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[Anna Kendra] ↠´ Virgin Exotica [alcohol PDF] Read Online × Wonderful coming of age story Excellent book I would definitely recommend it to a friend or family member When I was looking for some ebooks that I can read, I saw this one I decided to search it on Goodreads to see the reviews Many are giving 5 Star Ratings so I gave it a shot For the first few parts, I thought that the story has potential but I lost interest How can you write a Romance Erotic books when your references are just watching some scenes online and eavesdropping inside the toilet cubicles about the sex experiences of your fellow students And then the girl keeps on saying that this Chemistry teacher doesn t give her any effects but all of a sudden she fell in love and lose her virginity to him This is my first one star rating I don t like it at all I just finished it to know if it will make any sense in the end.
Akira Sanders Is An Authoran Erotic Romance Author Pen Named Miss OG, Her Writings Are Famous Among The High School Kids, But Little Do Her Fans Know That She Herself Is A High School Student Anda Virgin Her Biggest Inspirations Are Porn Videos And Washroom Gossips Ethan Whit Is The High School It Boy With God Like Looks And An Ego As Huge As Mt Olympus A Complete Man Whore And Jock But The Biggest Fan Of Miss OG S Erotic Novellas Oh And Did I Mention That He S The Chemistry Teacher So What Happens When Ethan Comes To Know That His Favourite Author Is Actually A High School Girl, Over, His Student Join Them In Their Journey Through High School As Ethan Tries To Teach Our Erotic Superstar, A Thing Or Two About Chemical Reactionsof A Very Different Kind Editor I enjoyed the premise of the story but felt you could have done so much with the plot than what resulted This book seems extremely juvenile, like the author wrote it when they were 14 and were somehow able to publish it My biggest issue, however, was the extreme lack of editing There were grammatical mistakes left and right as well as mistakes that detracted from the whole book It made the read less enjoyable and overall, my opinion is that there plenty of authors out there with better writing who would have deserved being published I m not attacking the author, but I just think this particular book isn t at the standard it should be for a published book that customers are paying money to read.
I have absolutely loved everything that Anna Kendra has written and to me she never disappoints this book included I normally read only paranormal but this is my second novel of hers that I read that was truly just fiction and I couldn t be riveted by this novel like all of her other novels so I m hoping that this one gets published There is a HUGE spoiler in the review below mine if you haven t read the book don t read it it will spoil a big part of the book I wasn t so lucky I read it But I m still interested in purchasing the paperback when it comes out Anna truly has a gift.
AmazingThis book is absolutely amazing Only started the book yesterday and I already finished it today This is one of those books that you try to pace yourself with, but because the story is so addictive, you just can t put it down I loved loved loved this book when I read it on wattpad.
com, its so cute and funny then its dramatic and mysterious in a good way Its gonna be so much fun reading the rewritten version now D I m so happy that this book got published AAAHHHHH DD YYYAAAYY love ya Anna keep writing just amazing books for me and the world to read Melissa Thomason

The book was amazing, It was an emotional rollercoaster and erotic with twist that you couldn t imagine I recommend to everyone and anyone to sit down and read this book It s absolutely magnificent.
This was hilarious I loved the relationship between akira and ethan So much fun to read.
how can i continue to read this book already started it in wattpad but chapters are missing

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[Anna Kendra] ↠´ Virgin Exotica [alcohol PDF] Read Online × pamyatnik.pro I love to paint, write stories and poems, and READDDDD I m a feminist kinda and I hate it when cute little girls are pushed around and get hurt by the bad boys and the players, so I try to get back at em through my stories.I like to read a lot of stuff, but they are almost all supernatural Vampires, lycans, zombies you name it Just not the kind of zombies that fall apart yuck