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5 stars I quite liked the atmosphere rather Poe meets Dickens and the actual prose a higher level of writing than you get with many current kid novels , though the plot frequently dragged hence the middling rating The characters surrounding William were generally fairly colorful, but William was an odd protagonist and hard to route for He had so little idea of exactly what he wanted or who he actually was sometimes this was played off comically to good effect, but at others, just made you wish the story would wrap up.
The weakest of the Leon Garfield books I have read this month.
His protagonists have all been a little see through compared to his other characters, but William Jones is particularly ineffectual What she is narrow, a little cruel and extremely stupid I didn t like him very much at all Unusually, the book was narrated by William in a very self conscious way There was plenty of direct addressing to the audience and intimation of what was to come, it made the book seem a little tawdry.
Also, the usually sparking squibs the other books have been peppered with fell flat Partly this was because of the direct narration and partly it was because they werelike dad jokes than proper jokes There was one part where William narrated that someone threw a bucket of water at him then clarifies that it was only the water that was thrown and not the bucket This is a long way Leon Garfield s John Diamond, which was first published in 1980,has been reissued in a lovely new edition as part of the Vintage Children s Classics range Peter Williamson s cover design is marvellous, and it fits wonderfully with the darkness of the story Vintage have recommended that the book is suitable for everyone over the age of nine, and upon reading it from an adult stance, it is difficult to envision that anybody indeed, of any age would dislike it.
The novel opens in a manner which immediately piques the interest I ought to begin with the footsteps, but first of all I must tell you that my name is William Jones and that I was twelve years old when I began to hear them His father tells him whilst on his deathbed that he swindled Mr Diamond out of a great fortune, and thus, the main thread of the story concerns William s travels to London to make amends with Not as good as the first Garfield book I read Smith The plot was simple and the protagonist narrator was boring and kind of a pushover.
Tough rating with a 2stars but it s merely because of personal preferences.
The storyline was fine and quite interesting in its own way, but it is not my kind of books.
I only did buy it because I am a pushover and the seller pushed it down my throat a bit.
Had I been younger I might have enjoyed it a bit .
As usual Leon Garfield succeeds in producing an ominous and suspenseful atmosphere laced with humor The story is set in the eighteenth century but has a Dickensian tone The first person narrator, twelve year old William Smith, listens to footsteps from his father s room every night that keep him awake One night the footsteps stop, and he learns his father s dark secret He sets off to London in search of John Diamond the alternate title of the book There he is baffled by an onslaught of odd and sometimes frightening characters Garfield is a captivating storyteller, with a knack for humor She seemed to make soup as the rain makes mud, absolutely without thinking about it His works are somewhat reminiscent o Young William Jones Is On A Desperate Search Through Darkest London For John Diamond, The Son Of A Man His Father Apparently Once Cheated Badly Will He Find Him originally Published In The United States As Footsteps, John Diamond Combines A Cast Of Remarkable Eccentrics With Superb Sensory Descriptions The Horn Book The Title Was A Boston Globe Horn Book Honor Book William s father, dying, gives him his watch and confesses to thievery and scandal This sends William to the heart of London in search of his father s swindled partner He encounters Mr Seed, a dwarf, a band of murderous boys and treachery.
Great plot twists, wonderful figurative language and dramatic foreshadowing makes this a fabulous read.
Another fantastic eighteenth century romp for children by Leon Garfield Garfield really did write brilliantly, with a real feel for place, period and plot, and with a knowing humour never far below the surface Many contemporary historical novelists could learn a lot from him C A Dickensian plot restoring justice to a father s wronged friend and setting London in the fog , along with Garfield s marvelous turns of phrase, make this a delight And it s just under 200 pages It s time for a Garfield revival

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[ Read Online John Diamond ✓ world-war-i PDF ] by Leon Garfield ✓ pamyatnik.pro Vivien Alcock, then an ambulance driver, who would go on to become his second wife in 1948 and a well known children s author She would also greatly influence Garfield s writing, giving him suggestions for his writing, including the original idea for Smith After the war Garfield worked as a biochemical laboratory technician at the Whittington Hospital in Islington, writing in his spare time until the 1960s, when he was successful enough to write full time In 1964, the couple adopted a baby girl, called Jane after Jane Austen, a favourite writer of both parents.Garfield wrote his first book, the pirate novel Jack Holborn, for adult readers but a Constable Co editor saw its potential as a children s novel and persuaded him to adapt it for a younger audience In that form it was published by Constable in 1964 His second book, Devil in the Fog 1966 , won the first annual Guardian Prize and was serialised for television, as were several later works below Devil was the first of several historical adventure novels, typically set late in the eighteenth century and featuring a character of humble origins in this case a boy from a family of traveling actors pushed into the midst of a threatening intrigue Another was Smith 1967 , with the eponymous hero a young pickpocket accepted into a wealthy household it won the Phoenix Award in 1987 Yet another was Black Jack 1968 , in which a young apprentice is forced by accident and his conscience to accompany a murderous criminal.In 1970, Garfield s work started to move in new directions with The God Beneath the Sea, a re telling of numerous Greek myths in one narrative, written by Garfield and Edward Blishen and illustrated by Charles Keeping It won the annual Carnegie Medal for British children s books Garfield, Blishen, and Keeping collaborated again on a sequel, The Golden Shadow 1973 The Drummer Boy 1970 was another adventure story, but concerned with a central moral problem, and apparently aimed at somewhat older readers, a trend continued in The Prisoners of September 1975 republished in 1989 by Lions Tracks, under the title Revolution , The Pleasure Garden 1976 and The Confidence Man 1978 The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris 1972 was a black comedy in which two boys decide to test the plausibility of Romulus and Remus using one of the boys baby sister Most notable at the time was a series of linked long short stories about apprentices, published separately between 1976 and 1978, and then as a collection, The Apprentices The adult themed books of the mid 1970s met with a mixed reception and Garfield returned to the model of his earlier books with John Diamond, which won a Whitbread Award in 1980, and The December Rose 1986 In 1980 he also wrote an ending for The Mystery of Edwin Drood, unfinished at the 1870 death of Dickens, an author who had been a major influence on Garfield s own style.He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1985 On 2 June 1996 he died of cancer at the Whittington Hospital, where he had once worked.