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[Émile Zola] ê La Terre [harlequin-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ä I have a number of rambling thoughts on this Zola seemingly threw himself into this and left few stones unturned As the title suggests, all revolves on La Terre, the Earth The soil will remain beyond the bounds of time as individuals, we are but temporary husbands of it These peasants, these husbands of the soil, are a passionate people From the beginning we know their passion for the soil runs deep and has lasted for generations Zola does not restrict their passions to the soil While never graphic, the reader is never in doubt that a peasant s lust is often satisfied Lust is occasionally the means to climbing the economic ladder Zola uses this passion effectively to provide both tension and comic relief Zola also brings the passion of hatred and jealousy In the beginning this runs deep, but as the story builds, it rises to the surface I m glad I don t have to like the characters in a n cool book if you want to learn the secret to being a french peasant like don t touch yourself down there if you re a girl because it makes your hair fall off and boys don t like a smooth pelvis and the way to cure flatulence is to leave a glass of water out over night so it absorbs moon power, which will get rid of your flatulence haha, oh yeah, you also struggle against social and economic forces you have no control over and you die alone and hated, alienated from your family and the earth you tilled for 50 years.
thanks zola.
I love Zola Despite his reputation as a deterministic naturalist, I find his books filled with a great zest for life in all its wonderful grubbiness He s like Hardy with all the good parts put back in His peasants fight, fuck and fart with great abandon nearly an entire chapter is given over to one character s flatulence in its many permutations , and if many of them come to bad ends, or endure great hardships, well, who among us comes to a good end It s all part of the human comedy for him, and in this novel which was Zola s personal favorite , the people are both rich in their connections, but also mere specks on the landscape The earth, the dirt, endures, and we are all just ants on the hill No gods having their sport with Tess here the earth has noagency or malice than the tornado or the clouds But it s Zola s gift that he can both take that wide angle view and also spen Jean Macquart thought a move to the country would be a good idea He was wrong Zola at his most brilliant, especially the final 100 pages.
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Une fin heureuse Bofff, c est pour les c urs faibles a Ici il n y a que la mis re, et tout va de mal en pis Mais pourquoi Parce que la joie fait lasser notre Emile, il s amuse plut t nous acharner avec un r cit qui nous laissera bouche b ante tellement c est horrible.
C est effectivement un r cit o La Terre est la principale occupation, tout tourne autours de La Terre, de ce qu elle prend et ce qu elle donne Elle prend les hommes et ne les redonnent plus, elle les rend foux d amour pour elle pour les enterrer la fin au fond d elle, jalouse de partager ce qui lui appartient.
Ce r cit tait terrible, extravagent, extr me, mais tout de m me fascinant, comme La Terre, a te prend dedans et t offre le tour de la Beauce, des champs et des maisons qui puent la sueur d un jour plein de besogne, des maisons qui d gagent une odeur d un d sir tr s fort que rien ne peut arr t Wow Written in 1887 this is pretty powerful stuff for its time Even now it seems quite extreme Of the Rougoun Macquart books that I ve read so far, I would say that only Ladies in Paradise has a happy ending Now, I quite like grim books but The Earth is really quite brutal a truly warts and all description of the French peasantry in the later half of the nineteenth century and can in no way be considered a feel good book It does however have some light hearted moments but these don t come along often This will no doubt put some people off but it shouldn t as it s a compelling read and well worth it.
I don t want to describe the plot in detail, however in essence it is this Old man Fouan splits his land up amongst his three adult offspring They argue, fight, scheme and eventually kill over the distribution of this land.
Along the way the book describes feuding families, inheritan Wow, that is all I can say Zola is an amazing author I know this was a work of fiction, I wonder if the French peasants all lived their life without love of mankind or was it just this fictional family that had me reading non stop despite their strange lifestyles, so different from the poor folk in England in that era of the late 1800 s I will readZola for sure, but not next.
Another uppercut in full groin Zola in great shape In my opinion, a true masterpiece from The Earth, or at least the one that speaks to me the most among Rougon Macquart As always, old mile has been well documented and one has almost the impression of feeling the land of Beauce under our nose Here is a good tonic and documentary novel as was the intention of the author in writing the cycle of Rougon Macquart In my opinion, this is one of the four or five best in the cycle, if not a little better, which is saying a lot Here, Jean Macquart Gervaise s brother in the Assommoir is hired by the big operator of the area and mayor of the village, Hourdequin, who is desperately trying to introduce new farming techniques and faces his refractory workforce.
The Fouan family is the other big pole of the book It is very reminiscent of the original Rougon Macquart family see La Fortune des When Jean Macquart Arrives In The Peasant Community Of Beauce, Where Farmers Have Worked The Same Land For Generations, He Quickly Finds Himself Involved In The Corrupt Affairs Of The Local Fouan Family Aging And Lear Like, Old Man Fouan Has Decided To Divide His Land Between His Three Children His Penny Pinching Daughter Fanny, His Eldest Son A Far From Holy Figure Known As Jesus Christ And The Lecherous Buteau, Macquart S Friend But In A Community Where Land Is Everything, Sibling Rivalry Quickly Turns To Brutal Hatred, As Buteau Declares Himself Unsatisfied With His Lot Part Of The Vast Rougon Macquart Cycle, The Earth Was Regarded By Zola As His Greatest Novel A Fascinating Portrayal Of A Struggling But Decadent Community, It Offers A Compelling Exploration Of The Destructive Nature Of Human Ignorance And Greed

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[Émile Zola] ê La Terre [harlequin-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ä pamyatnik.pro mile Fran ois Zola was an influential French novelist, the most important example of the literary school of naturalism, and a major figure in the political liberalization of France.More than half of Zola s novels were part of a set of 20 books collectively known as Les Rougon Macquart Unlike Balzac who in the midst of his literary career resynthesized his work into La Com die Humaine, Zola from