For Using And Discarding Lovers As Easily As He Earns Big Money On Wall Street Handsome, Sexy And Openly Gay, He S Used To Having Whatever And Whoever He Wants At The Snap Of His Fingers And What He Wants Now Is His New Handyman, Jack Crawford But Jack Is Skittish One Lingering Touch, One Stolen Kiss Could Send The Older Man Into Full Retreat Where Will Might Have Quickly Moved On To A Ready And Willing Partner, He Unexpectedly Finds Himself Wanting To Go Slow With Just A Little Coaxing, He S Sure He Can Show Jack How Good It Could Be Between Them Jack, A Recent Widower, Never Thought Of Himself As Gay Frightened Years Ago By An Erotic Encounter With His Best Friend, He Focused Firmly On His Marriage Now That His Bed Is Empty, However, Those Deep Sexual Longings Are Rising Dangerously Close To The Surface Their Connection Is Deep, Instant, And One That Jack Tries To Ignore Yet Friendship Grows Into An Erotic Journey That Must Cross A Divide Of Different Generations, Backgrounds And Worlds The Prize Is The One Thing Neither Is Sure He Can Handle True Love DNF 59%I did promise a microscopic rant So here it is 4.
5 starsI loved the way the relationship between Jack and Will developed slowly, they really got to know each other becoming friends before getting all hot and heavy, the build up was lovely and romantic Will was very smart with his slow courting of a skittish Jack, who was fighting his attraction to Will and the realization he might be gay The love scenes were tender as well as sexy, there were a couple of sizzling moments that were very, very nice One sweet read, recommended for anyone who likes a true romance.
Opening LineStraight The word popped into Will s head With a sweet, moving and emotional story The Handyman was a pretty good read however definitely on the sweeter side of the erotica scale The set up here reminds me very much of Faith Fidelity and its basically a character driven M M romance with sexual tension then actual sex scenes In fact it s like 150 pages of really good foreplay before we get any serious action Although a couple of the kissing scenes are off the chart hot However I enjoyed the slow, realistic pace Claire Thompson set for our virgins who are each as confused as the other, only in very different ways Will is a player with a reputation for using and discarding lovers as easily as he earns his money on Wall Street Handsome, sexy and confident Will is used to getting what he wants however he is still a virgin when it comes to matters of I liked the idea of the plot The lovestory between Will Spencer, a 30 years old stock trader, currently on a sabbatical and Handyman Jack Crawford, a 44 years old widower, whose homosexuality was long buried.
Unfortunately I never had this feeling to be in the middle of the story I ve missed the spark The dialogues were wooden and the flashbacks were too much.
Truth be told I often had the urge to skip pages.
I decided to read this book because I liked the blurb of the story It seemed rather predictable, but sometimes I don t want originality, I just want a nice, easy, predictable read And this is mostly the right book for that.
I liked the characters, especially Jack Jack is an older guy actually 44 years old doesn t seem old to me, but it s older than most characters in romance fiction tend to be who s been married for 24 rather passionless, but loving years and widowed for 2 He has had exactly one homosexual, on his side rather passive encounter that happened 26 years ago and he managed to make himself forget about that pretty easily.
Will, on the other hand, has always been gay, always known it, and lived it to the fullest if t

5 stars Claire Thompson s book are either a hit or miss with me Not to say she isn t a great writer, because she is She has a tendency to write very erotic novels, while of course I love BUT, in some of her books, I don t feel that the characters have an emotional connection between them The heroes are always very sexy and the writing is sexually explicit, but I always prefer my heroes to have an emotional bond, also In Handyman, I think she did an awesome job with the heroes having both physical and emotional connection At thirty, Will was working too hard and playing too fast As a trader for a prestigious bank on Wall Street he was burning the candle at both ends When he wasn t drinking gallons of coffee to keep his energy going, he was taking sleeping pills at night to get his overactive brain to settle do 4.
5 STARSHandymanis a very good slow paced gay for you m m that tells the story of Jack and Will two men who have their own fears, different fears, but who together they will find their peace and happiness Until three months ago, Will 30 had lived in the city, working as a trader in a prestigious investment bank He took a break for his job and from the city and he s looking for a Handyman because he wants to have some renovations done at his new house Jack, the Handyman is in his forties He has his own renovation company, company that he d started years ago and that had provided a decent income for his family Jack is a widower for two years, he has two sons and he s straight like an arrow.
From the moment he sees his new Handyman, Will feels a strong attraction He doesn t understand it at first since he s not into ol

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Ù Read Ù Handyman by Claire Thompson ✓ pamyatnik.pro Claire has been writing for nearly two decades, and has published over 70 novels She writes BDSM romance and abduction tales, spanning both m f and m m genres She has received numerous awards for her bestselling work, including the NLA Int l Pauline R age Award and the Golden Flogger Award for best BDSM fiction. Her darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes d